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August 12, 2017 18:05

LED lamps for home with E27 base - how much power is 100 watt analogue ?

LED lamps provide good coverage area of ​​about 15 m².It turns out that for any room in the home on a typical 100 watt lightbulb plan is enough.We will understand that it is a LED-analog.


  • Letter «E» - class of the cap, that is, the pattern is set by screwing in the cartridge.
  • «27» - characteristic of thread (diameter, pitch).In this case means that the lamp - a traditional cartridge, which is used in most lighting appliances (lamps, street lamps, and wall and several others).

tabla - m


dwell only on the main, which are interesting (and understood) the ordinary buyer.


In this case, we need just 100 watts.Indications LED products are specified by European standard.Without going into details, it is worth noting that the "translation" is not difficult to do, if we apply the factor 6 (this is the average value).

Therefore, on the packaging of our LED lamp socket E 27, an analogue of the usual "weave", should be approximately 16 - 18 W. In lumens - 1300, as many have now becomemore focused on the light output.

exact translation can not be.Why?

27_ Firstly, experience shows that not all devices into the LED- shine with such brightness that should be based on the declared capacity of the manufacturer.And these are characterized by mainly Chinese products.For example, it acquired 16W lamp, and the light at 75 watts.

Secondly, in part, depending on the version, the luminous flux "eaten up" balloon (its matte finish).

Third, a calculation of this value is specified on the packaging, taking into account the flask or without?

Color Temperature

This parameter is displayed numerically, backed letter «K».In fact, this shade, which gives the specific character of the room illumination.

kelvin_ - 600h238

  • If you want to choose the most accurate analogue conventional bulbs (yellow light), you should focus on the figure of 2 700 K.
  • Fans of "warm" white light is to acquire samples at 2 800 - 3 200.
  • UpBy 5000 - the usual day.
  • Over 5 000 -. White, but the "cold"not recommended for residential as well as a constant presence in this room is internal discomfort in some people.

When choosing an LED lamp should be taken into account, it will be installed in any room.Many of the finishing materials (eg tiles) well reflect light.If colored tiles, it is unknown what effect will be achieved by means of LED-products.Neutral white light bulbs considered.


lamp_ It is a ceramic or plastic.But in any case where a metal should be viewed.Only it provides a qualitative abstraction of heat from the cylinder.Without it, the lamp will last a long time, especially if set in a residential area - overheating (and failure) is provided.

Practical advice

  • Buy LED-device only need to store, and not with the tray in the market.And immediately check not only repair, but also on the intensity of luminescence.
  • information is often found that the analogue of the "weave" is a lamp LED to 10W (800 lumens).This is too much "stretch" as the subject of inevitable loss, it can not fully replace the traditional 100 watts.
  • should not blindly trust the recommendation of the seller.First, few of them are really professional.These people make a lot of money in other ways.Second, personal interest in sales leads to dissemble even the most shy.