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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pyrolysis oven with his own hands - Building technology

efficient oven that does not require a constant load of firewood and copes with the task of heating the heating circuit - a dream?No, it's real.Pyrolysis oven performs all these functions, and it can be made with your own hands, and significantly save on the purchase of a furnace, and fuel.

Pyrolysis oven with his own hands

Pyrolysis oven with his own hands

The principle of operation of the furnace

Feature pyrolysis furnace - two successive combustion chambers.In the first chamber, which laid the wood and other solid fuels, there is a slow decay with a lack of oxygen, whereby the two components are formed: coke or coal and pyrolysis gas, which gave the title of the stove.

Pyrolysis gas under the influence of natural or forced draft falls into the second chamber, there is forced air.Mixture with oxygen gas wood-burning with high emissivity, which greatly improves the efficiency of the furnace.Carbon monoxide CO contained in the smoke, completely oxidized to CO 2, thus significantly reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.coal or coke remaining in the first chamber and burning down, gradually giving heat through the outer wall of the furnace.The combination of all of these processes provides a very high efficiency of heat transfer and pyrolysis furnace to 95%, which is close to the gas and electric boilers.

Driving pyrolysis furnace

scheme pyrolysis furnace

important condition for efficient operation of the pyrolysis furnace is fuel moisture.When burning wood wood raw gas is mixed with steam and leaves in the form of smoke, combustion gas occurs in the second chamber.efficiency of the furnace is reduced, and it turns an ordinary stove.At least 3/4 of the total volume of fuel must be dry wood or pellets with a moisture content of not more than 15%.Humidity of wood can be identified by the sound: dry logs emit a sonorous when tapped and clean zvuk.Pellety sold dried, their moisture content does not exceed 10%.

to the dry wood, you can add any combustible debris or waste and woody debris, branches, sawdust.Due to complete combustion smoke from the pyrolysis furnace is almost colorless, has a pungent smell and does not pollute the atmosphere.

device pyrolysis furnace or boiler

difference pyrolysis boiler from pyrolysis furnace is very conditional: they differ in capacity, as well as the way teplootvedeniya.In the pyrolysis furnace process in the second chamber is the temperature rises to 800 ° C, and no device discharging the heat of the furnace wall so quickly burn through.Therefore, Pyrolysis boilers intended for hot water heating systems, usually made of heat-resistant steel and "dress" them in the water jacket - tank mounted on the walls of the boiler and passed through a water.The water in this case plays a role not only of coolant, and radiator coolant and discharging heat boiler.

furnaces, unlike the boilers are usually not connected to the water heating - they heat the air in the room by heating the walls of the furnace itself.To improve heat transfer conditions pyrolysis furnace lined with fireclay bricks inside and the outside of the conventional refractory obkladyvayut.This oven heats up a little longer, but it evenly distributes heat, and provides a more balanced fuel combustion mode.

device of the combustion chambers in the pyrolysis furnace and boiler different sizes and configurations depending on the capacity.The first chamber in which lay the wood and other fuels, must be equipped with a valve that regulates the air supply.Afterburner in various models of furnaces located in various ways: in the boilers with the blowing rod is located under the combustion chamber and separated from it grate in small furnaces, it can be performed from above and behind, with the pyrolysis gas will flow into the combustion chamber under theexposure to natural draft.The combustion chamber must also be equipped with a separate choke.

manufacturing technology piroliznogokotla

To produce a powerful boiler needed skills grinder and welding machine, as well as the ability to understand the drawings and accurate measuring tool.Drawing pyrolysis boiler shown in Fig.The following table shows the dimensions corresponding to the boilers of different capacities.

Drawing pyrolysis boiler

drawing pyrolysis boiler

Description of the elements

Description elements

With self-manufacturing of boiler capacity above 25 kW is recommended to strictly adhere to the size and drawing, otherwise the boiler can not be called safe.

size table


to manufacture the boiler wall is better to use heat-resistant steel, in this case, the boiler will be considerably longer.If there is no heat-resistant steel, it is possible to make the boiler body from normal structural steel 8 mm, and be sure to perform inside the boiler chamber fireclay brick lining.

Assembly sequence:

  1. of sheet steel is performed to the boiler.Bulgarians are cut from a sheet metal part of the boiler, in the walls of the hole cut out for the loading door and ash door, as well as all the openings for pipes and smoke exhaust.It is very important to accurately observe the dimensions specified in the drawing.We clean the edges and connect parts with welding apparatus operating at a constant current.Sutures are cleaned from scale and polish.
  2. welded pipes, checking the joints for leaks.Operate an internal heat exchanger assembly for shielding the rear wall of a boiler tube of corresponding diameter, to check for leaks exchanger pressurized by the compressor, whereupon the rear wall of the heat resistant steel chamber.
  3. Perform installation of partitions separating the gasification chamber and the combustion gas.Between them establish a cast-iron grate.The upper part of the gasification chamber is performed with the air supply duct damper.The lower chamber was also equipped with air duct and lined with fireclay brick from the bottom and sides.
  4. Produce door of heat-resistant steel, metal reinforcing their area so as to provide maximum tightness.The door of the combustion chamber and the ash hung on hinges and equipped with locking handles.Doors should fit tightly and without gaps.
  5. boiler installed in non-residential premises on a flat concrete or brick surface.Join the boiler chimney "sandwich" or just a pipe insulated with mineral non-combustible insulation.Is connected to the boiler water circuit.Install smoke pump.To the boiler is in automatic mode, an additional set of temperature controller with sensors controlling the opening of the air damper and air supply and exhaust fan.

pyrolysis furnace manufacturing technology of low power

boiler capacity of 25 kW required for large homes or other buildings with an area of ​​at least 200 meters.For heating the garage, greenhouse or garden houses is enough to build a pyrolysis oven, air-cooled.It is also made of sheet metal, but its construction is much simpler:

  • eliminates the need for smoke exhaust when combustion gas positioned above the gasification chamber, that is to use natural draft.
  • furnace is not connected to the heating system.
  • oven turns out not automated and requires periodic inspection and adjustment of combustion mode.

the following conditions must be observed: the air flow into the gasification chamber should be limited and regulated valve, and gas combustion chamber to be arranged in a duct supplying sufficient combustion of fresh air.

The structure of the inside of the furnace

furnace structure inside

Making simple pyrolysis furnace:

  1. of heat resistant steel welded furnace body with holes for combustion chamber door and ash door.A combustion chamber directly above the ash pan and separated from his cast-iron grate.Regulation of air into the combustion chamber by means of the ash door.
  2. gas combustion chamber is arranged above the combustion chamber and separated therefrom razor - heat resistant steel plate.The camera must be equipped with air duct damper.To exclude the ingress of fresh air into the firebox opening for the passage of the pyrolysis gases have as far as possible from the air supply channel.
  3. doors of the furnace and the ash is made of metal, reinforced area, you can also use ready-made cast-iron door, bought in a store.They are sure to be equipped with shut-off hand.
  4. Both cameras inside spread fireclay brick - it will prevent the iron from fast burning, as well as improve the conditions of heat distribution.If the furnace is located in the house, it is possible to impose its bricks and on the outside - so you eliminate the likelihood of burns.
  5. The chimney damper is set to be able to traction control.The chimney is made of a heat-insulated pipes, it increases safety.Furthermore, a sharp temperature drop at the inner surface of the non-insulated pipe is formed condensate which contains substances which promote degradation of the metal.

pyrolysis furnace or boiler, hand made, may not reach the level of efficiency of similar units declared by the manufacturer of industrial production.But heat transfer from them will be much higher than that of conventional wood burning stoves, and their production costs are much lower.Pyrolysis plants are environmentally friendly and allow, in addition to its primary purpose, to successfully burn garbage and waste wood.

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