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August 12, 2017 18:06

Projects duplexes : modern house for two families

Today the real estate market, you can find dozens of different types of houses, among them the so-called duplex homes.First introduced in the UK, today duplexes have won wide popularity in Western Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Modern duplexes projects astonishingly varied: frame or brick, but always comfortable, equipped with all utilities, a backyard and garage.Such homes can be a great solution for those who prefer to live frugally, but tasteful.The fact that such a duplex home, what are the pros and cons of this type of construction is and what projects can be expected, today will tell your readers, "Dream House."

projects duplexes

Projects duplexes

What is a duplex house

Duplex house, in fact, this double cottage for two families.The inner space of the house divided by a wall into two independent parts, each of which is equipped with the necessary communications.This cottage provides two independent inputs, and both halves of the duplex are considered private houses, which adjoins a small gardening area (usually not more than 8 acres).

What is a duplex house

What is a duplex house

duplex for two families

House duplex for two families

Advantages and disadvantages of duplex houses

duplexes Although outwardly very similar to the individual houses, the benefits of such structures are obvious.

  • Firstly, duplex house is considered one of the most economical types of residential real estate.Typically, they are 25% lower cost than conventional private homes.Price reduction is achieved by saving on the construction.The total roof, lower heating costs, a unified communications system - all point to the obvious benefit of duplexes.
  • Second, duplex - is one of these types of homes in which to live, individually and together at the same time.On the one hand, duplex house brings together under one roof a large family, close friends or just strangers who are not accustomed to being alone;on the other hand - each half of the house is fully autonomous, that does not violate the personal family life.
  • Third, duplexes - is the best option for those who wish to maximize the use of the territory, which is particularly important for owners of small plots.The single wall between the two houses can increase the useful area of ​​the plot.

However, duplex homes, and not without drawbacks.The main disadvantage of such houses can be unfriendly neighborhood.Of course, you can dissociate itself from its neighbors by a high fence, but in a duplex house, he can not solve all the problems.Owners should always harmonize with each other, any work related to changes in the external facade of the house.And it is very often the cause of conflicts between neighbors.

Features construction duplex homes

Despite the fact that duplexes look very much like ordinary private houses, while their construction is important to consider some of the nuances.The main rule that should guide the architect duplex - full autonomy and equal treatment of owners living "collective" of the cottage.This rule should be reflected in any project of duplex homes.It must be taken into account in the construction and placement of a duplex in the area, as well as the design of the exterior design.


site Such homes can be of any shape, but are considered to be the most profitable projects duplex for two families who have a form as close to a square.Typically, these projects provide for a long common walls, and three sides of the two occupants of the house are open to sunlight.

special place in the design of the duplex house takes its orientation on the site.When the location of the house is important to provide that the window of one owner were focused exclusively on the north, and the other - to the south.In this case, it would violate the principle of equality of living conditions in the duplex house.

Projects duplex with garage

Projects duplex with garage

duplex house projects

Duplex house projects

Construction work

construction duplex is not much different from the conventional construction of private homes.Nevertheless, this process has some peculiarities.With the construction of "collective" cottages are always worth remembering that a duplex - a single house.Therefore, all its supporting structures necessary to build at the same time.You can not install only part of the roof, fill only half of the basement, a wall built of brick, and the second - of concrete, etc.Such inconsistencies, not only will bring disharmony to the outside of the house, but also disrupt its structure, with the result that the house will be uninhabitable.

exterior design duplex

If design the interior of the duplex is completely dependent on the personal preferences of its occupants, the external decoration of the house must be a single composition.By mutual agreement the neighbors exterior design duplex houses can be made in any style.In recent years, the owners of duplexes, paying tribute to the fashion, design their homes, American-style, high-tech or modern.However, it all depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities duplex owners.

duplex project for two families with garages

duplex project for two families with garages

Exterior photos duplex house

Appearance duplex house photo

Features interior layout duplexes

Plans duplex homes, regardless of the cost of projects, always comfortable and functional.Each half of the house certainly provides bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom.Traditionally on the first floor there is a kitchen, living room and garage, the second floor is occupied by bedrooms, bathroom and toilet.In addition, at the discretion of the customer, such facilities can be provided in the final draft of the duplex, a billiard room, home gym, a living room with a winter garden.

most common considered duplexes mirrored layout.As a rule, such projects cost the owners a lot cheaper.Cash savings are already in the construction phase and is achieved by typing solutions.However, nothing prevents the owners of the duplex to make a different plan.The main condition of one family -Room second floor should not be placed on the first floor of the second family bathroom.

duplex layout

Planning duplexes

duplex design

interior design duplex

most common projects duplex

houses All projects duplex homes can be divided into two types:

  • economy class
  • luxury

duplex home economy classdesigned for small families with average income.Typically, these homes have a small area and are constructed from the cost of building materials.These include duplexes and duplexes frame of laminated veneer lumber.economy class projects provide a mirror layout and having only the most basic facilities.

Duplex luxury homes can be not only a two-story, and three-storey.Usually these houses are built from expensive materials, such as brick.On the ground floor there is a garage and ancillary facilities, and the second and third floors are occupied bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room.Area luxury duplexes provides for additional space - terrace, billiards room, sauna, etc.

duplexes Projects photo

Projects duplexes photo

As you can see, the modern duplex projects are diverse and multifaceted.They are simply designed for those people who love communication and prefer to live frugally, but with style!

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