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August 12, 2017 18:08

Kitchen design with their own hands .Photo examples of interiors .

Kitchen begins with walls and facades

more freedom for the imagination of the designer and the artist provides a kitchen in bright colors, preferably white.You say that is too visible dirt?It does not matter, any dirt can be washed, but what style!Look at this photo.

The kitchen in bright colors

This kitchen will be grateful, if you decorate the white surface of the drawings or decoupage technique in the accent color of your kitchen.For example, if out of the picture stands a tile, then it is necessary to "make friends" with the rest of the interior.


And in addition to that in the kitchen can not do without all sorts of little things:

  • tack;
  • supports under hot;
  • vases, jugs;
  • cups;
  • cutting dostochek.

All these little things can also decorate the kitchen with his presence, if they do not look like a standard original, tasteful and "sing" with the other elements.For example, the dishes we ourselves can not make, but to choose the color - simply, and as cherished little things, they can make their own hands.There are lots of ideas

, how to sew or tie tack beautiful bright as to make coasters hot, and cutting boards can paint or burn.

curtains, tablecloths - this is a separate saga for decor cuisine.That's really where you can roam needlewoman.Now all the rage - a crocheted or lace curtains.Tablecloths, as such, are not very common today, especially in the small Kitchenette, however, can survive in tact curtains nice little napkins and decorate their stools seats.

lace curtains

decor and organization of space in a small kitchen

A small kitchen - it is not a sentence.Even in the limited space it is placed a lot of things, if this approach is rational.Before the hostess constantly raises the question of what to do with countless dishes, jars, boxes, preservation.

significantly saves space hidden from the sight of another's pantry.To this end, specially made niche in the doorway, where it is possible to build a sliding closet with shelves to the ceiling, as in this photo

sliding closet with shelves

Instead of a dinner table, for example, you can make a wide sill near a window, or equip a kind of bar.This will be the best option for small-sized kitchen.


But another very interesting option to save space.

sliding surface

In a small room it is important to pay special attention to lighting and accents.Needless to say that the kitchen is not suitable large chandelier cumbersome.And the choice in the shops do not shine with originality.In that case, if your intention is to arrange the kitchen decor with your own hands, you can also try to make a chandelier.Believe me it is not difficult.For example, a very original options that could not be better suited for the kitchen.Models lamps and chandeliers can think of a lot, it would be a fantasy and desire.

original chandelier

kitchen lighting