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Cesspit And Drain Hole

August 12, 2017 18:06

Drain hole with his hands - the technology

If home ownership is not brought to a centralized sewerage system, to solve the wastewater disposal problem is possible by arrangement of a drain hole.In this case it is not necessary to spend time and money on an order of works in a construction company, as do the drain hole is quite possible, and with his own hands.

How to make a drain hole with their hands

How to drain the pit with their hands

How to choose the optimal location of the drain hole.

The first is to determine the order, any amounts required to dispose of wastewater.It will depend on the size of the pit.But it depends, primarily, on the number of people staying in the building and usage of different plumbing fixtures.If it is domiciled large family, it makes sense to give up a simple drain hole for a more productive and secure in terms of ecology variant in the form of one or the entire septic system.In addition, the drain hole is not as much as necessary for a long time operated without periodic cleaning forces assenizatorskaya companies Accordingly, at the stage of selecting the location of the hole is to attend to the possibility of convenient approach their machinery.

How to choose the best location drain hole

How to choose the optimal location of the drain hole

defined the volume, you can begin site selection.To do this, you must take into account the following factors:

  • depth of groundwater, which should not flow too high, that is, to even the simplest drain hole necessarily requires at least a couple of meters own height;..
  • range of water source location, which should be placed no closer than 30 meters from the future drain hole;
  • presence of a significant difference in altitude makes the positioning hole in a lower place as possible;
  • to the residential house can not be less than 2 meters.

sequence of works on arrangement of a drain hole

The first thing required to conduct complex earthworks.The best option would be to use an excavator, but it is quite expensive and requires the ability to travel to the place of work of the machine.Therefore, the easiest way to dig a trench with their hands.With ordinary shovel a few people are fully capable to increase the depth of the pit up to 4 meters.Such a significant depth is needed in order to reserve space remained for the application phase of the drainage pads of the layers of sand and gravel.Drainage is necessary to prevent siltation of the bottom and the deterioration of a drain hole.Moreover, in the case of leaking one pit gravel layer should be increased.If you will create a sealed structure, it is necessary to fill the bottom of the concrete screed.

finished with the bottom, you can move on to the walls.A good option is considered to be the traditional technology of masonry.Most of all, for this purpose full-bodied varieties suited red brick.It puts a brick in a staggered manner to facilitate the infiltration of waste water from the drain hole into the surrounding soil.From the outside, that is. E. Between the masonry and the pit walls is filled or broken bricks or gravel, or stacked old tires.

Strengthening the walls of the drain hole

Strengthening the walls of the drain hole

You can also use ready-made reinforced concrete rings.To unload and put them into place in the trench easiest crane.If we provide crane access is not possible, then we can build a homemade block lift.At the same time come first safety regulations, ie to ring massive enough to be a most serious threat to working with Sequence laying rings:

- removed soil to a depth of about one meter;..

- set the first ring;

- meter of soil is removed following a careful control over the correctness of the lowering of the first ring;

- when the upper edge of the first ring will fall one meter, set the second ring and repeated the entire sequence;

- mounted ceiling plate with the hatch;

Sample drain hole of tractor tires

Sample drain hole of tractor tires

About the construction of the drainage holes tires, visit our website.

An example of a drain hole of brick

Example drain hole of brick

Often used in the construction of concrete rings

often used in the construction of concrete rings

To ensure the integrity of the resulting structures can lubricate all joints and gaps with sealant.For these purposes the best bituminous mastic.In addition, the seal is required and a place to connect the sewer pipe.

Read more about the construction of the sump of concrete rings.

Tip: If you follow the tightness use evrokuby

Tip: If you follow the tightness use evrokuby