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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choosing a drill to punch the concrete - the size and cost

0_ A person who works with domestic tool only from time to time, there is often a confusion between concrete drill bit and a drill to punch.Without going to the essence of the process itself and the specifics of the use of both, it is sufficient to indicate that they can be visually distinguished by the shank (the part that is inserted into the cartridge).If it drills a circular cross section, then borax - complex configuration (SDS, grooved).

This ensures its reliable fixing in the chuck.This parameter all drills for concrete are divided into several types, but the most widely used are of two varieties, which are used in rotary hammers depending on the power of the latter.

  • Plus (4 slots) - small or medium (household tool).
  • Max - large (professional).

Note!Boer, depending on the type of its shank can be fitted in any socket.But if it is not "native", it is necessary to use an appropriate adapter.


Dimensions Boers

product range is so large that the result is the complete list of linear parameters is unrealistic, and the need for this.At any point of sale, you can find out if that is what you need.Only basic dimensions are most commonly used in household products are listed in the table.

Unit drill sizes - "mm".On sale there are samples with intermediate sizes (for the working part diameter).For example, one of the most popular - 6.5.

diameter drill shank length
SDS Plus SDS Max
4 110, 160
5 110 - 310
6 110 - 260
8 110 - 500
10 110 - 1000
12 260, 460
14 160 - 1000 340
20 320, 600
25 600
40 160 - 920

Useful tips

Operating tool life can be greatly extended if process it recommended manufacturer of lubricants, which are sold in the form of gels, sprays.They protect the metal from corrosion tool, which is one of the main reasons for its rejection.

can advise such well-known brand lubricants as "INTERSKOL», «BOSCH», «Makita».Their efficiency is verified by practice.

For home use there is no need to purchase expensive borax.Well-proven patterns under the name "888", "Interskol", "Bison", "Encore," "Makita".If you use them properly, they will last long enough.