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August 12, 2017 18:06

Welding garage doors with their hands

Welding garage doors with their hands

Many motorists often wonder how to cook garage gate only with their hands, because in this case it is possible to avoid unnecessary financial costs.

As you know, the garage is one of the conditions of the safety car, and should as much as possible to protect it from unauthorized persons.

Its design may be very different, but the basic element of security in this case are the gateway is.

They may differ from each other in many aspects and characteristics, including the design, the type of material used, as well as a method for opening.

Of course, the easiest way to solve the problem with the gate - is to buy a ready-made product for those companies that specialize in their production and sale.

However, in this case, can not be exactly sure of their reliability and practicality, but other than that will not always be taken into account as much as possible features of the garage.

It should be noted that the cost and gates made to order, are quite expensive, and not every driver will be able to afford them.

If you have little experience with welding and metal to make the right reliable and practical, the door can be their own hands, taking into account not only the characteristics of the garage, but also their preferences.


  • Kinds and types of gates for the garage
  • preview milestone
  • assembly frame
  • Manufacturing shutters and installation of gates

Kinds and types of gates for the garage

Currently, for the protection of the garagefrom intrusion, there are several types of the most different gates.

It should be noted that the most popular and reliable it is considered to be welded swing gates, which also can be made with your own hands.


Enough rarely found on garages Gates recoiling type of work which the scheme implies additional space for moving leaf.

Despite the seeming simplicity of their design, yet to make their own hands is quite difficult, because it requires the installation of additional elements that will ensure their progress.

This type of gate is more suitable for large hangars and suburban areas, and the use as a defense garage space is impractical.

Recently, quite often you can find the garage gate, equipped with a special tilt-up mechanism.

Of course, they are comfortable to use, but other than that do not take up extra space, but make their own hands without special equipment and knowledge will not work.

also as a gateway to the garage some drivers use a lifting-sectional and Rollets products.

Despite its simplicity and ease of use, these gates do not always have high practicality and reliability.

If you try to collect their own hands, we can not guarantee that they will work properly and be able to provide protection for the vehicle.


If you decide to make a gate at the garage with his hands, it is best to opt for a welded metal construction swing type.

In this case, be able to independently plan, not only their design features, but also take into account the dimensional characteristics of garage space.

In addition, it will be possible to plan a course of work and financial costs of the necessary material.

preview milestone

Before proceeding to the immediate assembly of welded gates for the garage with his hands, it should still carefully plan and create a detailed drawing of each component.

First we need to carry out measurements of the opening, on the basis of which to make a small sketch.

Also at this stage it is necessary to calculate all the necessary materials and prepare all the tools that may be required in the assembly process.

Plans Garage Door

important point at this stage is the correct calculation of the height and width of the slats.

In this case, you should take into account that the minimum allowable width of the finished product design must be both right and left side of the machine at a distance of not less than thirty centimeters.

In turn, it should be noted that the optimal size of the two leaves is assumed to be five meters.

is also necessary to remember that the distance from the most portal frames directly perpendicular to the wall must be at least eighty centimeters.

height gate for regular passenger car is better to take with a value of not less than two meters.Under the minibus she should be not less than two and a half meters.

One of the main elements of the gates to the garage is a frame, which is recommended to weld steel brackets.


Under the framework of the valves, in addition to the corner, you can also use the profile and rectangular shape, which is then sutured with sheets of metal.

sash hinges is recommended to choose reinforced with an outer opening.

After all the preliminary calculations and to prepare the necessary material with the tool, you can begin to assemble welded gate with their hands.

frame assembly

frame under the garage door is welded from metal corner.For its fastening in the opening require reinforcement.As a rule, it consists of an outer and inner parts.

to start - using grinders chop the steel bracket on the necessary parts.You should now have four pieces that match in size to the opening width and four parts equal to its height.

Then all the segments are arranged on a flat surface as much as possible, at the same time controlled by the evenness of each corner and bar.


After that, you can begin to close the welding frame, trying to make the most accurate seam.

During the welding process should be continuously monitored, and the evenness of the product directness every corner.If necessary, every seam in addition to sand grinder.

Thus, should get a one-piece frame flat shape.

In the event that during the operation of any of the corners a little lead, then correct the defect can be welded using the optional metal lever.

On bequeathed stage frame assembly should once again check everything carefully in place.

For more information about how to cook their own hands under the frame of the metal gate to the garage, narrated in the video section.


Production and installation of shutters gates

After assembling the main frame gate can begin to frame the production of a leaflet.

itself under the sash frame must turn in its size slightly smaller main frame and easy to get into the opening.

His welding is performed by the above analogy, with just the strict control of the evenness of each corner.

After carcass building shutters, they should be sewn sheet metal.Fabrics have flaps protrude slightly at the top and bottom of the main frame.

further by welding hinges are welded and then finished gates installed at their main place, as shown in the video posted below.


install welded gates in the opening of the garage should be a maximum flatness, both horizontally and vertically.

attached to the wall by means of the gate valve pieces that previously driven into their surface.

Once the gates are securely fastened in the opening and proven performance, you can begin to sidebar locks and bolts.

This is done in accordance with the selected type of lock and better, if one of the doors will be closed from the inside of the garage space.

Thus, properly assembled gates ensure the maximum safety of the car in the garage.