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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to install the air conditioner in the apartment own

decision to install the air conditioner in the apartment issue is quite complex and requires a lot of knowledge and specialized equipment - the common man, even if he is familiar with the basics of repair, and building technology, is hardly the strength to carry out this process on their own.Although you never know when something can make one person, why not learn this wisdom, and to another?And finally, once you have wondered how to install the air conditioner by yourself, then why not really try to solve this problem?Today, the site of "Dream House" we shall understand all the intricacies of the installation of the cooling system with their own hands.

Setting the air conditioner in the apartment with his hands

Setting the air conditioner in the apartment with his hands

For the convenience of all the air conditioning installation process can be divided into several stages - the installation of the indoor unit, install the outdoor unit and vacuum.These are the steps we consider the most detailed way.

Installing an internal conditioner

How to install the air conditioner in the apartment photo

unit How to install the air conditioner in the apartment Photo

Wondering how to install air conditioning in the apartment, you should understand the importance of proper selection of the location of the indoor unit.From the ceiling it should be lowered by at least 10-12cm.If you ignore this point and hang the air conditioner is almost close to the ceiling, then:

  • it will quickly and constantly clogged with dust;
  • same dust will settle on the ceiling, with the result that you will get dusty ugly spot;
  • air conditioner will not get enough air, which will undoubtedly affect its performance.

From the walls need to back off just enough to the curtains and air conditioning was a distance at least 10cm.If it is less, then the curtains will flutter like sails on a medieval frigate.

So, fasten the mounting plate is strictly on the level, in accordance with a pre-made layout with the help of punch and dowels, and move on.

Now to install the air conditioner with your hands to be drilled through a rather large hole in the wall for the construction of roads and drainage.Take the drill ΓΈ45mm and opposite the bottom of the mounting plate in the corner at a slight tilt drill the necessary holes.Incidentally, on the slopes, it is necessary everywhere throughout the length of the backbones.There will be no bias - the air conditioner run for a long time.Yes, and the condensate is to go nowhere.

It's time to assemble and connect the track.We measure the required pipe length and cut them.Cut copper pipe with a hacksaw is not necessary - the chips, got into the track very quickly bring down the compressor and the air conditioner will end.For cutting pipes there is a special cutter.Now

pipe must be connected to the indoor unit.For this purpose there is a special rolling.The process of milling of copper is very important - from its quality depends on how well the connection will keep freon.Before rolling of the pipe is necessary to put the nut - in the future will make it impossible.Nuts to the indoor unit must be screwed very hard - the more you do, the more reliable the connection will be.

Connected pipes, electrical wires and drainage insulated and wrapped with a special tape.Thereafter, the free ends of the line is inserted into the drilled hole in the wall, and the indoor unit is installed on the mounting plate.Here, in principle, and all - you can go to a dangerous part of the exterior.

Installing the outdoor unit air conditioner

How to install the air conditioner by yourself

How to install the air conditioner yourself

When deciding how to install air conditioning, or rather its outdoor unit, it should be understood the danger of aerial work - why should acquire insurance.We need a special belt and a piece of rope, who need to be fastened to at least heating riser.

First, you need to install the brackets.Vymeryat distance between the centers of the legs of the outdoor unit and transfers these sizes on the outer wall of a building in the intended place of installation of the air conditioner.As a rule, the outdoor unit is installed directly under the window - is its location provides convenient repair and maintenance.Location brackets must be calculated so that the outdoor unit air conditioner was below the sill.

Once markup is ready, it is possible to mount the brackets to the wall.By virtue of a sufficiently large weight of the outdoor unit, must be securely fasten the brackets for these purposes better to use long screws with a diameter of at least 12mm.

When the brackets are set, it's time to delete them and block itself.Again, because of the large weight there is a significant risk to drop it down - the block is better to install two together, pre-insuring its rope.Do not forget to stake your safety and the safety of people passing by your windows.After the unit is installed on the brackets, it must be carefully secure - Only after four screws are fastened, it will be possible to get rid of unnecessary coverage and do connecting line thereto.The main thing here is not to confuse what a tube which is connected - even when you connect it to the indoor unit is better to make appropriate notes.But in general, all done in the same way as in the case of the indoor unit.

Setting the air conditioner in the apartment: vacuum

Installation of air conditioning with their hands evacuation

Installing air conditioner with your own hands - vacuum

Rules installing the air conditioner in the apartment stipulate that the creation of a vacuum in the main tubes - there is an essential process without which the air conditioner will not work.Evacuation is necessary to remove the tubes from moisture and dust residues.Special collector applied with a pressure gauge and a flexible hose connected to the air conditioner, and then turn on the pump and opens a port on the outdoor unit.When the pressure gauge goes into the vacuum port is closed and the pump is switched off - as a rule, it takes 15 minutes.It can be longer, but the need for this.Hurry to turn off the pump with pressure gauge should not - should observe the behavior of the arrow.If it begins to rise, then the system is not sealed - all connections should be checked, and in particular rolling of.

Making sure that all sealed, can be put Freon - manometers and vacuum is left in place.First, open the fine feed tube, then suck (the sequence is not to be confused) and fix the pressure of freon.Now you can do a trial run.For the first time air conditioner turns on immediately, you will have to wait a bit.When he started and run for 15 minutes.(This is necessary in order to properly freon walked back through the tubes and oil to its rightful place), perform control measurement of pressure, disconnect the pump with a pressure gauge and a rather rubbing their hands.

Here is the answer to the question, how to install air conditioning in the apartment alone.Now it is up to you, you overpower the job or better to seek the assistance of experienced craftsmen.

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