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August 12, 2017 18:08

A steel beam and its importance in the construction


beams All beams have their classification based on clear parameters.Taking into account the following factors: destination, production technology, technical data, the facets of shelves, their location and width.By type, they are divided into cutting and uncut.Also there is a beam in which the shelves are placed in parallel.They are wide-, normal and columns.

Another distinguishing criterion beams is their length.There are 5 types: dimensional;multiple dimensional;dimensional, taking into account 5% of the balance of the total mass of the party;multiple dimensional, taking into account 5% of the balance of the total mass of the party;off-gauge beams.

Important!Remnants assumed the profile of at least three meters in length.

A separate group includes beams, which are made of metal with a zinc coating.This coating makes the profiles are well protected from the effects of corrosion, extending the life of the whole system.These profiles are often used as a framework for multi-storey buildings, for the manufacture of gates, window frames, curtain walls, etc.

markings beams

Each type has its beams GOST and labeling, which allows accurately locate the right products.However, it is clear to understand them.

Important!All types of beams are divided into species.

welded beams are of two types: Shaft (C) and suspended tract (M).Rolling precision is (A) and standard definition (B).On request, the beam is made of 4 to 13 meters.

Basic letter symbols:

  • «U» - a narrow strip;
  • «B» - a standard band;
  • «W» - a broad band;
  • «D» - the average band - is a special group with an average width;
  • «K» - Colonies - shelf width equal to the length of the Profile;
  • «M» - for hanging rails.

Most factories engaged in production on state standards, however, possible to manufacture and individual specifications, which differ from state regulations.This allows buyers to purchase I-beams, which do not need further additional processing and fit.

Steel beams overlap and their production

Beams steel floors are manufactured by two different methods: rolling and welding.The type of production and there is the name of the I-beams - Hot-rolled steel and welded beams.From what way the products was produced, its value depends.However, due to the presence of state standards, which regulate the production process, the basic characteristics of strength do not change, which makes both types of beams is very reliable and of good quality.

Welding type of production takes place in the cutting of steel strip on a special machine for thermal cutting.Next, the assembly machine assembled and welded beams submerged.Rolling production system is the whole box of hot metal to the desired shape.The next stage - the total for the two types, hole drilling is performed, cleaning and painting.

Steel girders - an indispensable and important material for the construction of a wide variety of constructions and buildings, bridges, communications lines, suspended structures.The variety, durability and reliability have made them the most common and necessary element for each construction site.