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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

The analysis and treatment of water from the well : how to take samples and to purify water from impurities

Residents of the private sector and vacationers are almost always unable to connect to the central water supply system.This circumstance forces them to pursue their own household water.For this purpose, and digging wells is drilled.However, the reality is that clean-looking water from these objects may contain hazardous impurities health: heavy metals, iron, organic substances, emissions from industrial plants and even bacteria.In this regard, before using water from a well or borehole for food holding it requires complex analysis.This measure will avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of poisoning.Studies will determine the suitability of water for use.This article will look at what the analysis and treatment of water from the well: how to take samples and to purify water from impurities.

Preparation of water for analysis: the taking of samples

Conduct water analysis on various parameters make the staff of sanitary and epidemiological stations, which are in the jurisdiction of Rospotrebnadzor.They are not obliged to take samples in private wells, so this procedure is necessary to carry out on their own.This should be done for only just drilled wells, as well as the turbidity or the appearance of odor, sediment, foreign taste.Samples must be taken from the water source and in closed vessels to give to the lab for analysis.

should know that there are certain rules for taking water samples for analysis.If they are violated, the analysis will not be done, because it would be useless and you have to go back and repeat the whole procedure again.To test results were quite accurate, you must follow these rules:

  • draw water for analysis can be only in a glass or plastic bowl with a capacity of not more than 1.5 liters.
  • Do not use the containers in which there were carbonated beverages.The fact that they contain different colorants, and synthetic food additive which is not washed away even in boiling water.Traces of these substances distort test results.It may come from the packaging of mineral water and alcoholic beverages that do not contain dyes.
  • When sampling from the well, which has long been active, you need to open the tap and wait 10 - 15 minutes.This measure will provide an opportunity to flow across the stagnant water.This is especially true for truckers who only occasionally use running water.Stagnant water may contain particles of silt, sand, corrosive microparticles exfoliated from the metal tube and even bacteria.Therefore, subject to the fence and the water that flows from the well after washing the pipeline.
  • Tara sample double-washed with hot water and rinse with cold.Thus we take cold water from the well.In no case, the washing container can not be used cleaning chemicals, as it is quite clearly affect the results of the analyzes.
  • Set of water from the tap should be carried out at very low water pressure (it should trickle).Such a measure would not give the water oversaturated with oxygen.It is a catalyst for various chemical reactions, after which the water can be formed in a significant amount of their products.
  • bottle should be filled with water to the brim.Close it with a fuse is necessary so that the inside is not even air bubbles left, and outside he could not get there at all.
  • filled container is placed in a bag or a thick dark opaque package.Sunlight should not penetrate through the material, as also various causes chemical reaction in water.
  • best to take samples directly before sending them to the laboratory, preferably not more than 3 hours.If for some reason these conditions are not feasible, then the package with containers should be placed in a refrigerator where you can store up to 2 days.

is determined by the method of water purification from impurities is only after the results of the detailed analyzes, both chemical and biological.To conduct such analyzes must be once in two years, if next to the plot there is no industrial and agricultural enterprises.Otherwise, it is necessary to repeat the procedure every year.

Mainly for analysis in a laboratory the water delivered in plastic containers of mineral water or glass jars

mainly for analysis in a laboratory the water delivered in plastic containers of mineral water in glass jars or

it possible to test the water without analyzes?

It often happens that there is no required lab or you can not get to her in your area.In such cases, as a temporary measure, you can use non-instrumental methods of determining water quality.Make it possible for color, turbidity, taste and smell.The causes turbidity of water in the well a few.Clogged strainer allowing sand particles to fall into the water, creating a haze in the water.The same effect can be observed when using a vibration-type pump, whose work often destroys the casing wall or washes gravel package.Murk breeds bacteria breeding process, so be sure to get rid of it.

If there is in the water smell like rotten eggs to be alarmed.This is a sure sign of excess hydrogen sulfide.This happens in wetlands or near farms with poor wastewater treatment.In no case can not drink this water.However, very few people want to do it because of the bad smell.When poured into the vessel through the water for a while leaves yellow plaque on its walls, it is not that other, as an excess of iron.Rust flakes may fall to the bottom layer sufficiently thick.Such water reserves in the mouth taste metal.Its use in food is fraught with the accumulation in the body of iron oxide, which has a negative impact on the digestive system, liver and kidneys.

As for the taste of water, it must not include any extraneous shades.Water should not be sweetish or salty.In general, the taste should not be questioned as the water, and even more disgusted.

The cloudy water, clearly , can not drink , because its muddy color and mud sediment at the bottom of the report as a weak and insecure

muddy water, clearly, can not drink, because its muddy color and precipitate the mud at the bottom of reported low quality and insecurity

Simple but effective water treatment methods in the well

water purification process in the well directlyIt depends on the content of some substances it exceeds the maximum permissible limits.Below is a look at some ways in which cases the most effective use in the real world.

Methods of reducing the concentration of iron in the water

There are several different ways to iron removal of water in the home well.They are all based on the principle of accelerating the process of oxidation.Oxidation reactions facilitate the transition of iron in the ferric state.These compounds are insoluble in water, so the precipitate, which can quite easily be filtered using filters.

If your sink and utensils are constantly covered by a touch of rust in the water too high accumulation of iron

If your sink and dishes constantly covered with rust bloom, the water is too high accumulation of iron

To carry out such reactions are used filters with the inner surface covered with a special oxidizer.Iron contained in the water in contact with filter walls, is reacted with an oxidant and precipitates, which is simply deposited on the filter device layers.As the filter clogging its filtering ability is greatly reduced.Therefore, such filters require frequent replacement.Moreover, the more the content of iron in the water, the more need to change filters.

more effectively purify water from the metal impurities can be setup using reverse osmosis.It is a system of filters and semipermeable membrane.Contaminated water under pressure is forced through all of this device.As a result of your tap water will flow completely cleaned and all pollutants are simply dumped into the sewer system.In this system, there are no chemical oxidants, and the principle of osmosis membrane allows you to clean even highly polluted water with a high concentration of iron.The fact that such a membrane is able to pass through itself only water molecules that are smaller than the iron molecules.The only drawback of this setup is its fairly high price.

In a reverse osmosis are several types of filters and semi-permeable membrane through which the cells can leak only water molecules

The installation of reverse osmosis are several types of filters and semi-permeable membrane, through the cell which may be released only to water molecules

Eliminating odor of hydrogen sulfide

reverse osmosis system is good for purification from virtually any pollutant molecules which are more water molecules.However, it is absolutely useless to remove hydrogen sulfide from water.The reason is simple - hydrogen sulfide molecules are about the same size as that of the water.Therefore, the substance passes through the membrane without hindrance.The solution is quite simple - installing the carbon filter.As a result, carbon adsorption layers can neutralize the action of hydrogen sulfide and other gas contaminants.The charcoal filter is a very simple device, a replacement shall be subject only to internal carbon cartridge, which should be changed when they are dirty.

Cartridge with the active substance in the carbon filter can be easily replaced with fresh after accumulating inside the large amount of sediment

holder with the active substance in the carbon filter can be easily replaced with fresh after accumulating inside the large amount of sediment

destruction of biological contaminants: bacteria and viruses

great danger to human health are bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water.As well they are likely to get out of, because groundwater from the contain.Therefore, in case of detection of water in your biological contaminants, disinfection of wells to help.Do this by using active oxygen or chlorine ordinary.After disinfection measures on the water in the well must be thoroughly bled.In order to prevent bacteriological and viral contamination of water used its disinfection using ultraviolet lamps.Such devices can be immersed directly into the well with the required frequency.

If your water found several types of pollutants, or the presence of nitrates, salts, detergents, then water will need to install a reverse osmosis system with a carbon filter.Integrated treatment will effectively solve your problem.

To the water in the well was cleaned to perfection , you want to install on the whole water filter system , the task of each of which is to combat a specific problem

to the water in the well was cleaned to perfection, you want to install on the whole water filter system, the task of each of which is to combat a specific problem

Ingestion crystal clear water - the key to perfect health and longevity of people.Therefore, the issue of water treatment in the well of the various pollutants must be given special attention.This should be done after the complex chemical and bacteriological analyzes are carried out in specialized laboratories.The purification of water should be carried out only after the detection of a specific problem.Ways to do this, there are several.All are readily available for use in private households.