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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fitted kitchen on the balcony

Fitted kitchen on the balcony

apartments a standard layout have a small kitchen area which is not enough for placing a dining area and cooking area, so there is the perfect solution - a kitchen on the balcony.

Of course, this is only possible when there is the kitchen with access to the balcony.

Combining these two premises, you get additional storage space, and if you show imagination, then from the resulting space can be "paradise", where you can relax, enjoying the view from the window.


  • Where to start accession?
  • Repairs
  • design options

Where to start accession?

Combining the balcony with kitchen is a redevelopment of flats and redevelopment has certain limitations, so first you need to prepare a draft of joining the balcony to the kitchen and to coordinate it.

legally combine the kitchen with a balcony allowing the project to the technical opinion, which makes the owner of the apartment, conceived to redevelop.


to develop project documentation should contact the architectural firm with a license for the development of this document.

The documents should contain heat engineering calculation data, as the kitchen on the balcony should be qualitatively insulated.

This is explained by the fact that dismantling the adjacent wall and installing a glass partition, without which it is prohibited to make alterations, increased heat loss of the room.

To obtain permission to join the kitchen to collect a package of documents, which includes:

  • floor plan with explication of the house;
  • copies of documents confirming the ownership of real estate;
  • redevelopment project made by the architectural firm that has a license for the drafting of such documents.

With the package of documents needed to apply to the BTI for registration certificate on the property.Then you need to agree on the design documentation in the organization that designed the house.

received the approval of the project documentation, alterations must be agreed in the emergency department, SES, the Criminal Code, as well as with the gas service.


still need written consent to the redevelopment of the people living in the apartment.

After obtaining all the permissions should apply to the housing inspection, which will make the act of reception after the completion of the merger balcony.

On the basis of the act will be to get a new registration certificate in the BTI.


After legal approval kitchen on the balcony can become a reality.

should be noted that combine the kitchen with a balcony can be in two ways:

  • partially.Produced removal of doors and windows and partition left;
  • completely.The dividing walls are removed completely, forming a single room.

Examples of full and partial dismantling can be seen in the photo.


With any method of combining first need to build a new fence.For fences can be used bricks, wood, concrete blocks.

new fence should be isolated with foam or other material to insulate.Then you need to perform a glazed balcony.

Internal insulation of walls, ceiling and floor is recommended to make a basalt wool, which is necessary to lay on top of the vapor barrier film.Insulated walls are sheathed with plastic or sheetrock.

Now you need to make an opening.To do this, you must first remove the old partition.

works are carried out in the following sequence:

  • Remove the doors and windows;
  • Remove the old windows and doors;
  • Align the resulting opening.

If you can not remove the old partition, the only door and window openings can be removed.

Then the remaining window sill can be fun to use, for example, make it a mini bar rack or used as an additional work surface, filling out the sill under the tabletop.

sill also can be used to house appliances, such as a kettle, a microwave oven and other Multivarki or simply place all decorated items, adding elegance to the new premises.


remaining entrance to the balcony, you can make an important part of the interior.Input can be issued in the form of an arch or poluarki backlit.This will allow separate areas visually.

next step is to heating device.You can use the floor heating and radiators.central heating battery to the loggia can not be transferred.

Thermal insulation is the most important stage of redevelopment.

You can not save, as any such action may affect the comfort, and this, in turn, entails repeated repair.

Particular attention should be paid to the threshold.In most cases there is a desire to remove the threshold, but it is not always possible.If the threshold is removed in the building panel type, it will lead to freezing of overlap.

A house made of bricks threshold is the supporting structure, supporting the balcony slab.

threshold is not always a disadvantage, because, to show imagination, you can beat the original element in the interior.


now possible to lay the flooring, which canbe anything: tile, linoleum, carpet, parquet, tiles, etc.

finished installation work, you can proceed to finish decorating.Kitchen Design room with a balcony, you need to consider so as to obtain a coherent whole.

design example is shown in the photo.

design options

Kitchen Design with a balcony can be quite varied.There are various design options with a combination of coating materials that will add originality of the room.

example, you can combine the decorative plaster and wallpaper, natural, natural or artificial stone and liquid wallpaper, etc.

key element in the interior is a unity of style kitchens and balconies.Registration must be done in the same way.


The unifying factor is the coverage for this onaround the ceiling to install spotlights, and on walls - sconces.The kitchen has a balcony you can see in the photo.

most difficult to determine the function of the loggia.You can make a dining area, a work space, seating area - there are various options.Consider the main features.

Dining in the lodge is one of the most popular options, as it releases a lot of working space.

Also, many people prefer this option because of the location of the dining table near the window.Examples of such an arrangement can be seen in the photo above.

Another option is to place in the loggia of the working space and kitchen area in this case is intended only for the dining area.However, this is not so simple.

It is necessary to move the sink, a gas stove.To move a gas stove need to obtain a permit, the preparation of which takes time.

workspace in the loggia is shown in the photo.

The workspace on the balcony

unusual variant of the device is a bar in the lodge.There are several options.

can as a bar to use the old sill when opening the window was not dismantled.

Or the bar can be made directly from the window.If

spacious balcony, it can be an excellent location for the kitchen units.But first you need to plan to move all communications.

One of the popular choices of interior decoration is to place in the loggia recreation area.Recreation area can be arranged by setting the bar and sofas near the window.

However, this option is ideal in the case of windows with beautiful views that can be enjoyed from the comfort of the couch.

Relax on the balcony

More options "nekuhonnogo" design for the loggia can be an office, a winter garden and a library.When you use these options, it is recommended to protect the loggia.

this task perfectly cope curtains.Curtains for the kitchen to the balcony should be out of calico, cotton or flax.It is better if they are easy, is to add mystique detachable zone.

kitchen with a balcony - it is not just fashionable, but necessary decision to expand the space, which will give the kitchen a new life.