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August 12, 2017 18:08

Modern wallpaper .A variety of wallpaper for the walls , characteristics


  • 1 Modern non-woven wallpaper
  • 2 Washable, vinyl wallpaper, wall and ceiling
  • 3 Wallpaper for walls under painting

A variety of wallpaper , wall photos

Among the most common and heavily usedways to upgrade the interior space can be called design of the walls and ceiling.Fast, and that much important - quality, replace the design of walls and ceilings can be done using traditional wallpaper.Of course, the choice of the type of wallpaper plays an important role, given that the range of modern building materials extremely wide and varied.In this article, the site repair of apartments with their own hands will consider some basic types of modern wallpaper for the walls, which can be purchased at any hardware store and some important characteristics.

Modern non-woven wallpaper

One fairly new, but very well-known types of modern wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper is .This kind of building material is based on a nonwoven fabric, which is a good substitute for paper.Through the use of this material have been enhanced operational features and decorative wallpaper.It changes the texture, volume pattern, lighting and many other parameters that give the unique effect of the walls, the ceiling and the total interior space as a whole.A distinctive feature of this material is that it is not deformed (not resized) when wet and dry.This is important in the case of gluing wallpaper butt with his hands.If you decide to glue these wallpapers, the adhesive should be applied only on the wall.This kind of wallpaper can be glued to the wall (ceiling) of any material.

Washable, vinyl wallpaper, wall and ceiling

Washable wallpaper If you are going to hang wallpaper and advance know that the need may arise in their washing, then preference when choosing the material necessary to give the vinyl variety of wallpaper for the walls.A huge range of the variety of wallpaper allows you to simulate a lot of building materials.Vinyl wallpaper are very strong and durable, and they can be washed as needed.Along with all the advantages of this variety of building material, there is a disadvantage.It lies in the airtightness of the material, although at the present time, work is underway to address this "minus".This kind of wallpaper, wall and ceiling varies in density, texture and other parameters.Adhered modern vinyl wallpaper, should take into account the fact that they have a sufficiently high degree of linear deformation, that is, the stretch when wet and when dry narrow, consider these characteristics.Given the relatively large weight of this type of wallpaper and its features, before applying them on the wall, you need to determine the extent of absorption of adhesive wall.If the adhesive is absorbed quite rapidly, you need to perform special priming emulsions.Pasting of wallpaper carried out butt.Expels air from under the canvas is using a roller.

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Wallpaper for walls under painting

Wallpaper for walls under painting interesting solution of the interior change is the wrapping with the help of wallpaper for painting.If you want to periodically "refreshing" their space, this kind of wallpaper is for you.For example, you can use the wallpaper for painting vinyl-based.They have specific characteristics that allow them to repeatedly repainted.These wallpapers are available in different color versions.A huge variety of decoration of these wallpapers allow you to pick them for any interior space.

One rather interesting type of wallpaper for painting can be called a modern glass-fiber group.The most important difference of the variety of wallpapers from all existing types is their highest fire resistance.These characteristics allow the use of this building material in buildings with a low fire resistance.In addition to this advantage, fiberglass wallpaper are very durable, elastic, etc.This wallpaper allows withstand cleaning using brushes.Wallpaper can be applied practically to any type of surface, allowing their use to expand greatly.

Considering wallpaper for painting, one can not forget about flizelinovye representative.Generally, this kind of modern wallpaper, has been discussed above, but it is worth noting that among the huge range of groups are present and paintable wallpaper.When stained, non-woven wallpaper with vinyl are very similar, but at the same time, they are very flexible, durable, long-lasting ... See also a sound-proof glue wallpaper, if you want to make a little noise penetration into the room, they are commonly used in children's rooms.