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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions GOST wooden and metal entrance doors

Door metal should be borne in mind that the production of entrance doors has been a lot of different companies.In commercially available products, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.If you ask for and all their remeasure, "from all sides", it will be seen that the results will be different.So what should still be the size of the door according to GOST?

doors used as input, divided into wood and metal.Let us briefly examine each of the species.It is worth noting that we are interested in the governing document defining the dimensions of the door, it is the GOST 24698-81.


Entrance doors are indicated by the letter "H".Incidentally, the same definition and have the tambour door.There is also a door "C" (service).The designation "L" is applied to the hatches and manholes.Still focus on the most frequently encountered in the home front doors.It should be understood that such doors are like the ones that close the entrances, as well as those that are installed on the entrance to the apartment.

Depending on the version they have installed dimensions for doorways (in cm):

  1. to the right (or left) location shield cloth, glazed, with a covering 210 x 90;
  2. oscillating blades 210 x 115;

door frame dimensions are dependent on many factors.Single door or double leaf, frame size inner distance from its bottom to the floor, and much more.The entire list of possible options displayed in the GOST.

On the lower parts of the paintings should be protective strips of wood thickness of 16 - 19 mm.(- 4 mm 3) or plastic (1.5 - 2.5 mm) are used as solid chipboard.

Door for guests

Metal doors

Standard size of a door 203 x 90 cm. At the very least, many domestic manufacturers are guided by it.It should be remembered that the door openings in buildings old and new buildings vary in size.Moreover, in the old doorway framed by a wooden frame, which is not necessary to take into account when the size of the removal.She removed.But in modern meets metal "border".Therefore, to expand the doorway, if desired, it will be difficult to do.

According to the list of goods subject to mandatory conformity assessment, front doors and interior doors (wooden and metal) are not subject to mandatory certification.

a guest

should be added that the standards are discussed and various cross-sections for each type of door, installation methods and the type of fixing material for a variety of protective and decoration items and much more.

When choosing a door you need to consider the fact that through the doorway have to bring or make large things.Experts recommend a minimum width - 90 cm if the doorway is already, it's just an emergency exit, and not a full door..