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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to decorate the interior of their own for the holiday , unusual and beautiful

Today we'll show you how to decorate the interior of the holiday - the famous stylist tips Oleg Tarnopolsky.

Think of a holiday story

Think about what style you want to decorate your interior.Will this African style or maybe Indian, Japanese or European, Latin American or Russian.From the style you choose depends and interior decoration, a variety of accessories, as well as selected dishes of cuisine you.

Determine holiday theme

Interior - for - holiday - 1

Romanticheskiyuzhin, family reunion, birthday, wedding, stag, friendly party, children's holiday, Christmas time, Christmas?Pay special attention to the details of the holiday: it's a beautiful tableware, napkins, candles.

Remember that accessories must be combined with your interior.For example, tall candles in the candelabra will look excellent in the spacious living room a large table, but in a cozy little kitchen will be more appropriate to use low candlesticks and candle-tablet.In winter, always good to look fresh flowers, standing on a festive table or somewhere nearby.You can dream up and make a composition of flowers and twigs of arborvitae and juniper.

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Also today highly relevant innovative solutions: for example, or any dish basket, filled with exotic fruits and vegetables combined with fresh flowers or fir branches.We can recall the traditional version that is associated with Christmas and the holidays, take the mandarins and put one stylish pyramid.If the winter holidays you have planned a romantic dinner, decorate it great plate of chocolate bars.

Interior - for - holiday - 2

However, before you apply these dishes on the table, you have to freeze them.These plates on the table is good to put a candle with the scent of chocolate.A small gift can be hidden, for example, for a loved one a cake or birthday cake.Only need to think in advance about the appropriate packaging for gift and accurately warn the person (that can be caught from the cherry pits) that he accidentally swallowed a precious gift.