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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions on choosing home uninterruptible power supply

life in their own home in the country has its own peculiarities.Periodic shortages of electricity - one of them in villages and suburbs of light flashes frequently, if not disappear for a few minutes.And if you have no TV and the computer to pass the time by candlelight is quite possible that the heating boiler stop in severe frosts can be disastrous for the whole house.

prevent output of the heating system failure, damage to sensitive electronics can be using an uninterruptible power supply.They consist of a transmitter with integrated battery charger and system of interconnected batteries, similar to those installed near the computer, but their capacity is much higher.

Home UPS will support the vital functions of your equipment for a while, but in the event of an extended power outage will enable network switch on the generator.UPS provide power up to 18 kW (requires about 12-15 kW for the house), and their capacity depends on the number of batteries and can be increased.

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Selection Criteria

on the market today presented a lot of proposals from both brands, as well as from China, but Gnehm factories and craftsmen tell how to assemble the UPS own hands.What to prefer?First, you must determine the capacity of the uninterruptible power supply.To do this, add up the power of all devices whose operation must not be interrupted during a power failure: boiler, refrigerator, pumps (circulation heating system and water), the computer.To this value add 20-25%, as most devices require increased when the starting current.

From power and estimated time of battery life (how long power outages, or how quickly you have time to start the generator) is calculated battery capacity, which should be connected to the UPS.This option should also lay with the stock, as it is not recommended to reduce the depth of discharge of lead-acid batteries is lower than 25%.

output voltage is 48V, it is desirable, but may be 24 and 12B.It is necessary to choose a UPS with a "bypass" - function of automatic switching to battery power during a power outage in centralized networks.

Uninterruptible power supplies are divided into:

Off-line , which automatically includes a voltage drop or power failure.All rest of the time do not affect the power system at home, as they do not have stabilizers.This is the most simple and cheap model.

Line-interactive , equipped with stabilizer.They are most effective at constant voltage jumps as batteries are connected less, therefore, last longer, and the equipment connected through a UPS, it is better protected.

Online (individual projects are rarely used), which convert AC voltage from the mains or from the central generator to DC, and then in the stable variable.They are used where needed uninterrupted operation of sensitive equipment: servers, medical equipment.

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In organizations engaged in the sale of the UPS, to help carry out the calculation and to choose the most optimal configuration.

So, for example, for the average size of the cottage to maintain the battery life of 2-3 hours required on the basis of the UPS system with a capacity of 15 kW and 4 batteries total capacity 200Ach.Accumulated in this system, electricity is more than 7 kWh.

desirable to be able to manage the operation of the UPS via the Internet or by phone.Sometimes it makes sense to install 2 or more UPS: one for the boiler and the other for home appliances and computers.It is easier to carry out the wiring, and reliability of the system is higher because if one unit fails, the other will work.

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Manufacturers and prices

The price range for the UPS is great, because they are determined by the manufacturer of the inverter and batteries, the power output, the number of batteries and battery type.Good reputation in the production of energy devices and Teplocom (Russia), SSB (Taiwan), Newave (Switzerland), General Electric (USA).

small source for the boiler capacity of 360W and an output voltage of 12 V will cost 7 thousand, more advanced model -.. UPS 15 thousand for a house and a capacity of 10-15 kW output voltage 48 are over 70thousands trehkilovatnye with an output voltage of 24 V - from 30 thousand.

addition transmitter need battery, prices for the most basic model with a capacity of 65 Ah start from 7 th., More capacious batteries 200 Ah are in the area of ​​16 thousand. Rub.apiece, and they will need at least a couple.

UPS - not cheap buying.However, it can save a lot of money compared to purchasing new equipment or repair of the heating system.What exactly is not worth saving when buying such a system, since it is on the right it is connected, in addition, many vendors offer discounts when purchasing the installation of the UPS and batteries from them.