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August 12, 2017 18:06

Picket fence with their hands - instruction , Photo + Video

modern tools and materials so simplified suburban life that works, which until recently seemed heavy, are now under force even women and the elderly.Self-fenced suburban area by a fence from wooden or metal picket for a few days is very easy today.This can not only save money, but also to feel with what incomparable pleasure of productive physical labor!

Picket fence with his hands

picket fence with their hands

Getting Started, is to consider how the future should look like a fence, measure the perimeter of the site to be fenced, to calculate the amount of materials needed to assess the labor intensity and duration of work.

Choosing Materials

For picket fences need poles, cross joists with fasteners, fence himself and screws for its fastening, as well as paint or stain, if the fence needs to be painted.

fundamental question - the choice between wood and metal.Of course, the wooden fence is more environmentally friendly, but it is seldom more than 7-10 years.Therefore, in recent years, many stops on metalloshtaketnike, which also looks quite aesthetically pleasing, but it relieves the owners of all "zaborostroitelnyh" concerns for decades.Since the main burden falls not on the fence, and on the posts and poles, a combination of metal poles and prozhiliny of shaped tube with a wooden picket fence also will create very durable fence, retaining the beauty of the wood.But it is important to remember that when wet wood becomes heavy and increases the load on the poles and prozhiliny - for such a fence is necessary to firmly consolidate the pillars and buy prozhiliny of thick metal.

Having defined the material and knowing the perimeter of the site, it is easy to calculate the amount of building materials.

In the market of building materials available metal prozhiliny (lag) in length from 2 to 12 meters.In order to prozhiliny not lay too much load, it is better to make the distance between the posts is not more than 3-4 meters.Thus, at every 30 m fence poles 10 must prozhiliny 20 and a length of 3 m each.As the poles are usually used a metal tube, which is fixed to the ground with cement mortar.On top of the pipe to install special plug.

fabricated metal fence, commercially available, usually has a width of 10-12 cm distance between the picket fence depends on the location and installation of the fence purposes -. Fence can be made more compact and less frequent at your discretion.If you take a distance equal to the width of the fence, then each meter picket fence you will need 5 pcs, 30 meters - about 150 pieces.

Wooden fence has a variety of sizes - from 2 cm width.

also need fixing.Metal prozhiliny sometimes attached to the posts by welding, but it is not very practical as it causes rusting.Therefore it is better to buy a special attachment.

Special mounting for fence

Special brackets for fence

Attach fence is best galvanized screws.They are easily screwed in using the screwdriver.

Prepare construction site

to fence turned out beautiful and smooth, no need to invest time in the preliminary layout of the construction site.Clear the perimeter of the site: remove the remnants of the old fence, mow the grass, if necessary align uneven ground, so that nothing interfered with work.Beat strong pegs at the extreme points to fence the site and pull the rope between them, showing a straight line, along which the fence should line up.Now, using a tape measure, mark the location of the future pillars of small pegs.At the same time note that the distance between the posts must conform length acquired prozhiliny given column width and mounting - check it out on the first two spans of the fence, so as not to alter the layout in the future.When markup is ready, you can remove the rope and start to work.

Set poles

Under each pillar in place pegs dig a hole depth of 50 cm Set column vertically -. Here it is better not to trust the good eye, and check with a spirit level or plumb - and concreting pit.To post are not looked, you need to make temporary spacers that will keep it until the concrete mixture hardens.

The process of installing pillars

process of installing pillars

assembles design

to last stage of the construction of the fence need to start when the pillars are firmly keep hardened concrete.Wait 1-2 days after the installation of the pillars.

Further actions are reminiscent of children's designer collection.Set the attachment to the posts.Using screws attach prozhiliny anchorages.After that, better to note the site of attachment to the fence prozhiliny with a pencil or marker - so it will be easier to enforce the desired distance between the picket fence.It now remains only to tie the fence prozhiliny using a screwdriver.

The process of fixing the fence

process of fixing the fence

metal fence is usually sold with a polymer coating, so it does not need paint.If used for the construction of the fence wooden fence, it is best to cover it with stain or special antiseptic for wood, so that it lasts longer natural color and is not subjected to decay.Also read about the construction of the fence of slab with his hands, and the gate of corrugated board with their own hands.

This fence will last for years to come!

Video - Installation of the fence with their hands