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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing the railing in the kitchen - rules and tips

Not everyone knows what the word "rails on," although many saw it.This device is a metal tube of small diameter, which allows you to put on the wall of a variety of kitchen utensils, household towels, cutting boards.Produced and rails to mount on the ceiling.If the size of the room large, then, of course, no need to publicly display all acquired "overwork."Though if such a thing from manufacturers, it is a matter of taste.

But if the apartment is small, it is the installation of railing in the kitchen allows the owner to have on hand all necessary for work.Convenient rails and in that case, if the room there are some niches, ledges.On sale you can often see the tube of chrome steel (There are other design), on which hung all sorts of hooks - this is the roof rails.By default, the subject kitchen interior is attached to the wall, much less to the ceiling with special brackets (legs).

rails - for - food

Installing railing

length of this product (consider a standard wall-mounted version) is different, and it is regulated by means of additional tubes, connectors.Installation of roof rail is not how -That difficult, but you need to consider a few points and observe the sequence of operations:

  1. range of fasteners for installation of roof rail depends on the wall material.Thus it is necessary to take into account the possibility of its removal.For example, want to change the length or there is a need to reinstall to another location.Therefore there is no need to strengthen the "tight";
  2. mount must be reliable.The hostess, working in the kitchen, can strongly pull some utensils or towels.Reiling should withstand such loads;
  3. is best to install it at or slightly below eye level, and should be guided on srednerosloe person.Occasionally there are families where all members of the household have the same height;
  4. if the railing length exceeding 1 m, the attachment to the wall should be at least three places;
  5. railing before installation should be done counting.For this purpose, building level and pencil.And do not forget about the symmetry, if holders of more than two.They are put on the tube and lightly fixed with screws.Holders should be placed so that the screws are on the bottom, where they will not be seen;
  6. still attach the assembly to the installation site, align and outline drilling point Wizard;
  7. drilling holes in the wall depends on the lining material.If the surface of the wood, it is best to fix screws;
  8. railing before installation should be put on the cap fitted to the ends of the tube.

mounting- rails on

Roof come in different models - some have special suspension, which can be placed jars, vases with flowers.In this case, the medium holder be shifted from the center to provide uniform load distribution on the whole tube.There are already symmetry is not required.