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August 12, 2017 18:08

Device drainage wells with their own hands

Drainage wells are divided into types

modern drainage system lets you split the wells on these types:

Drainage wells

  1. Inspection.It is used for testing and inspection of sewerage.Its diameter should be such that it was enough to pass him a person and the possibility to check the availability of the system in and correct if necessary all violations.Also performs the functions of a rotary.
  2. Rotary.Device drainage wells to clean sediment from the water pressure.On every second turn of the drain pipe and the turf field location.Driving device utilizes inlet and outlet portions, depending on the pipe diameter required for the person to descent.
  3. collector.Use a closed drainage system and perform tasks tank.The water accumulated in the well is pumped into ravines or water, as well as for irrigation of fields.They are permeable bottom and made entirely of plastic.
  4. Absorption.Install them in dot where land is required to dry Net capabilities to bring water into the main drain.Well may be not more than 2 meters, and the specifics of the installation is:
  • B should first dig a hole.
  • At the bottom of the pit put crushed stone, then lay it with a pipe diameter of 1.5 m.
  • Tube fully make brick, slag or gravel.
  • material electrode is committed along the tube walls.
  • When the well is completely filled, it is necessary to cover the canvas or a layer of soil, so it naturally assigned groundwater.

Drainage wells 4

How to install a drainage system?Ready

drains easily assembled, reliable in operation, but have a larger value, especially with large diameter pipes (up to 1000 mm).But this well you can try to create their own.

Device drainage wells require the use of a corrugated pipe of the desired diameter.

  1. Sight drainage wells should have a diameter of 340 or 460 mm, so that the worker can move minimally if necessary, lower and raise your hands.
  2. Savings and filter should be more than 575 mm in diameter.
  3. if you want the interior design man could go down, you should choose a diameter of 925 mm.

Drainage wells 6

Action Scheme for the assembly of the well

In order to make a well needed individual parts which, for greater savings, better to buy separately.By items:

  1. Cut holes in the well pipe with rubber cuffs.
  2. Installing the bottom is for the safety of treated paste.
  3. filling with sand and gravel, and then the cement space.
  4. Installation of the structure itself.To prevent leakage of the wall and the joint space and process the bitumen mastic.
  5. Falling asleep to the well with gravel and sand to the top.The cement box placed hatch.

Drainage wells 7

To avoid blockage of the drainage system it should be cleaned periodically using a hatch.In another way, this engineering solution can not be operated, and if the installation is correct, and high-level performance.