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August 12, 2017 18:06

White cement , its characteristics , features and application in construction

White cement - a novelty in the domestic construction market, but in the world, accounting for about 15% of the cement produced.Like Gray, it is made from clinker, only special - malozhelezistogo.Also, it is composed of gypsum, diatomaceous earth and other additives that give the white building material.Through color, white cement - versatile material for construction and finishing works.

choice of material

vnite_tsement White cement produced several brands: M300, M400, M500 and M600, the quality of which also varies, as in a conventional cement.Depending on the degree of whiteness it is subdivided into 3 grades:

  • I sort of whiteness above 80%,
  • II grade - above 75%
  • III grade - above 70%.

Major manufacturers produce ultrabely cement, white is more than 90%.

For the preparation of mixtures on the basis of white cement instead of the usual sand and gravel used white marble chips and sand with low iron content, without impurities of clay and silt.In the preparation of concrete water take no more than 40% -50% by weight of the dry mixture, carefully watching her purity.

price of white cement above it and determine its use mainly in the finishing work.The best quality material famous Danish production, followed by the materials from Slovakia, Turkey and India.Russian manufacturers are just beginning to release white cement, so the quality is not always stable, but the price is significantly lower than similar imported.

vnite_tsement - 2


European and North American builders have long enjoyed its benefits.Among them:

  • high strength and durability as well as clinker, from which produced the cement, more solid,
  • rapid solidification of gypsum impurities 15 hours hardens to 65%,
  • resistance to corrosion and weatheringdue to the low alkali content,
  • frost,
  • high agdeziya with other building materials,
  • the possibility of staining in different colors, including bright and pastel, high aesthetic quality of the material.

mixes with white cement give greater shrinkage than usual.



C can be non-trivial to create architectural compositions and decorate using existing white cement.Scope of this material is high:

  • production of dry mixtures for the production of solutions for finishing works, plaster and grouting tile joints,
  • production of mixtures for decorative high-strength building, they are used where conventional plaster is guaranteed to give a crack,
  • productionwhite concrete construction and precast concrete structures (balconies, stairs, fences),
  • casting curbs and paving slabs, including color,
  • manufacture of artificial stone and facade tiles,
  • production of white bricks,
  • sculpturesand interior (bas-reliefs, columns, fountains).

in cement

intricacies of

  • All tools and accessories for working with white cement and concrete preparation of it must be absolutely clean and free of rust, or smudges remain on the fresh surface.
  • All reinforcement concrete cover layer of about 3 cm to avoid being damaged corrosion as rusty stains strongly absorbed in the white concrete surface.The projecting parts should be well insulated against moisture.

White cement is more expensive, and work with them requires greater accuracy, but its advantages as a building material and extensive decorative possibilities with more than cover these deficiencies.