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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a layout for the foundation ?

How to make a layout for the foundation ?

think how to do layout for the foundation?

Our tips will help you cope with this task.

During the construction of the economic structure or residential house need to ensure that it was founded on the plan.

Foundation - a building support, as well as the transition element between the planes of the box structure and the ground.

The correct marking and laying the foundation of precision marking the walls of the future building depends largely.

first step is to pinpoint the boundaries and ownership mark the "red line" construction.Pre-plan layout with rough placement of septic tanks and sewage system.

At this stage, all required site plan where the construction will take place.

Fixing the border area, define the place of construction of accommodation and its orientation.

It should take into account the location of the driveway and the street, the position of the neighboring houses, the location of a stream or pond on the site, etc.

In areas with a long cord, denote the contour of the future foundation.We determine the starting point and set it in the cord.

From this point of postponing a right angle and the horizontal plane - this is the basis of the foundation layout.

note the length of the wall built in the future, once again postpone the right angle, and further, hammering pegs, consistently note all the corners of the foundation.

Some people ask how to make a layout for the foundation, if going to make a foundation with a basement.To this end, the length of the pit should be on 1.5 m more than the parties themselves of the foundation.

Once done the layout of the pit, back 1.5 m inside the scribe line, and lime to mark the outline of the foundation of the excavator.

After excavation excavator ground - flat construction angles marking may be a little broken.

In this case, the outside of the pit, set a few pegs in the 3.0-3.5 m to endure them for the foundation dimensions.


The plan - note the distance from each auxiliary peg to the corner of the house.It pegs tie ribbons of bright color (red or orange) to the excavator could see them.

When excavating soil sample, you must observe the depth of the excavation project.Suppose that the operator-guided excavator to work within a designated perimeter, highlighted colored ribbons.

Once the primer is completely choose from the pit, can be made by you made markings laying the foundation.