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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

German Gas wall boilers

German Gas wall boilers proved itself as a reliable and economical solution to heating problems.They are compact, modern design and high functionality, allowing you to select a gas boiler for any conditions.

German Gas wall boilers

German Gas wall boilers

Forms and possibilities of wall-hung boilers

By functionality boilers can be divided into:

  • Single-feeding the heating system;
  • dual circuit, supply heating and hot water supply.

By Embodiment:

  • Open type, with natural draft.Good ventilation is required and connection to the chimney to remove the products of combustion;
  • With closed combustion chamber - used forced draft.They can be installed in any home or apartment.Fence and disposal of gases occurs through the coaxial flue.

On efficiency and completeness of the use of gas boilers are:

  • Traditional utilizing combustion heat;
  • Condensation using additional heat of condensation of vapor in the system.

boilers Automation enables start-up and shutdown under specified conditions, and disconnection in emergency conditions.

device is wall-mounted gas boilers

German gas boilers wall type produced in steel.The boiler includes the following elements:

  • burner gas fittings, reception and flaring;
  • primary heat exchanger, steel or copper, through which the heated coolant flowing in the heating circuit;
  • circulation pump - it is responsible for the forced flow of coolant in the system;
  • expansion tank needed to compensate for the expansion of the coolant;
  • automation unit;
  • Double-circuit models are also provided with loop for heating hot water.
German gas boilers

German gas boilers

Depending on the model chosen boilers may have additional features.

Gas boilers Vaillant

have high efficiency and low gas consumption due to the use of modeling burner.Vaillant boiler power represented in the range of 12 to 36 kW.In execution Vaillant boilers are mean standard type (Pro) and upgraded (Pius) As a method of removing gases are divided into two series: «atmo» - a natural challenge, and «turbo» - forced.Modifications to the label (VUW) have a two-circuit performance, single-circuit model with indirect DHW cylinder are indicated as (VU).

Vaillant boilers

boilers Vaillant

Gas boilers Bosch

is compact and maximum ease of installation and management.The most widely used boilers with the closed chamber combustion and proprietary set of chimneys series AZ, allowing Bosch to install boilers in apartments and homes without smoke removal system.

Gas boilers Viessmann

has a wide power range, an attractive design, compact and with a very low price.Another distinctive feature of the Viessmann boilers is their versatility and the ability to run on both natural and liquefied gas.In addition, these boilers automatic control makes it easy to vary the modes and set Viessmann boilers in remote and logic control systems.

boilers Viessmann

Boilers Viessmann

Gas boilers Wolf

main difference - the ultimate ease of operation and high capacity - up to 100 kW.condensing boilers are economical, and the scheme of automation and sophisticated control algorithms can maintain a stable microclimate for each room individually.