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August 12, 2017 18:06

Technique with waterproofing for roofs

Technique with waterproofing for roofs

In this article we will look at the important question of how to work with the flashing to the roof.

Recently, people often, in order to save, trying to make feasible the work with his own hands.

Since the material is relatively new, not everyone knows how to cover the roof flashing.

Therefore, we recommend that you read the following material.


  • main characteristics and advantages of the material
  • Pretreatment
  • Laying roofing
    • Mechanical installation
    • hot-
    • Laying on bitumen paper
  • more tips and recommendations

Maincharacteristics and advantages of the material

First of all, the flashing is a material that prevents the roof from moisture, it is one of the most important aspects to roof served as more than a dozen years.

flashing is a material that consists of a glass fiber or fiberglass.Therefore, it is not peculiar to such troubles as decay and decomposition.

Most often it is a material roll type, both sides coated, polymer-bitumen composition.This makes it sufficiently flexible and not susceptible to cracking.

There are varieties of waterproofing, which is taken as a basis for paper or paperboard.Sometimes using a liquid waterproofing, it comes in the form of mastic asphalt.

The composition of the waterproofing

As a rule, it is used to prevent corrosion of building structures.

roof surface is engaged with the lower part by melting material, or by means of mastic.

addition to insulation of the roof, it also often used for laying the foundation, walls, basements, different floors, in swimming pools and pipelines.

Depending on the application it can be divided into two types: roofing and waterproofing.

waterproofing The main advantages are:

  • easy installation and maintenance;
  • flexibility;
  • water resistance;
  • durability.

waterproofing can be applied in the following types of surfaces:

  • concrete;
  • wood;
  • roofing;.
  • metal etc.


Specifications material:

  • By pulling, the force at which the gap can be from 37 to 60 kg;
  • hundred percent hydrophobicity;
  • elasticity;
  • temperature brittleness of the top layer of the material is 15 degrees;
  • He is able to withstand the temperature of 85 degrees for two hours;
  • minimum service life of 15 years.

Features liquid waterproofing bit different:

  • Withstands temperatures up to 100 degrees;
  • Water absorption is 0.2%;
  • Dry ostatok- 65%;
  • completely dry from 15 hours to two days;
  • density is 0.9 g / cm³;
  • may serve more than 30 years.
  • Quite often, waterproofing, which is used for work on the roof, called gidrostekloizol.

tools needed to work with flashing:

  1. building dryer;
  2. gas burner;
  3. blowtorch.

Choice waterproofing as a roofing material be justified fully, as this material has many positive qualities, he is able to serve you for decades.

waterproofing price varies from 400 to 700 rubles per roll.The cost depends on the thickness of material, the roll length.

width is usually the same, but sometimes varies slightly.But the thickness and length of the longer depend on the type waterproofing and the purposes for which it was intended.


So, let's say you want to cover the roof of his garage with his hands flashing.In order to do it properly, pay attention to the following points.

Any roofing work, it does not matter, it is the roof of the garage or house requires prior preparation, review our guidelines and can use the video for clarity.


First we need to clean the base of the roof of the total accumulated dust and dirt.

Then eliminate all the irregularities and defects using putty chipped, lubricative or bituminous materials (depending on the type of roof on your garage).

next stage applied to the surface of the roof primer.This can be a primer or bitumen.Please note that bitumen will be necessary to dilute gasoline to make it a liquid product.

distributes this primer on the surface of the roof with the help of a construction roller.

Laying roofing

laying waterproofing process can seem quite tedious and, perhaps, the way it is.

There are three ways of laying the surface of the roof of the garage, below all of them in detail.In order to present more clearly the process encourage you to review the video.

Mechanical installation

This is the easiest way to put flashing, but at the same time, the most unreliable.It is necessary to unroll the rolls with an overlap, which must be at least 15 centimeters.

This technique will allow you to cover the roof with a slope to allow water to drain freely from it.We must start from the edge, located at the bottom and gradually climb higher and higher.

Upon completion of laying the joints must hold together using resin or mastic.


should be slowly start to unroll a roll on the roof, and at the same moment his warm bottom layer of a gas torch or hair dryer building.

Due to heat bitumen layer permanently engages with the surface of the litter.

disadvantage of this method is that it is most inconvenient for laying their hands, as one is almost impossible to cope.

Hot fashion styling

Once laid the first roll, proceed to the second, you will need to make a 100 mm overlap on the material which has smoothed out - it will provide a strong bond the two layers of waterproofing.

Remember!Avoid excessive heat, as this will result in damage to the material!

Laying on bitumen paper

Put on the roof surface layer of mastic, which will slightly extend beyond the edge of the roll.Then mastic put on a good roll and pin it to the roof using a roller.

With this method of laying you have to spend on mastic, but do not need a gas burner.

Now we understand what methods waterproofing laying there, you just have to choose which suits you best.

For the roof of the house are usually advised hot laying method, and for the garage, is quite suitable laying bitumen paper.

more tips and recommendations

Here we are with you and looked at ways of laying waterproofing, you are now familiar with all the necessary information in order to cover the roof of the garage, house or other building project.

to store waterproofing just need to follow some rules.The first and most important - is to keep the ego out of fire and heat, as well, it must be in an upright position.

When installing be sure to observe the safety, namely: to wear clothes that will cover all your body, as well as gloves.


This is necessary to prevent agents to the skin surface.

If you intend to use as a waterproofing seal coat to the roof, then pay attention to the web material type, its main purpose is just this type of work, because the stacking of other material is not provided on top of it.

This type of waterproofing designated CCI package label.