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August 12, 2017 18:06

A detailed review of waterproofing materials Ceresit, characteristics

Protect foundations, basements, roof from moisture and prevent leakage of water from the pools is easiest using surface waterproofing.This specially designed pastes which are applied to a horizontal or vertical surface and after drying to form a waterproof membrane it a few millimeters thick.

From advantages worth noting:

  • resistance to low temperatures and heat (500 degrees),
  • high ductility - all cracks are protected, the coating can be applied to the surface of the most difficult circuits,
  • absence of seams and joints,through which can seep into the water,
  • durability of the coating and the absence of reaction with water,
  • corrosion effect - a waterproofing can cover tubes and metal structures,
  • easy application - just brush or spatula,
  • the possibility of applying a plaster, tile or otherDecoration Materials.

Mastics are on asphalt, polymer, cement-based, as well as combined, one- and two-component, providing hot or cold (pre-heated composition) coating.

hydro - Ceresit

Products Ceresit

widest range of tools for surface waterproofing under the Ceresit brand offers on the Russian market, the German company Henkel.All of them are environmentally friendly, high quality and ease of use.

Kristallizer Ceresit CR 90 Crystallizer - penetrating waterproofing, which is used for surfaces that are not subject to deformation.It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.In addition to water resistance, frost resistance and vapor permeability has.Fills microcracks in concrete and strengthens its structure.It can be used for sealing containers with water for drinking and household needs.Drying the coating after 48 hours, or to be laid next 3-5 days can be.

SR_166 Ceresit CR 166 - Two-component flexible waterproofing that can be used on surfaces exposed to slight tension and compression, such as foundations, basements, balconies, swimming pools, terraces.Waterproofing layer is obtained 3.1 mm thick with a vapor, inert to salts, alkalis, oils and most solvents.

SR_65 Ceresit CR 65 - one of the most popular tools for surface waterproofing on the Russian market.As with previous funds, it is vapor permeable, resistant to corrosion and temperature changes, can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.In the particular construction is used for waterproofing pools, foundations and basements, bathrooms, kitchens, caissons and other buildings and structures with high humidity.It forms a layer of 2-5 mm thick, hardens completely in two days.This tool forms a hard coating, if necessary elasticity, it adds impact modifier Ceresit CC 83.

Wed - 66 Ceresit CR 66 - two-component mixture of waterproofing to protect the buildings, structures and water containers.In contrast to the CR 65 is an elastic waterproofing.

ff - 51 Ceresit CL 51 - one-component sealant for interior work.It forms a flexible coating thickness of 1-1.5 mm that can fill cracks to 0.75 mm thick.Typically used for the treatment of floors and walls before laying tile in wet areas: kitchens, bathrooms, saunas.Suitable for waterproofing at the device heated floors, construction of swimming pools to a depth of 5 meters.

ff - 50 Ceresit CL 50 - as waterproofing mastic coating surfaces in wet areas, but the two-component.Its feature is the rapid solidification and the ability to lay the tiles in a couple of hours after the wash.

SP- 42 Ceresit CP 42 - a one-component sealant forms a flexible coating and can fill cracks up to 2 mm.Can be used for sealing felled foundations, roofs on concrete, brick, stucco.This mastic is preferable in cases when it is expected a long and intensive exposure to water.

PE - 48 - kspress Mastic Ceresit CP 48 «XPRESS» different ultra-fast hardening, the entire 90 minutes.It is based on bitumen-latex mixture with a filling made of polystyrene.Elastic covering may cover the 5 mm crack, and requires careful surface preparation before coating.

Comparative characteristics of products Ceresit

Mark composition, packaging Features approximate price
Ceresit CR 90 Crystallizer cement based waterproofing, bag 25 kg applied to concrete,masonry surfaces, can be applied over cement plaster 3700 rubles.
Ceresit CR 166 Dry polymer-cement mixture, 10/34 kg not be used over gypsum or anhydrite surfaces 2300/3700 ​​rubles.
Ceresit CR 65 Dry mix based on cement and polymers, bag 24 kg Forms hard coating, it is recommended to apply 2 coats 700 rubles.
Ceresit CR 66 Dry mix based on cement and polymers, bag 24 kg is used for waterproofing surfaces of deformable 950 rubles.
Ceresit CR 51 polymer waterproofing water-based dispersion, the bank's 7.5 / 15 kg used only indoors.Supplied ready to use. 2600 rubles.
Ceresit CP 48 «XPRESS» Bitumen-latex Bystrozatverdevayuschaya, elastic 3700 rubles.

Before using any means of waterproofing the surface to be cleaned, large cement cracks and remove tabs.

number of layers and their thickness depends on the water will affect the surface from time to time or permanently, and what will be its volume at the same time.Specific values ​​and details of the application to be specified on the package, because the various means they are slightly different.