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August 12, 2017 18:06

Types of wall panels for kitchen

Types of wall panels for kitchen

wall panels for kitchen - a good alternative to ceramic tiles.

Variety ceramic impresses with its splendor, but the installation of such a finish requires a lot of time and nerves.

To put the tiles have to pre-align the base surface, and when laying customized fragile products under the desired size.

As a result, an inexperienced master may take about a week to put their hands kitchen apron.

If we compare with ceramic tile wall panels in terms of strength, the second type of finish is not inferior to their own qualities of ceramics.

life both materials service is equally great, but unlike wall products, the tiles can not be removed and re-attached.

course, do not have to choose a minimum budget.

But when you consider that with tile kitchen wall will only be able to decorate a typical decoration, as decorative inserts are expensive, then add to the cost price of its placement, is not it better to give preference to decorative walling materials and perform their installation with their own hands?

Moreover, they offer a wide range of wall panels in various price categories in the construction market.

For example, without limitation, the design can be inexpensive and practical to do decorative PVC panel.
Note the photo - such beauty can be in your kitchen.



  • Benefits kitchen decoration wall panels
  • Wall plastic panels - Economy option for kitchen
  • wall panels made of MDF kitchen
  • wall panels made of tempered glass
  • wall panels "Skinali" with photo printing
  • kitchen Decorating a brick

Benefits kitchen decoration wall panels

kitchen Decorating with wall panels allow to fundamentally change the designpremises.

original drawings, color schemes and products used in the manufacture of different material - gives the opportunity to buy panels for any style of kitchen interior.

finishes Choosing kitchen walls facilitates the availability of catalog sales point from which you can choose the option you want, directly from the counter.

Thanks to the rich assortment and ease of installation of panels, kitchen space can not only be easily divided into zones, and set decoration accents, trimmed apron and other food places.To maintain cleanliness

wall panel is not complicated, quite a few times a month finishing wet wipe cloth using any detergent but without abrasives if necessary.

If one of the panels for any reason, is deformed, it can be installed in its place the new element.

Other details the advantages of using such a finish for the kitchen will be discussed later in the article, because each type of panel has its own unique features, different structure and installation technology.

their existing diversity can be considered at the proposed photo.


Wall plastic panels - Economy option for kitchen

Wall PVC panels for finishing dishes - a common and inexpensive option.

plastic panels may have a surface with any pattern, their application allows you to perform the wall for ceramic tiles, natural stone or brick.

Kitchen Design original looks through PVC finish.

Demand for plastic sheet panels has grown thanks to product usability.

Moisture resistant plastic is easy to care for, is endowed with the property of withstanding high temperature, but within reasonable limits, so it is sometimes mounted in an apron.

Adjustment of wall panels PVC with their hands is carried out on the pre-mounted wooden frame, fixing PVC products is carried out by special items.


Availability batten for mounting PVC wall elements makes it possible to hide a plastic communication and electrical wiring.

Waterproof plastic panels are easily washed with soap and water and a soft sponge.Thanks to this simple maintenance, decorative laminate in the kitchen can last about 10 years.

Wall panel MDF kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, that the MDF panels, in addition to a smooth texture and a monotonous pattern under the timber can not replicate the texture of any material, it should be noted that this is not so.

To date, the construction market offers a wide range of models of finishing MDF, which differ not only the size but also the colors.

Decorating kitchen walls with the use of MDF can be carried out under the tiles, be individual decorative patterns, or vice versa - to attract the attention of a single picture.

In addition, the manufacturer tried to meet the demands of lovers of natural beauty, releasing a sheet of MDF panels with imitation wood and marble.

As regards invoices MDF products, it may have not only a standard smoothness, but to create a feeling that the walls are covered with a cloth.

usually with wall panels for kitchen manufacturer offers aprons and countertops.

Table top optionally fully be combined with the decor or the color of the apron, it is possible to choose the interior to your taste, based on their needs.

worktop can be laminated or wooden.Better course, if the kitchen countertop is made of tempered glass, in which case it will last longer than their counterparts.

Particularly noteworthy are moisture resistant MDF acrylic panel.

As can be seen from the photo, the outer coating product recalls enamel layer, but unlike him, acrylic surfaces have a longer service life and a high usability.

Acrylic Panel

Besides acrylic wall panels are highly resistant to mechanical stress and moisture.

Attach sheet MDF panels on the walls can be achieved by the use of screws, SCREW and flitches.

If the base wall has a perfectly flat surface, and the sheet materials neatly sawed, the connecting strap is not used, the installation is done by panels podbivaniya elements close to each other.

Wall panels made of tempered glass

glass wall panels for kitchen are expensive finishing materials, in spite of this, the glass finish is in great demand in various segments of the population.

Buying glass wall panels for the kitchen, they can be used to carry out finishing not only walls, but also solve the problem facing the working areas.

example, the glass panels are ideal to place your kitchen apron, as in the photo.


Typically, aprons for kitchen essential,to protect the surface of the walls, close to the work area, from absorbing moisture and fat spatters.

Apron tempered glass better than other decorative materials to cope with the task.

Install glass apron can be in the form of a monolithic panel mount or perform its parts with butt joints.

Before you order and purchase glass apron for the kitchen, and then seamlessly perform its installation, it is necessary to take into account that the panel should have mounting holes and sockets or switches.

own hands to do additional holes in tempered glass will be impossible, apron, probably just damaged.


When planning a glass kitchen design is left unattended countertop.Its surface can also be made of glass, decorated with photo printing.

countertop, thanks to seasoned in the production process the material meets the safety requirements, is stable and reliable.

Unlike wood, glass top has a light weight, and even allows you to visually lighten the space.

This countertop can have legs and podstole made of different materials (plastic, metal or wood), which allows it to fit into the interior, designed in a particular style.

Wall panels "Skinali" with photo printing

glass panels with photo printing, made with the help of special equipment, called "skinali".

tempered glass design photo printing technology, provides a realistic drawing of the image quality due to color shades and natural brightness.

What patterns applied to the glass - the customer chooses.Images may appear as vague abstraction, represent landscapes and still lifes.

addition to a large number of variants of design and decor, when ordering skinali can count on the appropriate trim sizes for kitchen walls.


The maximum length of fabric with photo printing canis about 3 meters.

skinali Installation is easily done with their own hands - mounting webs is carried out using liquid nails.

Secure glass pane at the right place and you can use the specially designed brackets.

Installation of illumination and other decorative elements allows for ready-surface high decorative quality, as proposed below photo.

Kitchen Decorating a brick

Kitchen wall panels imitating brick, this is the option, when there is a desire to give a special status to the room.

Decorating the walls under a brick would not require the use of special construction tools.Decorative panels for brick, as well as under the tile, it is easy to mount on the wall with his hands in the selected direction.

By finishing the kitchen walls a brick, you can divide the space into zones.Visually separate the functional part of the kitchen and dining.

by Brick wall products can become a kind of decoration of the kitchen apron.Look at the photo, that's how this finish will look in the kitchen.

Wall panels under a brick

more original space to add a brick wall panels, window framing.In any case, such an unusual decoration will be interesting to look surrounded by modern appliances.

As a material for the production of decorative wall panels imitation brick, commonly used PVC and MDF products.

first are resistant to moisture and a good indicator of the strength, the second - perfectly perform not only aesthetic functions but also carry heat and sound insulation properties.

disadvantages of both materials is little resistance to mechanical stress, resulting in the finish may form dents, scratches or cracks.