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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of the garage from a bar with your hands

Hello dear subscribers today's lesson, let's look at the construction of the garage of the timber.

Garage can be built from almost any material, but the most environmentally friendly solution is a wooden garage - it has high thermal insulation properties, and the walls "breathe" garage, permeable to water vapor and neutralize odors.The most convenient material for the construction of a wooden garage is a bar.Garage of timber to build with their own hands is quite simple, because modern materials do not require trimming and drying, in addition, they are impregnated ognebiozaschitnymi solutions, eliminating the risk of ignition and decay.

Garage from a bar with your hands

Garage from a bar with your hands

garage Advantages of timber

  • natural environmentally friendly material to create a pleasant microclimate, which is particularly important in cases where the garage is also used as a workshop;
  • The wooden garage rarely happens humidity, which contributes to the preservation of the vehicle;
  • Wood - easy to process the material, so the garage of the timber can be easily done by hand without attracting professionals with technology.
  • Wooden garage of timber fits perfectly into the overall design of the site and country wooden house.

The only major drawback is its flammability of wood, so the garage of the timber should be regularly handle the fire retardant composition.

Stages of construction of the garage of timber

to the garage of the timber must be the foundation of the device.The foundation can be piled, tape or slab, but it must be above the soil surface for at least 20 cm to avoid contact with the soil of the tree, otherwise the lower crowns garage quickly rot.Between the timbers and the foundation necessary to lay a layer of waterproofing.

erecting walls of corrugated timber, putting them in the frame.You can order ready-made frame and build a garage of their own timber - the price will rise slightly, but the amount of work will be much lower.

floor in the garage can be made as concrete and wood.In the first case, you can choose more convenient slab foundation, which will serve both floors.In the article the garage from a bar with a wooden floor, not flush to the columnar foundation of concrete blocks or bricks.

garage roof lean-operate with a bias on one side or the back, or a gable.From the shape of the roof depends on the unit truss system.

additional insulation in the garage of the timber it is advisable to perform only if the garage will be heated.Warming in this case carried out from the outside, often satisfied with ventilated facade of corrugated, metal or vinyl siding.

garage construction of technology from a bar with your hands

  1. erect pier foundation.To do this, define the size of the site for the foundation, remove the fertile part of the soil and level the ground.Mark up the mounting location of the columnar foundation with the help of pegs and strings.Pier foundation set by the structure of the corners and along the walls at a distance of 2 meters.The place of installation of the columnar foundation performed a sand cushion thickness of not less than 20 cm, and in areas with heaving soils -. 40 cm Sand carefully ram, spilling water on it is placed a layer of roofing material.Erect bollards made of concrete blocks or bricks, fastening them with the cement slurry.Align their height with the help of a stretched string with markup.After solidification of the solution is performed waterproofing mastic asphalt, and roofing material on top of an additional stacked in two layers.

    Step 1 - the construction of the basement garage

    Step 1 - erection of garage and basement tab

  2. sill pillars are placed on the sill - mortgage timber.Fasten the corners of the timber without leaving residue, a way to connect "in a paw," "in a half-tree" or radical or insertable spike.Connection method depends on the skill builders and building material from.Ready-made log houses usually already tailored to the specific connection, and you will only have to follow the assembly instructions.

    Different types of lumber compound

    Different types of timber connections

  3. The mortgage timber crashed lag - the floor slab.They operate from the bar or board 40 mm, laid on end.The distance between joists depends on the load on the floor for a garage is better to choose the distance from 0.5 to 1 m. Notching Places bar necessarily impregnated with an antiseptic.

    The mortgage timber crashed lags installing them on the end

    The mortgage timber crashed lags installing them on the end of

  4. Subsequent bar rows are placed on top of each other, using the same type of connection as for laying.Between the rows of a timber connected by a dowel, for that drilled the two beams brace so that the opening match, and slaughtered them nog - Wedge hardwood.This nog must be recessed into the beam a few centimeters, otherwise the gap formed by the shrinkage of the framework.

    The installation wall

    The installation walls

  5. The cut in the top crown of rafters, connect them to each other "in a half-tree".The shape depends on the design of the roof of the garage as well as on its size.If the garage is attached to another building, it is more convenient to do Shed roofs with a slope on the outside wall of a detached garage convenient gable roof.

    The cut in the top crown rafter roof frame

    The cut in the top crown rafter roof frame

  6. After the roof is desirable to immediately close the log-permanent or temporary roofing.For temporary roof waterproofing film can be used with high strength and resistance to UV radiation, for example, D. Izospan film laid on the rafters with some slack, strips are glued together by means of mounting tape.Roofing of the garage timber can be any as of roll materials, such as roofing with grit and slate, Ondulin, profiled sheeting, metal.Roof covering is placed on top of a pre-arranged sealing batten boards, fixing screws or nails specifically designed for this type of coverage.Do not forget the most vulnerable places - fad, places of contiguity of the roof to the walls.They need to be isolated from moisture Additional elements.
  7. garage floors are made of sexual decking, fixing it to the joists with nails or screws.Sex and the inside wall of the garage be coated flame-retardant composition to avoid fire wood.If the garage possible leakage of fuel and lubricating fluids, it is advisable to cover the floor with metal sheets.You can also run the floor with double insulation.

    Installation scheme of sex in the house

    scheme of installation floor in the house

  8. Access to the garage is made of 60 mm boards laid on supporting beams.Timber cut in the lower mortgage beam at an angle less than 30 degrees below impregnated bitumen waterproofing.On the cross he nailed boards.Garage doors - an important element of any garage.They can be made as swing, consisting of two valves, and automatic lifting - garage of timber construction is strong enough to withstand any type of door.
    Sectional doors for the garage

    sectional doors for garages

Garage from a bar with your hands can be used as an all-season shop, it is necessary to set it in the winter heating.Most often used for this purpose heaters with temperature sensor, which allows to regulate the temperature in the garage automatically.It is also possible to arrange in a garage inspection pit or cellar, which will significantly expand its functionality.