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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of the sauna in the apartment with his hands

Installation of the sauna in the apartment with his hands

Not long ago, a sauna in the apartment was considered something incredible, but modern building technology can enable a lot.

Most urban dwellers love to bathe in a bath, but it is not always enough time, so a great option is to build a sauna in the apartment directly.

All work can be done by hand or hire a specialist.

There are many variations of sauna devices, so everyone can choose the most suitable option, based on their preferences and abilities.


  • Types
  • sauna place to accommodate the sauna
  • Installation work
  • sauna facilities

saunas Types

following types of saunas can be installed in the apartment: the mini-sauna, infrared and Finnish.

Mini sauna is distinguished by its compact size.This may be a cedar barrel or built cabin with a steam generator.Steam cabin is equipped with a seating area.

Mini-saunas can be built with a shower, for example, as in the photo.Sauna with shower - the best option for small premises, as it takes no more than 1 sq.m area.

Also, installation of mini-design is easy to make your own hands.The power of the heating element is not more than 2 kW and operating structure of the network 220.

Set mini-bath consists of a thermometer, integrated control panel, and some models have an automatic spraying aromatic liquid.

warm temperature reaches 50-80 ° C and humidity at the guy is not more than 30%.Warming up the mini-system in 20 minutes.

exterior design are paired, equipped with mini-doors and seating.Mini sauna is shown in the photo.


infrared sauna differs special infrared heater.

For comparison, conventional steam heated air, hot up to 100 ° C, and warm skin depth of 5 mm, and an infrared sauna heats the skin by 4 cm at 60 ° C.

This sauna is less energy intensive, so it is not necessary to warm the air in the steam room, as all the heat is directed to the person.

minimum thermal effect allows the use of a steam room for the prevention of certain diseases in children, the elderly and those suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In conventional steam secreted sweat is composed of 95% water and 5% of the solid particles of fat, toxins, toxins.In the infrared sauna sweat it consists of 80% water and 20% solids.

oven with infrared heater is represented in the photo.


Finnish sauna is often installed in large rooms, because at the same time is able to accommodate several people.Finnish steam bath can be purchased ready-made design or made with their own hands.

This sauna can be equipped with a shower.The Finnish sauna is characterized by dry air, humidity is not more than 25%, and the temperature does not exceed 110 ° C.So stay in that room much easier tolerated.

Finnish sauna is represented in the photo.


place to accommodate the sauna

Construction of steam begins with the choice of location.When selecting recommended that the sauna in the apartment was tied to four or even to three walls.

In a pinch, you can use a bearing wall.If the bearing wall facing the street, in the cold season will produce condensation, so the room between the wall and the wall structure you need to leave a space for ventilation.

The most common bath is located in the bathroom, of course, if it allows the size of a bathtub.

advantages placement in the bathroom is that the sauna can be placed on the already finished tile floor.

heated air will go into the bathroom, so the ventilation device is not required.Often the connection is a bathroom with a corridor.

also to increase the space in the bathroom are installing the shower instead of a bath.It must be borne in mind that re-planning of the bathroom needs to be signed.

Build sauna can be in the pantry and in the balcony on the condition of the infrared heating.In the living room accommodation sauna prohibited.Having defined the place, you can proceed to construction.

Installation work

If the idea to create the sauna, the question inevitably arises: how to make the sauna in the apartment?Consider, as a Finnish sauna is built.

saunas Construction begins with the preparation of materials:

  • pine paneling for covering;
  • board lounges;
  • fireproof floor tiles;
  • reflective foil;
  • mineral wool;
  • flame retardant cable;
  • primer;
  • electric;
  • door of heat-resistant glass.

Construction begins with the cleansing of the walls in the bathroom, that is, you need to remove the old coating to the concrete base.Before the erection of the walls is necessary to prepare the ground.

for this can be laid on the floor boards or tiles.Then you need to run a cable.The cable disposed in the metallic sleeve fits with the outer side of the frame.

Now consider how to build the frame.

to frame you must first determine the size of the sauna.The dimensions are selected in its sole discretion, but the optimal size for an adult is considered to be a sauna 2h0,7 m.

The framework for the sauna

Then, according to the size of the timber is made frame.Concrete walls need to handle and attach disinfectant frame thereto.Prefab bars should be well pressed against the wall and fasten on five levels.

first level at a height of 3 cm from the floor, the second - 60 cm, the third - 1 m. The fifth level is 5 cm from the ceiling, and the fourth - exactly in the middle between the third and fifth levels.

Now you need to put on the frame layer of insulation, such as mineral wool and mineral wool is covered from top to heat reflecting foil.The frame is fixed and to make a hole through the insulation.

frame Production ceiling can be made of wide boards with a pitch of 70 cm. The ceiling is also necessary to insulate the mineral wool layer 2-3.

around supply and exhaust ventilation openings need to make the frame of the timber.

now performed sheathing.The ideal option for cladding is wood: linden, aspen, abachi.Select the one you need to breed wood, mixing is not recommended.

The next step is to install the oven.Recommended electric furnace from the manufacturer, not made with his own hands.

Scandinavian manufacturers produce high-quality products, so we recommend installing the Scandinavian stoves.

electric oven provides maximum security, requires no fuel and the chimney, and quickly heats the sauna.It is best to install the furnace of small capacity, which is enough network of 220 V.


sauna facilities

installing the oven, you can proceed to the sauna equipment, that is, you need to install beds, bench seating, lamps.Prop

for sunbeds should be fixed on three walls, but if necessary, it is necessary to set the vertical support, with emphasis on the floor.

loungers flooring planks width of not less than 80 cm and a thickness of not less than 2 cm Stacked boards in two rows:. In the longitudinal and transverse directions.

loungers width must be at least 70 cm, bench seating can be with a smaller width.

If a Finnish sauna involves the installation of a shower enclosure, then for good connection, you can hire a specialist.

Construction completed installation of the door of heat-resistant glass, which should open outwards.Locks on the doors must be absent.Mounted on the door silicone sealant.

now in a far corner of the furnace needs to be done ventilation.And at the end you need to install light fixtures.

Building sauna in the apartment can be done another way, for which you need the pieces of wood with a cross section 40x60 cm, aspen and pine siding, sheathing board, wood for the deck chairs.

first of the U-shaped profiles to assemble the frame and fasten with screws.Horizontal position is necessary to check the level of the building.

Then, based on the need to establish a panel and fasten them with screws.The upper part of the panel that serve as walls, connected by steel corners.

From the outside walls are sheathed clapboard, and on the inside - it is attached to the insulation and sheathing board on it.Then, the walls need to attach the supporting rods, which are installed beds.

Construction completed the installation of the furnace, installation of ventilation and doors.Finished versions of saunas can be viewed on the submitted photos.


Sauna in the apartment with his hands in the modern worldIt is a real opportunity for every city dweller.