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August 12, 2017 18:06

Insulate a loggia with their hands

Insulate a loggia with their hands

In this article, we will review at a very keen interest in many people's housing problem - warming balconies with their hands.

It often happens that a square meter in the apartment is not enough, it is especially important in older homes.

Therefore, it is wise to use every corner of the apartment comfortably and correctly.

For most people, a loggia is a large trunk, which holds that we do not need right now, but someday will definitely need.

But there is a more efficient solution to this problem: it is better to convert the loggia in another room, which the destination can be the most diverse: from children's bedrooms to the operating room.

And in order that there could comfortably spend time, regardless of the time of year, and need to know how to warm a loggia inside and out.


First you need to understand what it isrepresents.

Loggia is different from the balcony that is unheated room, open with one, two or three sides, which replaces the arch wall.This modified

balcony, usually fabricated house usually built into a wall and having right and left walls.

If you decide to turn your loggia in another room in the house, but do not know where to start, and you are not afraid of the myths about the great expense and complexity of the process, in this article we will explain and describe the whole process of how to insulate a loggia.

we also dispel all the myths and give instructions from "A" to "Z".

If loggia place for you accumulation of trash, the insulation and the inside there is not required.But if you're reading this, it means you've decided to insulate a loggia with their own hands.

In addition, if you are living with windows facing the highway, the warming of the loggia will help to significantly reduce noise, dust and exhaust fumes.


  • Preparatory work
  • Glazing loggia
  • Choosing insulating material
  • insulated floor
    • Winterizing floor mineral wool
    • Winterizing floor foam
    • Winterizing floor keramzit
    • Winterizing floor Penoplex
  • Warming ceiling
  • wall insulation

Preparatory work

Parapet, outside the fence loggia it requires the most careful insulation inside.

is directly contacted with the street and for simultaneous passage of light and protection from dust, noise, cold and moisture.


The panel type parapet houses usually a reinforced concrete structure, in this case it is better to lay the insulation inside the large gap masonry and small concreted.

But unnecessarily burden the design does not need from the inside.

If a metal fence or does not match the level of the upper overlap, then before the insulation is better to make laying brick or porous building blocks on the side walls.

exterior side for aesthetics and additional insulation can be finished with plastic or decorative panels.

Regarding tools for thermal insulation in the building you need to prepare:

  • punch;
  • jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • building knife;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • building gun foam;
  • ladder.

Glazing loggia

As described above, a loggia, in contrast to the balconies, the room is not insulated, and if you plan to full use at any time of the year or to make her living room, you need to know where to begin toglaze room.

On the topic of glazing is possible to write a single large article, in short it is important to say that this work should be trusted only to professionals.

And once you decide to make insulation, it is necessary to establish the profile of finishing accessories.


Overhead panels profile - closed plastic aluminum or wood special profile of different sizes.

Overhead panels profile is set mainly on the top and sides of the loggia.

it is necessary to ensure that the new wall after the completion of finishing works bordered on the transoms, not encountered on the glass, as well as to not interfere with insulated ceiling opening flaps.

Choosing insulating material

To date, the most common materials for insulation balconies are:

Pefonol - is the latest generation of multi-layer material it is made of plastic foam and aluminum foil, coated on one or both sides.

He showed himself to be an excellent material for thermal, hydro and sound insulation.Thermal insulation of loggia penofolom used in conjunction with Penoplex.

Foam - this type of material has been widely used in construction for a long time.

Until now, he is very popular due to its low price.

is produced in the form of plates with a thickness of 2-10 cm.

Penoplex - is extruded polystyrene foam, which is produced by extrusion of general purpose polystyrene.

teplosohranyayuschimi has good performance, lightweight and very easy to use.

But the price category is higher than others, but the quality of the material on top.Produced in sheets 2, 3 and 5 centimeters thick.

Mineral wool - Sponge building material in appearance resembles conventional cotton.


Produce it from basalt fiber or glass fiber, which passes path remelting, exhaust, cooling and crushing.

It is moisture resistant, has teplosohranyayuschimi properties.

It is inconvenient to work, barbed.Produced in the form of rolls and sheets, both options are ideal for warming.

The advantage of this material is the ability to get into any gap.

insulated floor

Floor Warming also can be made with different materials, consider the most popular.

mineral wool Insulation of floor

mineral wool Laying begins after the first waterproofing layer is laid, as it simple roofing fit perfectly.

It is spread over the entire area loggia room, laid overlapped joints, then placed on the floor sheathing, which is fixed to the floor with self-tapping screws.

space between the roofing material and the crate is filled with mineral wool, rock wool if the thickness is small, it fits into several layers.

Next you need to lay a vapor barrier, as shown in the photo.

Vapor loggia

It can act as any convenient material, even the most ordinary polyethylene film is suitable for this purpose.

Winterizing floor foam

for identical procedure laid foam, it belongs to the category of the most familiar and used building materials.

This affordable and high-quality insulation has a lot of positive feedback.

If finishing the loggia floor involves laying floor tiles, porcelain tiles or stone, then on the floor insulation foam technology changes.

First we need to make a cement screed for leveling the floor surface.


After that, the dry screed is put roofing felt on top of it is placed foam, which is covered with plastic wrap.

After these stages the cake is laying a thin screed again, which fits decorated with tile, stone, even on such a floor can be installed as linoleum and parquet.

Winterizing floor keramzit

Perhaps the easiest way of warming the floor - it's filling with expanded clay.It has excellent thermal insulation properties.

It is lightweight, durable enough, quite inexpensive for its use do not need training, it is filled evenly on the surface of the floor.

Leveling the floor in such a way only possible with a batten between the rails which will be bombarded with a layer of expanded clay.

Winterizing floor Penoplex

most modern material in the construction market - is penoplex.

loggia Winterizing Penoplex requires laying on a flat, clean surface, penoplex fastened by means of special self-tapping screws directly to the base floor.

Driving insulation Penoplex

For each board requires two self-tapping screws, they are installed in the through holes resembling, for a better understanding see the photo.

Connection plates going through the lock tongue and groove type.

Warming ceiling

Before starting the installation work on the ceiling insulation is important to ensure that it does not leak inside.

Inspect the ceiling for cracks and leaks, moisture will necessarily lead to the formation of mold and mildew appearance.

If any show up inside, zapente them with foam.

Then you need to handle the ceiling waterproofing material.


Waterproofing to be installed on the crate or lags.

main variants of warming produced the above materials:

  • mineral wool;
  • foam;
  • penofolom;
  • Penoplex.

After laying the insulation, the ceiling must be protected layer paroizolyatora.Installation of insulation on the ceiling does not differ in technique from the floor mount.

Look at this video, above instructions on warming of the ceiling.

Wall insulation

It is best to carry out insulation loggia Penoplex.

technology warming loggia Penoplex already been presented above us, for the walls, it is slightly different from the ceiling and floor.


First of all it is necessary to insulate the walls bordering the street.It is also necessary to carry out insulation outside the house on that below.

For a start it is important to produce waterproofing, as izolyanta recommended to use penofol.

Outside penofol harbor insulating panels according to the principle described above.

outside with street parties around the perimeter with dowels secure the insulator.

Over it fits waterproofing, as that is usually the film.

film placed outside plaster grid, t. To. Plaster on tape does not lie.

After that, plastered on the outside loggia, using the steep cement-sand mortar.

Whenever the important safety instructions, especially when the outside work at height.It is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Upon completion of all the installation of thermal insulation works, you need to add an additional source of heat.


What would it be: floor heating, air conditioning or heat sink, select the options you have.

This, of course, not all the options on how to insulate a loggia, but it is precisely the most simple and affordable way.

Follow him exactly, step by step video guide will help you with this.

And then your loggia become a place that you so long lacked.