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August 12, 2017 18:06

Implementation of loft insulation in a private house with his own hands

Implementation of loft insulation in a private house with his own hands

Run attic insulation in private houses with their own hands simply, and for this there is no need to resort to professional builders.

Not many people know that it is the roof of a private home is one of the most important places through which takes heat from the interior space.

As is known, warm air tends to rise to the top, and if you do not make a careful insulation of the attic space, even with regular use of various heating devices, heat in the house will not stay long.

Today there are many effective methods that allow warming tale with their own hands, even a cold attic.

There are materials that are used as internal insulation of the ceiling, with its design becomes an attractive and original.

lot of different ways to lay the insulation in the interior of the attic.

Which way is best to use - decides for himself master of the house, with the insulation in any case must be done correctly and not to allow the penetration of cold air into the interior of the house.

more on insulation of the attic space described in the video, taken below.



  • Features thermal insulation of attic
  • Using Sediment materials
  • use roll materials

Features thermal insulation of attic

Warming of the attic space and arrangement was made even by our ancestors.

Many years ago, people already knew that the main heat loss occurs through the ceiling, and therefore come up with a variety of tricks that allow to create in the interior of the house a comfortable temperature.

It should be noted that in any case is of great importance proper ventilation of the attic in a private house, which allows to adjust the temperature, if necessary in the internal space.

addition during the winter as a heater can act even snow.

Driving attic insulation

In a private house should be possible via ladder access to loft space in order to be able at any time to air it.

also need to insulate the output quality from the attic and all windows and openings through which may flow of cold air.

loft conversion, as well as its proper insulation, can be made with your own hands.

Flavor heater should be for the floor of the attic, on the basis of overlapping material.

In the case where they are made of wood blocks, which are covered with top boards as a floor, may be used as various bulk materials and with a rolling slab.

For concrete slabs choice of insulation is reduced only to the plate materials.

In an extreme case, allowed the use of heavy bulk insulation, but only if over them durable cement is made.

Also, when selecting a heater for the cold floor of the attic on a mandatory basis should pay attention to the insulating properties of the chosen material, as well as the simplicity of its installation.

Equally important play and environmental properties of insulation, as well as its cost.

Some types of materials that can be used for thermal insulation of the attic space, we can see in the photo posted below.


Using Sediment materials

use as insulation for the attic zasypnyh of various materials, still practiced by our ancestors.

Such a method is considered the most optimal in the case when the attic space and floor slab are made entirely of wood.

Just make the filling insulation between the joists, and all the winter a comfortable temperature in the house will be provided.Thus, as the base material can take flax.

First we need to carefully seal the gap absolutely everything, including near the stairs.To do this it is best to use ordinary clay.Next

across kraft paper, on top of which lies with the relevant layer itself flax properly fit the floor.In the photo - insulation made of linen.

Natural insulation

course, the design of the attic is not very attractive, but the heat is provided.

In the same way your hands can be laid and the fire, but it will be necessary to provide ventilation of the attic, to provide an outlet air of established and inflow of fresh.

Arrangement cold attic can be done by hand, using straw.For this purpose, initially all slots including near the stairs, are sealed ordinary clay.Thereafter

should waking entire floor surface with a thin layer of sand and slaked lime mixed with carbide and only then stacked chips, as shown in Figure below.

Insulation made ​​from sawdust

For more fire safety sawdust better pre-treated with special fire retardants.

Replace chips can be on the straw, which fits exactly on the same principle as shown in the photo below.

Among modern insulating materials, which are suitable for insulation of the attic, you can select ecowool, expanded clay and fiberglass.

They stacked similarly to the above-described materials.Fills all space attic, including near the stairs as you can see in the photo below.

Using Sediment materials, of course, will not make the attic design is more attractive, but will help keep the heat in the interior of the house in the winter season.

For more information about how to insulate the attic space can be seen in the video posted below.


use roll materials

Using various roll materials as insulation can not only protect the house from the cold, but also to create an attractive design in a room of the attic.

These materials are easy to process with their hands, their arrangement does not take a lot of time, in addition, the design of the attic space will be different for the better than using zasypnyh heaters.

Stack of such material should be over the whole area of ​​the attic, including near the stairs as much as possible correctly, observing the conventional technology.

most commonly used as insulation mineral wool, which does not rot and is not afraid of rodents.

In addition, it has a rather attractive design, as you can see by the photos posted below.

also fill the space of the attic, including near the stairs, you can seaweed and linseed roll insulation.

Quite often for concrete slabs using plate heat insulation, and special insulation mats.

This modern insulation can not only effectively protect the interior of the house from the cold, but also makes the design more attractive loft.

slab insulation It is placed over the entire surface of the leveled floor, including near the stairs and all the joints between the slabs hermetically sealed with sealing foam.

as slab foam insulation can be used, as well as plates made of reeds.

For more information about how to perform insulation attic, described in the video, which is available below.


the question attic insulation should be approached with full responsibility, as the only way to ensure a comfortable temperature in the interior of the house in the winter season.