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August 12, 2017 18:06

Possible combined fence with brick pillars

visiting card of any of the private housing is a fence.It is from its appearance depends on the first impression of your home, cottage or cottage.Fence can be expensive and rich, solid and elegant and even simple, but there should be a special aesthetics, practicality and durability.A set of such characteristics can have only brick fences.

Brick fence is thorough capital structure, which talks about the consistency of his master.In addition, the brick allows, thanks to the possibility to combine materials to create their own individual style and get a completely unique design solution for the object.

Brick fence is thorough capital structure , which talks about the consistency of his master .

Brick fence is thorough capital structure, which talks about the consistency of his master.

What kinds of bricks can be used for the construction of combined fences

Brick is the material that is used since ancient times in the construction.There are buildings dating back several hundred years.alfresco Thus there are many types of bricks used for construction.For the construction of the fence fit any of them.

quartz sand lime brick making, which has a higher strength than traditional ceramic.In addition, it is possible to add various dyes which allows to diversify and improve decorative properties.Such bricks do not only smooth but also with rustirovannoy surfaces such as stone effect ruptured.

This brick has a variety of sizes, as well as a way to fill: is a hollow or solid centers.This property provides an excellent opportunity to build a fence a little bit cheaper.Neat and beautiful masonry of silicate brick is obtained thanks to its perfectly flat faces and edges.In addition, the price of this material is sufficiently democratic.

Varieties of silica brick

Varieties of silica brick

produce ceramic bricks of clay.It is a private, facial and special.In addition, now we began to produce various shaped ceramic bricks: angular, semi-circular, with sloping sides and recesses.This approach ensures the implementation of all the architectural solutions.The colors of this material is not as diverse as those of silica, but still there is some choice, which allows to satisfy most needs.

Ceramic brick

Ceramic brick

In addition to these two traditional types of bricks there are lots of new ones, which use different fillers.He fared well in the construction of facing brick Bassoon filled with shell limestone.It is very cold-resistant and has a huge variety of colors.Because shale refractory clays produce clinker.It is very durable, thanks to its density.This is the most durable, but also the most expensive material.

Previously fences made entirely of brick.Today, that approach made to depart.As filling began to use various materials, which combine well with the brick.This not only makes construction cheaper, but also provides a more graceful appearance of the building.Consider what are the options for a combined fence with brick pillars.

methods combining fence with brick columns

modern construction industry produces a lot of sheet materials and structural elements that allow you to create fences combined with high aesthetic qualities.It is not necessary to lower the accounts and traditional methods of construction fences.In combination with brick pillars, they acquire completely new qualities.The main thing that a combination of materials was appropriate.

Combined with a wooden fence filling

Brick and wooden elements: boards, bars, fence, very nicely, as "warm" both of these materials.The only thing - is to be a two-way fence and thick, as thin slats framed by massive pillars will look ridiculous.Particular attention should be paid in this case and paintwork wood.It is best to use a stain and varnish.If paint is used, it should be a quality enamel for exterior use, able to survive for many years.

The original combination fence with wood filler

original combination fence with wood filler

Combined fence filled with corrugated

It is worth noting that today is the most popular solution.After decking is cheaper, it has a lot of colors, which makes it possible to choose any combination.The sheets are very easily mounted on the conventional fence screws.The durability of the material coated with a polymer layer, there is no doubt.Such a fence tight covers the area from prying eyes and provides excellent sound insulation.In addition, under the filling of corrugated board does not necessarily pour a strip foundation.This allows you to greatly save on construction.

A typical fence of corrugated with brick pillars - the ideal solution for the consumer

typical fence of corrugated with brick columns - ideal for consumer

fence made of brick with stone filling

This option is only suitable for expensive mansions.After all, the combination of brick and stone looks very prestigious and richly.The cost of the material is too expensive for most people, but the fence it's worth it.Between the brick masonry columns made of ornamental stone.These can be processed stone slabs, and not treated clastic rocks.

Very rich and prestigious looks fence with stone filling

very rich and prestigious looks fence with stone filling

Other methods of combining

Today, some factories of reinforced concrete structures offer the consumer a complete fence of reinforced concrete elements.They look quite original and beautiful, thanks to the use of various configurations and drawing.They are required only to establish between brick columns to get a very robust and durable construction.

looks very beautiful brick fence with the forged content.Forged items, of course, are very expensive.But the beauty of them, nothing can be compared.Any fence, they can give the charm and originality.not only the aesthetic side, but also practicality lies in forging elements.It's additional security design for your site.If the top of the fence is made in the form of forged arrows, it is unlikely that someone will come to mind to try to climb over a fence.By the way, forged filling can be as dull and transparent.In the latter case, the fence looks very elegant, and the material takes much less.

Elegant wrought fence with brick pillars

Chic forged fence with brick columns

main stages of the construction of the combined intake

Beauty requires sacrifice.In the context of our theme, this means that you need to spend large amounts of money and effort to create a really nice fence with brick pillars.To perform the masonry need to find a professional who has great professionalism.Appearance entire fence depends on the quality of the masonry, so in this case should not stint.

Erection of fence begins after the developer completely decided for themselves what kind of material he will use and what sizes will be in the building.


construction itself takes place in several stages and begins with the preparatory work:

  • If you want to make really high-quality, beautiful and unique fence, then you should order his project specialist.It performs all the necessary calculations, including the definition of foundation depth and power amplification bars, as well as their quantity and other technological nuances.He can perform and the estimated construction costs.In this case, the reinsurance guarantees quality execution of work in the future.
  • Needless construction should begin with a horizontal marking on the plot area for construction.They do it by conventional pegs and a long rope.It stretches from the outside of the foundation of the future.
  • Since brick fence construction is thorough, and the base is required to make a capital for him.Better than others to cope with this role belt solid foundation.For him, digging a trench along the scribe line cord.Its depth should be 30 cm, but not less than the depth of topsoil to be removed before the dense clay or earth.The width of the foundation, as well as the height above the ground is 20 cm. Then, mark a place of bars located.Make them should be at equal distances.At the same time, try to count the spaces between the columns so that there is as little as possible from residues of filling material.In places where the poles will be required to drill a hole 1.5 meters or more.The depth depends on how deep the ground freezes in your area in the winter.The diameter of the holes should be such that they fit in the tube is not less than 60 mm in diameter.
  • After the excavation of the edging boards constructing formwork, which is firmly fixed bars.Inside the formwork in three rows laying reinforcement, which section is to be 10 - 12 mm.
  • In recent pit absolutely vertical installation of the pipe.This will use the building level and plumb.They concreted concrete solution.When the concrete has set firmly enough established between the tubes pull a cord.This is done to comply with the alignment of the remaining columns.On this cord, keeping the verticality, and set the rest of the pipe concreted.It should be remembered that if the soil in your yard or loose heaving, then the bottom of each tube is required to weld a metal plate.Therefore, the diameter of the drilled holes must take this into account.
Prepared by casting formwork for the foundation brick fence

Prepared by casting formwork for the foundation brick fence

  • After concrete pipes under the grab enough, begin to fill in the rest of the foundation.The solution can be ordered ready-made and can be made independently in a concrete mixer.Uses the same proportion as any other foundation: 1 part cement, 3 parts sand.The filler should be used srednefraktsionny rubble.
  • A week later, when the concrete is fully cured, it will be possible to begin to do masonry.However, pre-applied on the foundation layer of mastic waterproofing.Make it a must, as the dampness of the soil over time, is able to destroy the bricks.

Masonry work

Brick columns spread on a concrete base, 40 cm wide, which is done simultaneously with the pouring of the foundation around the column.The width of the column is equal to 1.5 or 2 bricks.It depends on the type of masonry.Popular is the claque was 1.5 brick, when one takes a number of 4 pieces.The bricks are placed on the mortar with the obligatory pointing.Rows do symmetrically on all neighboring poster, the seams between the bricks formed a single line along the fence.The height of the columns depends on the material that has been selected for filling.They should be slightly higher than, for example, profiled sheets.In the middle between the bricks for the strength of the solution is poured.Further, in two places on both sides of each column is output for welding metal corner prozhiliny subsequently, either immediately they are welded to the tubes, after which it is draped brick.

Varieties for masonry pillars

Species masonry for columns

Filling fence of corrugated sheets

As a jumper between the posts, you can use the profile pipe.When using profile plate and fence height of 2 meters is enough prozhiliny between two columns.They are welded to the fitting members on the posts.Pipes and particularly welds should be well primed and painted.

fence suitable for corrugated board thickness of 0.5 mm.On the joists of the roofing is secured with screws or rivets.Thus it is necessary to make sure that the upper edge is parallel to the horizon.It is worth noting that even the most budget option for the combined intake of the metal profile is quite expensive.However, one who wants to have a beautiful and safe fence for a relatively feasible sum, it can take advantage of this opportunity.

In any case, the fence with brick columns, once built, will serve faithfully for the rest of your life without reconstruction and repair.