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August 12, 2017 18:05

Gipsovolokno and drywall - what's the difference ?Consider all the characteristics

Such products are often used in the construction and repair - for surfacing, change of configuration (relief), partition the device.Enumerate all does not make sense.The presence of words in their names "gypsum" indicates that these materials are practically the same and no more than counterparts.

This often makes a little mess, and man, inexperienced in the special terminology complicates the selection of an optimal variant for a particular situation.

What are these products?

Plasterboard (GCR) - sheet, which is based on pure gypsum (compressed), pasted on both sides with a thin cardboard.Hence the name.

gipsovolokno (GVL) - the basis of the same, but there are differences."Core" consists of plaster, which is added in small fractions paper (cellulose fibers).Consequently, GVL is the material with additional reinforcement (reinforcement).A "shell" of no cardboard.

That's the difference in the production technology and has led to some differences in the properties of materials and defined the specifics of their application.

Product Features

gypsum plasterboard


  • Plasterboard different insufficient mechanical strength (even fragile), so it requires the installation of lathing rigid profile.Before sticker on a solid foundation, it must be perfectly aligned, since even at low mechanical load sheet is easily broken.
  • GCR quite pliable if it moisten with water.It is this feature of it is used in cases where you need to mount a shaped structure, for example, the arch type.Or round the corner of the room.
  • Fixation sheets produced or glue or screws.But the nail to hold on to the FCL will not be - only breaks it.
  • Sawing presents no difficulties - sharp blade often enough.

Note!It is estimated that plasterboard can be mounted on any basis.This is not entirely true, and to be specified - only vertically oriented.Consequently, their use is not desirable for the arrangement of multi-level ceilings.



  • Sheets gipsovolokna stronger, tougher GCR.
  • density (and therefore the weight of gypsum fiber board) is also higher.Hence large as plasterboard resistance to thermal stresses.
  • reinforcing fibers reduce the flexibility, pliability of the material.This complicates its cutting, and he certainly is not suitable for the manufacture of arches.
  • stability before zero temperatures higher than that of the GCR, about 3.5 times.
  • some "viscosity" of the structure leads to the fact that the nail hammered into a sheet, hold it no worse than wood.
  • gipsovolokno not as intense as the GCR, absorbs moisture.Therefore, these sheets can be produced finishes of such premises, as toilet and bathroom.But we must not forget that all the same and GVL has a limit of stability to liquids.
  • Index soundproofing drywall exceeds similar characteristics 1.5.

Perhaps this is the fundamental difference between gipsovolokno and plasterboard.All of the other parameters are almost identical - temperature range of operation, hygiene and so on.

conclusion - despite the apparent "sameness" of materials, where the finished surface of the sheet will be under greater strain, including and dynamic (eg, gender), preference should be given to GVL.And to create designs with complex geometries should be selected drywall.

Note! Each type of product is available in various "versions" that have differences in certain characteristics.Before you purchase a product on the basis of plaster, all the features of a particular sample to be specified further.


sheets and that, and other materials are available in various sizes, thickness, varieties.Therefore, if you compile all of the data, it turns out that the average GVL approximately 1.8 - 2.2 times more expensive than similar GCR.Perhaps this partly explains why the recent find wider application in everyday life.