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August 12, 2017 18:06

The drawings and the decorative device stairs to the garden

The drawings and the decorative device stairs to the garden

Decorative mill can become an original ornament of any garden site, complement the style and the interior of the house.

Make a decorative windmill with your hands is not too difficult, and it can not fail to please those who do not like to spend extra money, but wants to make its attractive and cozy cottage.

From the article, you'll learn how to make a decorative windmill, get photos and drawings milestones.

advice will be given in the second part of the article about how to place the mill in the area, originally write it in the garden or the interior garden, as well as any additional artifacts to use to create a site unique style.


  • How to make the design?
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Finishing construction and design

How to make the design?

First of all, you need to decide on the appointment of the mill, it can be wind or water.

But in any case, no matter what option you choose, you need dimensional drawings and examples of designs - you can see them on the photo.


Once you've decided on the appearance and size of the mill, you can begin to assemble the frame - the main element of the mill.

To make the frame, you will need six boards of the same size: they need to be arranged in a trapezoid shape, as you can see in the photo.


edges of the boards need to be cut, following the inclination angle45 degrees - so you get something like a small ditch in the form of a cone.There will need to pour glue joint design.

After sizing inside, we must also treat the facade of the tape - so you get a stable hexagonal frame.

Wait until the glue between the boards connections will come out before the next stage of construction.

It must remove the building with a knife and remove the tape that you wrapped the outer part of the body.

Once the body is ready, you need to make a cover for it - it must also have a hexagonal shape and size fit to the body.

Cut a piece from the board and secure it with glue on the top of the body, the inner surface of the fluff.

Where part of the design already, you should pass a special gun to glue - then you'll have a long, thin line, which can be installed on top of the lid.

Photo guide will help you make things right with his own hands: try to follow it precisely to decorative windmill Garden had a professional appearance and was stable.

For making the bottom of the mill from the tree you will need two more details hexagonal shape.

When you cut them, make sure that they are the right size for ready-made parts of the structure and abut each other.

In the lower parts you need to make a slit in the form of a square measuring 7x7 cm - here you then attach the timber, which will serve as a basis for your frame.The upper parts are also caves in which the screw is fixed on the timber.

In the final form of your design should be in the form of the box, so in addition to the already existing elements, you need to make a wall.

They are made of wooden parts of equal shape, the sides of which coincide with the frame in shape, ie,have slits on the corners.To cut the parts correctly, use photographs - to work with them will be much easier.

The resulting wall is necessary to bond with the mill base using glue, screws and drills.

places where the elements are joined together, it is best to seal with adhesive tape or the grip for better fixation (then it is necessary to remove them).

If you did everything correctly, now design should resemble a garden lantern.At this stage you will need sander to make the future a decorative mill smooth and neat.


Substrate Preparation

Manufacturing base- the next important step.

instruction is as follows: its bottom as the frame 6 is made of planks that need to be arranged in the form of a hexagon.The resulting structure should have the niche in which the frame bar to be installed.

instructions and diagrams to help you properly connect the details - make it your own hands is easy if you use additional materials.


the middle and upper part of the base resemble a pyramid - it must have 6 corners and cut off the top.

Fasten its elements in the same way as everyone else - with glue and tape, and then reinstall the construction of a bucket of water, which will be the press and leave the mill for a while in this form.

Bucket with water

The next phase of work is the most difficult to perform with his own hands - you need to collect the observation deck.

To do this you need 5 hexagons that can be made of 30 bars.

Also, you will need 6 bars with the work done in these holes - they need to be mounted on the corner joints of the hexagons.

Just like the previous part, you need to connect all the tape and glue and leave for a while.


Make the upper part of the mill can be made of polystyrene.

Besides it, you will need to support plate and some wooden rings.


final step necessary to make blades.

own hands to do this is simple - you need to cut parts out of plywood and staple several together so they turned thicker.

They need to fix the bars with glue and screws.

mill blades must be mounted on the rod and attach to the already ready-made objects.

garden mill is almost ready with their own hands.


Finishing construction and design

to mill garden organically fit into the landscape in the country, you need to decorate it with additional elements.

example, can be stuck to the mill trim windows and doors, cut out mini parts of plywood and secure them to the bottom tier of the structure.

Naturally, the mill must be covered with paint, tucked it under the overall concept of your site.

But the mill can be used not only as a decorative element, but also as a fully functional item - for example, you can hide it with the help of any small elements in the country - communication, pipe valves, small hatches, etc.

If you choose to build with their own hands the mill large sizes, you can hide not only the elements, but the whole structure - for example, outside toilet and a small shed.

Another original version - to issue a decorative gazebo mill - you can build a gazebo right inside the structure, but this structure to build his own hands is not easy, because you need a lot of material, as well as experience in construction.

If your site has a real or an artificial body of water, it is best suited here decorative water mill.It going substantially similar, however, in addition to the blades, it is equipped with a wheel.

Next to this structure, as well as by a body of water, it will be good to organize a recreation area - here you can put gazebo or just put chairs and benches (by the way, they can also be done by hand), then in the evening you can relax and observe the work of the mill.

addition to the mill to complement the interior of the country you will be crafts made of wood - they are well combined with the mill sinceIt is usually made from this material, as well as organically fit into the overall design of the site.

Most often small decorative windmill can be found on a hill, for example, on a small hill with grass.Since the design is meant to point to any area.

If you want to create a whole "picture" in their country, it is possible to install a mill near the wicker fence, placed next to a wooden wheel from a cart, the very cart, small wells and other crafts that recreate peasant household items, under which perfectly fit decorative windmillfor garden.

In order to make the appearance of subjects even more naturalistic, can be artificially age the mill and other crafts, covering them with special paint.

to testify in Russian style is more suitable version of the windmill, but if you want to make it water, you can just decorate the pond with the appropriate crafts - wooden bridge gazebo made of carved wood and other items.


Another popular style for decoration garden, inwhich perfectly fit decorative windmill - country style.

It generally looks like an ordinary rustic style, but it is better to refuse clearly "Russian" elements of decoration: thread, fairy tale characters, bridges, etc.

quite fit into the style of old wells, carts and wheels.You can add to the overall picture of a scarecrow - it will be noticeable and original element in your country, and if you put it near the trees and flower beds, is also functional.

To recreate in the area of ​​the eastern style is ideal for decorative watermill.Oriental style is minimalist, so too many elements is not necessary.

can be set next to the pond a few benches - for the Oriental style suit not only wood, but stone objects, they optionally can also be done by hand.

Besides these bridges can be done, as well as interesting to arrange the tracks - then you will be able to recreate at his dacha friendly and quiet area where you can relax and unwind after a busy day.


Home at recreating the oriental style, to mill and other decorative elements were not near the beds and work area, asthey do not fit into the overall design, and the most suitable for the country style or rustic style.

If your site is small, and delineate the space is difficult, it is best to choose some of them.

mill size should match the size of the area: it is not necessary to build too small or too large object, try to match the overall concept and organically combined with the site.

If you do not want to build a mill with his own hands, you can just buy it.

Buy will, of course, more expensive, but if you choose a small model, you spend not so much money and get a great decorative element for the garden.

Besides, saving you can make crafts, wells, houses and other decorative elements on their own.