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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a pool in the country

When you register at his dacha plot is necessary to provide the construction on it of a water body.The architectural composition of an object becomes more attractive with the presence in it of a body of water.Very well, when the site is located next to a natural body of water, but it does not matter when it is not.For information on how to make a pond in the country with their own hands, will be discussed in this article.

What are the different types of artificial ponds

holiday cottage A feature of the pond is that he is not only a decorative function, but also purely utilitarian.He has to collect a water not only from your site, but also with neighboring, not allowing it to flood the territory allotted for the garden and buildings.For this reason, naturally, that the location chosen for the pond is the lowest.After all, it is true, if a natural body of water.Any pond, though natural, though artificial, needs ennobling.To this end it clean and trim the shore rocks and greenery.

All artificial ponds at their summer cottage can be divided into two types: formal and ponds of free shapes.Formal ponds built originally for the right geometrical lines, without allowing any deviation from them.In most cases, such a pond located in the center portion and is its main element.It usually bred plants leaves which float on the water surface.Plant for the coastal zone is not always the case.More often, it spread a tile.In these large ponds, many even bred fish.A formal pond is suitable for any size plot and would be his decoration.

A formal pond decorated with dense vegetation

formal pond decorated with dense vegetation

Landscape style of the suburban area of ​​the pond suggests the device free shapes.The whole philosophy of this style is aimed at forming a unified landscape composition of architectural and decorative elements of the plot.Arbitrary coastline gives such ponds natural appearance.Planted around the plant to hide the origin of an artificial object.The place for such a solar pond and choose free of woody vegetation as fallen leaves should not fall into the water and contaminate it.

A large infinity pond in a natural depression in the terrain .

large infinity pond in a natural depression in the terrain.

pond Facilities in the country own hands

construction of any artificial reservoir is troublesome and tedious task.Difficulties begin already in the design phase and the choice of a suitable location.

Selecting a location for the construction of a reservoir in the summer cottage

Place in the pond must meet several mandatory requirements, the implementation of which depends on the overall impression from the reservoir:

  • It should be well-lit station, located in a valley.
  • place should not be open to all winds.Gusts can be harmful to aquatic plants.
  • near the coast should not be a big vegetation, as this will contaminate the water and swamped pond.In addition, the roots can break the artificial pond liner.

Very good it will look the pond, which is not far from home.If it can be seen from the windows, and the house is reflected in it, the overall picture will be more beautiful.

Choice size and type of reservoir

If we make the pond electricity, then it is possible to build a small waterfall or fountain by setting the pump.The territory near it can be lit lamps and lanterns of various kinds, which are romantically illuminate the water in the evenings.

Choice pond size depends on the preferences and financial possibilities of the hosts.The smallest allowable dimensions for the artificial pond - is 3.5 m2 and 0.5 m depth.Increasing the area of ​​more than 4.5 m2, the depth should be at least 45 cm. If you plan on breeding of fish in the pond, it is necessary to make a minimum depth of 60 cm.

If you decide to do the pond, which is geometrically correct form, it must turn over a stoneor tiles.If the pond free contours, the stones must be around him in a chaotic manner, creating the natural composition.

need for materials for the construction of the pond

By building a pond on their summer cottage, you need to remember that the term of its operation depends on the choice of materials.Cheap components do not allow the use of the construction of more than 10 to 15 years, and sturdy expensive materials ensure long-term use without any costs for the current repairs.

for pond construction, flexible insulating materials should be fine in landscape style.It can be any film for waterproofing.It is only necessary to be sufficiently strong and durable.Such a material would be quite unfit for the correct form of the reservoir.In this case it is better to acquire the form of plastic or fiberglass desired size.Ideal for any body of water suitable butyl rubber tires.It can be easily repaired in the event of minor damage.

film of polyvinyl chloride is also often used for the construction of ponds and other water bodies.Assuming the cost of insulating materials, the most expensive is the ceramic tile, and the cheapest, but the most unreliable - roofing with bitumen.The use of ceramic tile and surface waterproofing involves the installation of concrete preparation.Its cost will be very high.Therefore, for a budget option is better to choose soft modern materials, or buy ready-made form PVC.Important color and material choice.Darker colors give a natural body of water, and light make it more similar to a pool that is not the purpose of the pond.

Construction dug into the ground of the pond at the dacha

This type of reservoir includes excavation.The process is quite time-consuming.For a small pond, you can use a shovel and a wheelbarrow, but for a large area of ​​the reservoir will need an excavator and a truck.Do not throw away the top layer of fertile soil and turf, as they are an excellent fertilizer and will be useful in other areas of your site.Clay is necessary to take out in order not to dilute the mud.

Consider the construction of a small curvilinear pond on their own.For its construction will need: bayonet shovels and spades, cord and pegs, sand, the required amount of any waterproofing film material.It is better if the pond dimensions will allow to lay a film without joints.However, if this can not be avoided, it is necessary to take care of the acquisition of a special mastic to glue waterproofing.For the decoration of the reservoir you need to find or buy a sufficient quantity of stones and water plants.

site layout of produce with the help of ropes and pegs.According to receive the contour remove sod and remove the rope so as not to interfere.Then clean the turf and fertile soil layer to the entire area of ​​the resulting figure.Then make digging the pit.It needs to dig to a depth of at least 50 cm. The bottom line the pit and covered with a layer of sand 5 cm. Along the path on 30 cm. Free shore of turf.It is necessary for planting coastal vegetation.After that, the film is placed in a pit so that its edges lie on the banks and leave for a while.

After time, the film is pressed against the edge of cobblestones and begin to pour water from a hose.As the tension of the film stones removed.Under the weight of the water level off the material on the entire inner surface of the reservoir.Completely fill the pond with water is not necessary.It is necessary to leave the stock of 5 cm from the edges.The edges of the film is attached to the ground by special pins and buried the fertile layer of soil.

Placing the film in the pit for suburban pond

film laying in the pit for suburban pond

Around the perimeter of the pond spread stone, showing a maximum of imagination.Stones better cement grout, taking care to avoid falling into the water.The edges of the stones should hang slightly above the water.This will make the coast more rugged.Between the boulders can be planted riparian plants and in itself pond fish run, permitting its size and depth.

If i do not want to tinker with film or do you think that it is not sufficiently reliable, then you can buy ready-made plastic molds.Today they are sold in different sizes and configurations.You can even pour the bottom and walls of concrete and make it waterproof, but it is too time-consuming and expensive option.

Pond of finished plastic shapes , decorated with stones .

Pond of finished plastic shapes, decorated with stones.

Raised above ground pool at their summer cottage

Pond, which is located above the ground level is much easier to arrange, because they do not have anything to dig.In addition, it is easy to look after, it is safe for small children.At the same time, such a structure has its drawbacks: in the summer it is very fast the water is heated in the winter, it quickly freezes completely.However, these disadvantages can be avoided if in the winter just to drain the water, and in summer it is partially changed periodically.

Raised above ground pool at their summer cottage

Raised above ground pool at their summer cottage

For the construction of the reservoir above ground need to buy a plastic or fiberglass form.For her, it is necessary to prepare the foundation and impose stones or tiles on the sides.The ability to embed a form in a floor raised above ground terraces.You can even make your own shape, laying it out of brick, and at the bottom of arranging a concrete screed.Inside the resulting shapes are placed rubber butyl rubber or other waterproof materials.You can do without them, but in this case it is necessary to provide a reliable surface waterproofing bottom and sides.On the edge of the pond can be put figurines and vases with greenery, and in the water to settle lilies and other aquatic plants.

device mini-pond

not necessarily do on the site full-fledged large pond inhabited by fish and vegetation.Sometimes a small area is enough to build is not large in size pond.His presence it will also decorate the landscape.

To create the necessary large wooden tub or regular metal bath.Tubs inside waterproofing film, and its top is decorated on the outside in any way possible.Metal container does not require additional treatment, but still it is better to paint the bitumen paint.It will slow down corrosion and removes unwanted metallic luster.Capacity buried in the ground and is decorated with a composition of rocks and aquatic plants.

Pond from an old metal barrel

pond from an old metal barrel

If the show imagination, even on such a small pond you can build a waterfall with bubbling water.It is sufficient to install a small electric pump.

Some additional nuances with ponds

In order to keep the water in the pond was always fresh and not swamped, it must be periodically updated.To do this, you need to provide water supply and drainage system.everything is easy to the filing.She poured from a hose or tube is fed to the pond from the water supply.It should have a natural bias towards the pond as to prevent its freezing in the winter.The edge of the pipe need some lift above the water level so that it is not saturated with water plants.

device drainage system - a difficult task.The reservoirs constructed above ground level, the problem is solved by the spout with crane devices, leaving the lowermost portion of the bottom.To attach the hose pipe that is withdrawn at the required distance from the pond.It should be noted that the diameter of the drain pipe has to be two times greater than the feed.

If the pond is arranged in the ground, you need to take care of the plum in advance.To do this, even in the process of digging a trench excavation do away with a slope to the outside.At the end of the trench dig a hole depth of at least 2 m. The walls of the pit strengthen in any way possible.You can do it the old car tires.From pit to pit lay a hose or pipe.Subsequently, the pipe must be connected with the hole in the finished form of the pond.If the pond is done with the help of the film, it is necessary to consider the tight connection.Draining the water in this case is carried out by means of pulling the plug out of the drain pipe.There are also more complex circuits with the ability to purify water.

Complex technological scheme of water draining pond

complicated tech water discharging circuit from a pond

There is an easier way to drain the water from the pond, without the use of complicated and time-consuming drain systems.Simply put in the pond home vibration pump type "Malyshok" and pump out the water.Such pumps are not afraid of dirt and even suspended particles so they can be used without fear of damage.

Thus, anyone can pick up a variant of a pond near her house for the soul and the pocketbook.Make it as you can own, without the help of professionals.