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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose the qualitative and inexpensive kitchen faucet

It should be noted that the mixer can equally well be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom.However, choosing a model specifically for the kitchen, consider two points.Firstly, its spout, and the tap, or "goose" in the parlance, must be sufficiently high.For cookware, which is necessary to wash in the sink, can be of different sizes.Therefore, we must be guided, for example, in the large pots.Secondly, the spout of the mixer should be turning.This is especially important if the washing has two sections.

Current models of mixers differ from each other not only a manufacturer, but also the design, manufacturing technology, materials and many other features.How to choose a good kitchen faucet?Try to understand.

First of all, you need to decide as a mixer will be installed: built into the countertop, the sink or mounted on the wall.

Kitchen - mixer - hansgrohe

Housing material

material from which made the mixer is also important.By special order, you can get the mixer out of anything.But for such mass consumer products (housing) made of metallic alloys, ceramic, or plastic.Particularly resistant to moisture brass and bronze alloys.The remaining part can be of another material.

One of the cheapest models are considered chrome, although they have a long service life.But the products of alloy steel quickly "age", and the material is more fragile.However, the strongest are considered to be bronze or brass faucets, but they are already expensive.About materials such as granite and other "exotic", it makes no sense to mention.The mass consumer does not purchase them.

mixer design

Damiksa design is one of the three: Gate ( "Tree"), single lever and touchless (touch).Everyone gets something that is more accustomed.The downside of valve models experts believe the presence of a rubber gasket, which often fails.This depends on the hardness of the water passing or on usage.However, with the mixer precisely controlled pressure (water consumption savings), while "movements" have to do a little more.Often used instead of laying ceramic insert.She does not respond to the chemical composition of the water, but the contamination was "afraid".Therefore, when using such a model should be put purifying filter.

Single-lever products as simple as to install and to operate.The only problem - you need to get used to adjust the pressure.

Touch models have both advantages and disadvantage.The mixer body is mounted sensor that "reacts" to the hands, under the "spout".Should they bring, and will water.Hands are cleaned, and the water flow stops.This valve can not be forgotten to close, so the bottom (through forgetfulness) can not flood the neighbors.However, if you want to fill it with water, for example, a large pot, the hand will have all the time to keep in the "spout" area.Otherwise, the water just will not leak.

Design "spout" (nozzle).Some models provide two water pressure mode.Stronger applied during normal operation (analysis of water, washing dishes) and "gentle" (shower) with washing the used, for example, delicate berries.


Geometry spout

Experts believe that the ideal water jet should fall exactly in the washing center.This ease of operation and reducing the amount of splashing.

Select trusted manufacturers

Of course, you need to ask and the manufacturer.Market flooded with goods from China, but their quality does not make sense to mention.It is enough to produce a high-quality faucets European companies, such as Damixa, Grohe, Hansa, Hansgrohe, Roca - buying products for their production, you can not fear for the quality of the goods.