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August 12, 2017 18:08

Anti-corrosion coating - protection that does not require skills


surfaces primer During the construction of residential and non-residential premises is very important to use additional construction materials such as primer.In addition to protection of metal and wood in the rooms, quick-drying composition is also used for vehicles, but the main scope of application - construction.

Practice shows that the additional protection provided by the primer, helps prevent the formation of rust, keep the repair for many years.

-corrosion surface treatment - one of the prerequisites for qualitative performance of repair work.Treatment does not take much time, but the result can be seen over time - buildings retain their original appearance, iron structures are not subject to rust and corrosive changes.

Corrosion Primer - characteristic

Thanks to specially designed structure, which includes the active chemical elements, the primer can penetrate into microcracks and form a protective layer.Its advantage is that it is very easy to apply, so that the work went well, do not need to specially prepare the surface.

One coat of primer helps to ensure a secure grip surface with subsequent layers, be it paint or varnish.During construction works primer surface treatment is mandatory if the building or parts are exposed to rain, but also experience temperature extremes.

Typically, anticorrosive primer sold in the iron banks, the amount of which may vary.The primer can be applied special roller or spray, in the latter case, the employee must provide protection for the respiratory tract.

What you need to know for successful work?

Depending on the composition, the primer must be diluted with water or simply stir before application to the surface.According to the test results, the primer dries at 20 degrees for 45 hours provided a single-layer coating.

Normal thickness of coating composition is the amount of 18 to 23 microns.Primer protects the surface from 2 to 5 years, after which the procedure can be repeated again without washing away the old structure.The primer can be gray or brown hue, but on the surface it leaves no trace of color and does not affect the color of the next layer of varnish or paint.

Before you begin the process, you need to ensure the optimal room temperature, to conduct work in the winter outdoors in temperatures below 0 degrees should be abandoned.According to the principle of action of a primer, the composition penetrates into the surface layers, the process goes active at a temperature above zero.

quality primer PF made in accordance with the standards, buying such a composition, you can be sure of its action.If the surface has any gaps or voids are filled into the primer using a small brush or a small roller.The best option in this case becomes a spray composition.

allowed its dilution with water Too high viscosity primers.Before you apply the second layer, it is necessary to make sure that the first is completely dry.Drying time depends on the temperature in the room or on the street.Carrying out the work during the warm season passes, respectively, much faster.