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August 12, 2017 18:06

Options for standard projects baths 4x6 and 6x6

Options for standard projects baths 4x6 and 6x6

Currently, standard designs of baths, made from natural timber or foam blocks for the suburban area, can be found in a wide variety.

Such buildings are in high demand as they allow unforgettably spend their free time in the noisy company of friends.

Any bath design involves the arrangement of several separate buildings, each of which has its functional purpose.

So, in any such structure, regardless of the project, be sure to provide not only a steam room, and a shower, as well as room for relaxation.

In addition, if desired, it can be equipped with a small swimming pool that will only add to the comfort.

Prefab baths collected from a bar, have some differences compared to those made of foam blocks or logs, and all of this should be sure to take into account in the drafting.

Currently sufficiently large demand for projects of compact baths 6x6 equipped with a swimming pool in them.

more budget option for small steam rooms 4x6 is also popular among fans warm up.

In any case, before you decide on the design of this type of buildings, necessary to every detail and carefully examine and mark for themselves all the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Bani, made of timber
  • Log baths
  • baths Projects of the foam block

Bani, made of timber

great place to stay in the country will be room, built using timber.Currently, there are plenty of options for a variety of plans for these buildings made of timber.

general project is not only a detailed plan of the premises, but a set of specific documents disclosing details each stage of works to be undertaken to ensure that the construction has successfully coped with its function.


You can pick up the project a small steam room with a minimum set of rooms to relax, but you can opt for a sufficiently capacious building, equipped withpool.

It all depends on the willingness and capacity of the one who decided to take up the construction of the baths on the site.

under construction made using a timber that best suits the type of pile foundation, in addition, the construction of most of them do not build higher than two stories.

most common projects baths performed using beams, nowadays considered as 4x6 and 6x6.

Anyone who wants to have it near the house was spacious enough bathhouse with rest room, can opt for a standard 6x6 plans.


In this case, in addition to the steam room and several outbuildings, in the structure, you can build quite a spacious lounge, whereit will be possible to get together with friends.

more compact dimensions are 4x6 construction projects.

In addition, if desired, the territory near the steam room can additionally be equipped with a small pool, which is a perfect place to relax in the summer.

In any case, sauna, built with the help of a wooden bar, quickly and simply erected, and this task is simplified a few times with a good project.

Log baths

for building baths best material is considered to be wood.

many years ago, this building was erected because of a log and now this natural material is still one of the most popular.

bath, which is built of logs, is not only an attractive appearance, but also has excellent thermal insulation and environmental friendliness.


In addition, the frame of the timber is going fast enough and does not require the construction of a powerful reinforced foundation.

Also, in such buildings is not necessary to carry out interior decoration, which significantly reduces the cost of the cost of its construction.

Currently, there are a lot of different projects that can be performed using the log, each offering a different number and placement of the interior.

So, for those who want to build on your plot fairly compact structure with a minimum of space, developed standard 4x6 projects.

Each such project provides a different layout of the rooms, other than that, you can find options with comfortable summer terraces and a small pool.

In addition, such projects offer and different in size of the room.For example, a steam room and locker room can be given a minimum total area, and a relaxation room make a spacious.


baths Projects of 6x6 timber permits to equip additional rooms, such as a bathroom and a pantry.

It all depends on the capabilities, and most importantly the desire, but in any case, baths, built of logs will enable unforgettably spend their free time in the noisy company of friends.

baths Projects of

foam block Foam block is a versatile building material, with which you can build constructions of different purposes.

This product is easy to work, but other than that, it has a relatively low cost, which allows several times to reduce construction costs.

Term baths service, built using concrete blocks, several times higher than the buildings constructed from similar materials.

addition, sauna, built with the use of foam blocks, will have excellent thermal conductivity and waterproofing.


foam blocks only drawback is the need for internal and external finishing works.

is worth noting that there are currently many different baths projects that can be built using foam blocks.These baths are an excellent holiday destination, both in winter and summer.

Projects baths made of this material, are distinguished by their variety and versatility.

To be quite spacious building, where you can be comfortable spending free time, you should pay attention to the draft 6x6, which provides accommodation in the inner space of all the necessary facilities.

Will give comfort and originality of this structure, a small summer playground near which can be conveniently placed small pool.

6x6 Baths are one of the most popular types of projects that are simple enough to implement even a small area of ​​the site.


Variety baths projects allow a person to choose, based on their capabilities and preferences.

In addition, to date, for the construction of these facilities can be used a variety of building materials, but experts recommend the steam room itself is only natural wood finish, and give preference to conifers.

This wood has good moisture resistance, and due to its great density can withstand large temperature fluctuations, which is especially important for a bath.