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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying tiles on the wooden floor - a turn-based technology

process of laying tile on the floor of the wood has changed dramatically in recent decades.Earlier tiles laid on top of the tree in the cement, mixed with sand, and such a mixture of very heavy wood base, but now everything has become easier.Here is a step by step sequence of works at different variants of the base state.From the base of the quality depends on the amount of work and, of course, the cost.

Laying tiles on the wooden floor - scheme

tile laying on the wooden floor - circuit

Case 1. There is a wooden floor in the normal state

examine and treat the surface under the tile - the base must be rigid.Check the board, fix the floor, eliminating squeaking.We treat the surface of the sanitary structure from mold.

Paving the waterproofing layer of PVC film or roofing with bitumen.

prepared surface cover sheet gipsovolokna.They are bolted to the floor with screws.Further, directly laying ceramic GVL.Drywall must be moisture resistant.Lay it must vrazbezhku, then crimp the screws around the perimeter, see step 15.

Merge GVL in the joints with special glue, drill holes for ventilation arbitrary, gruntuem GVL (deep penetration primer) and give dry.

on finished surfaces Apply the adhesive suitable for use with plasterboard and tiles laid on a conventional surface.

tile laying: preparing tools, divorce dry adhesive mixture.Now you need to choose the angle of lit and put on a small section of the adhesive.On top lay a tile, not forgetting the crosses firmly press it to the surface.Prostukat tile with a rubber mallet to excess glue out.Check the level of the horizontal stacking.After completion of the work to wipe the ceramic coating of glue.The stitches will be overwritten after a couple of days, when the solution dries.Pre crosses removed.

The process of laying tile

process of laying tile

Case 2. How to put a tile, if there is only lag, and the floor is rotted

If the floor is rotten boards or worn, replace them, and then put the ceramics.

Remove the old top layer (linoleum, parquet, etc.), remove the middle layer - Chipboard (there may be a DSP \ plywood, is meant any coating), then remove the wooden surface of the claw, which is attached directly to the joists.

Check-bearing bars for integrity, cover the moisture barrier composition, exhibiting on level.Between joists laid waterproofing layer (film coating), leaving allowances.

On Floor lags fall asleep between the concrete block, a layer of equal height lag fasten the top of the board.This ensures good heat and sound insulation.

attach the board to the screws across the bars, always mindful of the gaps, on average, 5-10 mm.Then zapenivaem gap at the joints.Blanketed base gidropodlozhkoy, laid GVL, and then all, as in the first case.

The process of applying the adhesive

process of gluing

Case 3. Screed instead of the old wooden floor

It is the most expensive option of training base under the tile - details here - floor screed with expanded clay.If it is possible to make a coupler, replace the old coating, unserviceable, the sequence of actions such:

dismantle the old materials to the cement.Promazyvayut dock walls and floors, covering them with sand and cement mortar.

mark up space, exposing the "beacons" gruntuem concrete.

fill the space up to the top beacons tie (it can be pure concrete is also used sand-cement mixture at a ratio of 1 to 3).One batch of 15 liters.

when screed planned thick, spend filling between layers of expanded clay (height can reach the level of up to two-thirds of which is marked with beacons).After a day and a half to clean up the base, that on the surface does not interfere with expanded clay, and pour again.

after 3 days, it is necessary to use a primed screed or self-leveling mortar.

is followed by the usual masonry ceramics.

The process of laying tile

process of laying tile

Case 4. On the basis of the boardwalk there chipboard, floor surfaces can be used

DSP can be the basis for the tiles, if process it.To do this:

Butt moments where there are wall-plate and DS zapenivaem.

top plate need proolifit or twice soak spetssostavom.

Process the DS-plate latex sealant, fixing there the masking grid, give dry.Then fasten with screws grid, providing a snug fit for the DS-plate.

necessary to cover the mesh structure: part of the water vapor + parts of sand and a couple of pieces zhid.stekla.

followed by the usual masonry ceramics.

Fall asleep keramzit

poured concrete block

It is the most expensive option of training base under the tile - details here - floor screed with expanded clay.

Laying tiles on a wooden floor

Laying tiles on a wooden floor

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