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August 12, 2017 18:06

What type of foundation is best built on clay soil

The choice of the type of substrate for this clay soil is quite complex, even for specialized professionals.There are general criteria that should orient any developer - especially the soil at the site, the level of its freezing and location of groundwater aquifers (and configuration).Clay soil is no accident belong to the "problem" category, since it is due to the complexity of the calculations and the very construction technology.Especially since there are other factors that affect the final decision.

clay Properties

She "keeps its shape."Clay is not the "love" of liquid and easily washed away.And the foundation is constantly in contact with the melt, rain, ground water.Therefore, it is likely that it will be "naked."

enough plastic material.It is not possible to accurately predict how it will behave in certain conditions (flooding, freezing, increasing the load).This greatly complicates the necessary calculations.

Clay is of several "grades".Each of them has its own characteristics.In general, the soil is considered to be the clay, if it contains more than 30% of the actual clay.



is found far from water reservoirs in the lowland areas.It has high ductility and often "floating".Construction in this area - a risky business.It is necessary to consider at what depth overlies the layer beneath it there any "support" as sandstone, limestone and the like.

If a decision on the construction, it is recommended to choose a foundation or columnar monolithic pile.

Ribbon - fundament1

Glacial Clay

It all depends on how it occurs.If shallow, such material will be sufficiently plastic.But at a deep location of the clay foundation able to withstand sufficient load.Even in the depth of this soil remains damp

therefore provide reliable waterproofing strip foundation will be quite difficult.

This general characteristics of clay soils.But in each area - its own characteristics.Furthermore, clay can be blue or red.First the water does not pass, so creates all the preconditions to waterlogging areas, the accumulation of fluid in the confined space.But red is permeable, which is somewhat easier construction.

Considering all the above, the conclusion can be drawn is - will fit almost any type of foundation.The choice is made based on the results of the site survey for construction.

Features of the construction of foundations



He just settling recessed type.But even here there are some nuances.

First , essential quality "cushion".It should be the thickness, the greater the depth of a trench (criterion - excess freezing level).

Second , need an effective waterproofing, and roll materials.It is better to use the film as roofing material for more than 3 - 4 years in such conditions will not serve.

Third , it is advisable to arrange the permanent shuttering, eg, plates Penoplex as described herein.In addition to insulation, it will provide reliable protection against soil displacement (shock absorber role).

Fourth , required strengthening reinforcement tape (frame of the bar).

Fifth , «sole» foundation about 1/3 to be wider than its upper edge.This will make the base more stable and significantly reduce the risks of bias.

Sixth , arrangement of drainage systems (drainage).It is necessary to ensure the best possible drainage area.

In some cases, you can install the tape under the concrete supports in the form of piles.This is done usually for more massive structures of "hard" construction materials (stone, concrete, brick).



more suitable option in most cases.This foundation is called "floating".The main condition for its reliability - quality reinforcement over the entire area.Despite the high financial costs of such a base type is suitable for any construction.But be aware that the foundation blocks should not lie directly on the ground.It should be a good "substrate" (sand + gravel) and pre screed.

Pile - foundation - circuit


As already noted, this is the best option.If you are unable to get to solid ground, the more reliable the base can not be.The difficulty is that you may need pretty deep drilling pits.But it is - a guarantee of strength and durability of the entire construction.More details pile foundation is considered in this article.

recommended to use screw or precast products as fill in the monolith to a great height, with reinforcement, it is difficult for deep wells.Although in some cases it is advisable to mount just bored piles.Much depends on the capabilities of the wizard, the availability of special equipment and conditions for its operation.

This article is for informational purposes only.Given the complexity of the construction on the clay soil, without consultation with a specialist is indispensable.