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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garage of metal sheets with his hands

most popular and pre-fabricated garage construction - garage of metal sheets, which can be constructed with their own hands.Moreover, its functionality can be different: a garage of corrugated board for temporary parking of the car, for example, at the summer cottage, and insulated garage with workshop and a viewing hole.

Garage of metal sheets

Garage of metal sheets

Garage of metal sheets with a viewing hole can be erected in less than a month.To perform the recessed viewing hole is convenient to use ready-made concrete blocks on the perimeter of the foundation - belt.The floor in the garage more convenient to carry with the help of water-resistant concrete screed concrete.The walls consist of a frame, assembled from metal profiles and cladding sided profiled metal sheets between which a heater is laid.As a heater can be used any modern materials for ventilated facades: mineral and stone wool, polystyrene plates, as well as the polyurethane foam insulation.

foundation and floors

Garage of metal sheets - lightweight construction, so enough for him weakly deepened strip foundation width of 20-30 cm and a height of about 40 cm

performance foundation technology:

  1. mark up the land on which the garage will be set..Completely cut off the soil to a depth of about half a meter.Align site, poured it with sand and tamped it, spilling the water.On the location of the viewing hole dug pit, its width should be greater than the width of the viewing hole a meter on each side.The bottom of the pit and leveled, covered with sand and tamp.
  2. on the plot with the close proximity of groundwater must also fulfill the drainage around the viewing hole and drainage pipes to bring in a natural pond, a drainage ditch or storm sewer pit.
  3. Perform marking strip foundation on the perimeter of the garage, as well as the layout of the walls of a viewing hole, using pegs and string.Spread a strip foundation of prefabricated concrete blocks, fastening them to the cement-sand mortar.The walls of the viewing hole and made of concrete blocks or bricks.After hardening of the cement slurry is performed waterproofing wall viewing hole on the outside with the help of bitumen mastic or roll materials, and after - backfill sand.

    Creating a sump in a garage

    Create vygebnoy pit garage

  4. garage floors and a viewing hole made of concrete.For this line the ground floor at the future, it is filled with sand to a level of 10 cm below the walls of the viewing hole.Gender viewing hole and covered with sand.Around the perimeter of the floor is fixed to the wall damper tape, it is necessary to avoid the floor deformation during temperature changes its size.Sand carefully ram, put him waterproofing layer so that it came on the foundation walls to a height of at least 15 cm. The waterproofing can be used as roofing material, durable plastic film or any other roll waterproofing.
  5. on waterproofing is laid reinforcing mesh with a pitch of 10-15 cm and then poured a concrete screed and leveled concrete rule.In concrete modifiers can be added, increasing its plasticity and gidrostoykost, for example, for penetrating waterproofing mixture, water glass or a polymer filler.screed drying time - about 3 weeks, it is not recommended to load it at this time.

    Performing concrete screed

    Performing concrete screed

structure erected walls and garage

frame can be made of a metal U-shaped profile, fastening its screws.To work needed on metal scissors, screwdriver, tape measure and the estimated amount of the U-shaped galvanized profile and self-tapping screws for metal.

  1. U-shaped profile is cut into pieces of desired size.Fold the frame on a flat surface of one side wall and fasten it.Vertical racks should be located so that the width of the sheet metal profile had three stands, that is approximately 50 cm to check the squareness angles compared diagonal frame -. They should be equal.Similarly collected and a second sidewall.
  2. rear frame wall form depends on the roof of the garage - if pent roof, the back wall will be in the form of a rectangle, and for the gable roof to a rectangular top wall must be attached gable.
  3. front wall consists of two parts: a rectangular frame for doors and pediment.Rack frames need to be strengthened by using two U-shaped profiles, inserted one in the other.
  4. woodwork is also made of a profile in the form of two rectangles of equal size, strapped diagonally ribs.
  5. Frame collected on finished basement by installing wall and fastened them to the screws.In addition, it is attached to the foundation with the help of parts, screws and dowels, nails.
  6. After hardening grout perform waterproofing wall viewing hole on the outside with the help of bitumen mastic or roll materials, and after - backfill sand.
  7. roof also perform profile gathering of his triangle shaped truss pairs.They need to further strengthen the slopes.The number of truss pairs is the number of vertical uprights on the side walls.Secure the roof frame on the screws.

    The process of assembling the frame garage

    assembly process frame garage

  8. The walls and roof are made of metal sheets.Begin to fix it on the front edge of one of the side walls and carry out trim on the same technology as in the construction of the garage of corrugated board.Covering of the gate is also made of corrugated sheet on prepared and set in place the gate.

    The process of plating metal sheets garage

    process plating garage Metalloprofil

Warming and interior garage

insulated garage is necessary in the event that you plan to use it as a workshop for small repairs, as well as in areas with severe winters for easy car starterin the winter time.As the insulation is mineral or rock wool in the form of mats.Mineral mats have high insulating properties, it is convenient to attach between the stands of the profile, in addition, they do not support combustion, which is important for the garage.

  1. mats Choose the desired thickness, usually 5 or 10 cm. Given the size of the mats, to secure the rack cross rails.
  2. Stack insulating mats in the spaces between the pillars, on top of the thermal insulation is secured parovlagoizolyatsionnuyu film.
  3. Furnish made of metal sheeting, securing them to the screws.
Inside the garage finishing of metal sheets

Finishing garage of metal sheets

This technology can also be constructed from lightweight corrugated garage without insulation and a viewing hole, it will cost much cheaper and quite suitable for a temporary parking lot at the cottage or country house in the summer.