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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roofing slate - the material has long earned our trust

Roofing slate - in service for many years, and for good reason

This highly durable roofing material having a number of advantages over the other.The roof of slate will serve their masters more than forty years, and it does not lose its properties, and does not change the appearance.With two manufacturing techniques, the building materials market are sold corrugated and flat sheets.

To Slate sheets were for a long time, need the right scheme laying slate roof.Currently, there are several ways to perform a fixing operation.But among them is dominated by the way in which the use of metal staples, along with nails made of galvanized metal.

Perform installation work on the mounting wave-like slate, with step by step description, below will help guide how to make roofing slate, the video at the end of the article as it will complement the visualization of the entire process.Moreover, this method is suitable for both types of roofing.

Preparing for roofing works - materials and tools

Before you start laying the immediate need to conduct an audit of the material and to select the sheets that are devoid of defects such as cracks or chipped corners.Because the high-quality material is half the battle, whether pent roof slates or more complex options.

If it turns out that the entire sheet is small enough, it is possible to revive the cleaved edge using a grinder.For this cleavage saw off the Middle phalanx.The resulting list is somewhat longer original, but thanks to the alignment device of the roof of slate is performed with high precision without gaps.

The next thing that needs attention, it is a set of necessary tools for the work.You will need the following:

  • hooks and nails are made of metal having a zinc coating;
  • electric drill and drill the required diameter;
  • metal washers;
  • gaskets of rubber;
  • screwdriver, hammer.

It should be noted that the wavy slate is perfectly suited for our climate, and, therefore, in most cases it is used as a roof.Based on that, it would be appropriate to dwell on a thorough study of the attachment of the given options.

Proper roofing slate

technology Depending on the angle of the roof is used two basic types of fastening, under which use nails.So, we proceed directly to consideration of mounting work.Natural slate roofing technology provides that all the sheets are mounted on a wooden frame (crate), which is necessary to take care in advance.

first need to drill on each sheet on top of the waves for two or three holes using a drill (permitted use of both mechanical and electrical tools).Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the drill.It must have a diameter greater than the diameter of the nail or screw, to 3.2 millimeter.

Going on roofing slate.Now in the knockout holes put nails or screws, with the gasket between the cap and the sheet and fix them directly to a log, which is under a sheet of roofing material.It is necessary to use a hammer for driving a nail or a screwdriver or a screwdriver, for screw fixing.

Consider the fact that a mixture of asbestos and cement, which is made of slate, does not tolerate excessive force impact, and can be destroyed by excessive force.Therefore, between Lagoi and roof should be left a small, equal to a few millimeters, a gap that is not to drive the nail all the way.

Screws for slate also represent the power load, and they do not need to screw connection technology for furniture board, it is necessary to leave the hat again flush with the surface of the waves.

Subject output technology turns the qualitative performance of the coating.Installation of roofing slate is necessary to exercise, enlisting the help of another person.This is necessary for a more comfortable work on fixing sheets and avoiding uneven mounting situations.

To cover has not been damaged during installation, installation is carried out in such a way as to avoid those moments when you need to step on the slate.This material does not accept and can burst.So think carefully about the process started and its course with regard to human movement, carrying mount on the roof surface.