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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation Rules of snow guard on the roof with their hands , their types

In areas with snowy winters install snow guards - a mandatory step in the construction of the roof.A large mass of snow descended in the wrong place can damage the roofing material, the very design of the roof, wiring, drainage system, air conditioning and ventilation system, and even cause injury to people.

Types of snow guard

By type of construction are:

  • tubular,
  • lattice,
  • plate
  • hooks.

Tubular snow stop - pipes of metal, threaded into the series 2-3 in special holders on the roof.Detain the amount of snow depends on the thickness of the pipe, the distance between them and the roof, between the bindings.Plus this design - an opportunity to increase the length and increase the load capacity by more frequent location of fixtures and pipes.

tube - snow guard

Lattice snow stop like a ladder, set on edge across the roof.They are made from a metal profile or area and also a lengthened and strengthened, as well as tubular.Lattice and tubular forms of the most versatile and reliable, can be installed on roofs, both of natural tile, and from sheet materials.

snegoderzhateli - reshotsatoe

plate variant is able to keep a smaller amount of snow, but the least visible on the roof.They are made usually of the same material as the roof itself, and they are more suitable for flat roofs of metal profiles, metal, etc.


Hooks also retain a small amount of snow and are usually installed on roofs, covered with soft materials: Onduline, bituminous shingles.


Lamellar snow stop and hooks are cheaper and easier to fasten, so it is possible to use in areas with little snow or short winters.The roof on which they are installed, must have a slope no more than 30 degrees.One type of snow holder plate - angled, which are sectional triangle.

Decide which type is used, it is necessary before the start of works on the device of the roof, because it is better to mount along with roofing material.An exception can be made for tubular and lattice structures, but also will consider reinforcing battens need for them.They can be mounted on the roof of any material.Their amount and frequency depend on the location of the amount of snow, the average drop-down for the winter.


securing planning the installation of snow guard on the roof, you need to take into account a number of rules.

  • Crate in places proposed installation should be strengthened, and strengthen the elements should be just for her.
  • Lower element should be located not less than 40-50 cm from the edge of the roof.
  • snow stop located across the roof, parallel to the bottom edge.
  • Be positioned in line can (preferably for tubular and lattice) or staggered (plate and hooks).
  • If the roof area is large, a few rows with the distance between 35-40 cm.

on the roof with a large slope, about 60 degrees, it is possible to avoid the installation of snow guards, as the snow goes with them himself.However, such a roof adversely affects the strong wind, and materials for its construction takes longer.


preparatory stage

Even during the construction of battens in the places where it is supposed to strengthen the snow stop, it is necessary to strengthen the board not less than 25 mm thick.Subsequently, it will be mounted to her mount.All installation, as well as other roofing activities should be carried out with the insurance, following safety.

Install snow guard

The package usually includes yourself pipe grid or snow holder profile, support element, a decorative overlay.First roof marked future installation space, and is fastened to the roof of the backing member.At the corner of snow guard decorative overlay based side facing upwards, on the liner at the plate - is applied towards the bottom of the roof.The plate is screwed on each ridge of metal, angled - each ridge top and bottom in one.

If the roof has a roof window, be sure to set it on top of snow guard.

for fixing important to use galvanized screws, preferably with a rubber cap to prevent rust stains on the roof.Holes for fastening are sealed with rubber gaskets and waterproofed with sealant.

Important!Installation of snow guards are not exempt from the need to clean the roof from snow.With these constructions, snow accumulates on the roof and increases the load on it.As a result of the large weight of accumulated snow on the roof can break themselves snow stop and sag roofing material.