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August 12, 2017 18:06

We are making the wooden staircase to the second floor

We are making the wooden staircase to the second floor

Wooden stairs to the second floor have become an indispensable element of the interior of many buildings.

Of course, for the manufacture of ladders used not only wood, as the materials still use concrete, brick or different metal alloys.

But, nevertheless, in cottages, multi-level apartments and country houses most often set is wooden stairs, as they in themselves are the highlight of the interior.

The photo will be shown in the article of wood stairs is ideally combined with the overall design of the room.

Thanks to its presentable mind wooden stairs do not need to hide, but on the contrary, if the material used is expensive types of wood, the design is set in a prominent place, and not infrequently even specifically focuses on it.

This construction cost depends not only on the selected timber, but also on the person who performs the installation.

If you hire professionals to work, it comes out in a decent amount, but if you can do all the work with his own hands, then the calculation of the price ladder will be only the sum of all spent on materials process, which of course is much cheaper and more profitable.

to put wooden structures drawings to life, uses a variety of woods.

The photo below shows an image of different types of wood in the cut.

Types of wood


  • Types of wood
  • Types stairs
    • Spiral staircases
    • Marching design
    • stairs and rails
  • Useful tips

Types of wood

Staircase construction in the secondfloor, which were used to develop the same drawings, but in this case constructed from different types of wood, can not only have different costs, but even quite different in appearance.

most commonly used for making ladders:

  • spruce wood as one of the budget.Spruce different uniform texture, light shade and poor exposure to negative external factors;
  • Oak, which is in contrast to the cost of eating.For the stairs to the second floor, a solid wood variety with beautiful light shade.According to the design performance characteristics of oak are among the most durable.In this regard, the price of its wood is one of the highest in the price segment;
  • beech wood, which can be either a light grayish and have a reddish-yellow shade.When this material has a mild texture, low strength and is susceptible to external influence.If, for example, in the house there is high humidity and wood begins quite expand like an absorbing moisture that may lead to changes in the design.Therefore beech projects are advised to do only in homes with good heating and a lack of high humidity;
  • Larch differing golden or dark shades of yellow and having the characteristic veins of the wood light brown.Larch has high strength, is resistant to mechanical impact and the effect of time, while the price of the material is quite acceptable;
  • Ash, having bright colors and beautiful drawing of fibers.If you plan to do all the work with his own hands, the ash fit just perfect.Material is extremely easy to handle, it is easy to bend, and on the strength of it in some aspects even exceed the performance of oak.At the same time it is minimally affected by external factors;
  • maple wood is also very popular, as it has a non-porous surface that greatly increases the strength of the material.Due to the fact that Maple does not absorb moisture, such a device is a ladder you can spend at the cottage (dacha plots, usually characterized by high humidity).But this material is difficult to handle with your hands and the price for it is not the budget.

Of course, to make a wooden structure to be lifted to the second floor, you can use more low cost options, such as pine or chipboard (with slabs of chipboard is much easier to work with their hands than with an array).

But do not forget that the budget materials are characterized by high strength and self-will demand a certain caution in their use.

For example, on the steps of the pine trees there are small pits and scratches not only on the heels, but even from a rigid corrugated soles.

But do not think that from a pine on the material immediately have to give.Today, there are many ways to the wood surface treatment to prolong her performance.

modern material handling technology and special coating materials, which can cover the surface turns into a pine staircase to the second floor into a work of architecture.

If hard cover pine parquet lacquer, it will give the opportunity to protect the wood from external influences.

Application tinting and coloring makes the wood more polished and gives it a rich look.It is also possible to make payment and cheat, combining different kinds of wood in one design.

For internal fixing to put more budget materials (chipboard sheathing back side), and the outer part, such as the coating steps, drawn from the more expensive and high-quality wood.

The photo below shows such a design team.

Team ladder

Types stairs

most often in private homes or cottages on the territory of the cottages can be found:

  • spiral staircase;
  • stairway;
  • stairs and rails.

Let's examine them more thoroughly, to see which is best suited for staircase installation with their own hands.

Spiral staircases

screw design used for small size garden or home.Remove the dimensions and drawings can be done and with his own hands.The first important stage sizes.

average length design stage ranges from 50 cm to 1 m. Thus, the total length of the whole construction will take from 1 to 2 meters, that is, to raise it by some kind of marker objects will not succeed.

smaller aperture size, the steeper turns staircase.

Can such a structure and is not very convenient, but it requires very little space.

screw designs are often used as a support for lifting ladders to the second floor, which is a loft or attic.The photo shows this screw design.

Spiral staircase
steps is calculated in a specific pattern, in which the size of the width should not be less than 20 cm, and the size of the widest part should not exceed 40 cm.

steps of this design may be very different forms.Securing wedges stages as done around a special rack (typically used for metal racks).

Installation steps made so that the narrower side was fixed at the front and wide mounted on the wall or balusters.

The photo below shows an example of the mounting screw stages.

Mounting steps for a spiral staircase screw designs have a nearly load-bearing walls and in the middle of the room.Despite the fact that they are extremely advantageous in terms of saving space, their production is not so popular.

data point is explained by a certain degree of danger, which, one way or another, arises in the design manual.

ascent and descent even more require a little care and attention of the household, so if there are children in the house, spiral staircase is not the best option.

Marching design

calculation and creation of data structures initially takes into account the standard of human biomechanical movements when going up and down stairs, in connection with which the ladder is extremely convenient and popular.

But for such a project requires plenty of space, so make marching design can not in any house, and especially not in small cottages.

done in such a way the design calculation:

  • to start producing height measurement wall and floor length;
  • after calculation requires drawing a triangular structure (legs of the wall and will be the flooring, and the hypotenuse - the stairs).The ideal location is the location of the construction on the second floor at an angle of 45 degrees.

As you can see, this work and drawing is extremely easy to perform, the calculation does not require much effort, and you may well do everything with their own hands.

In each march should contain at least three steps and no more than 15 steps.If you break the calculation, use the design is uncomfortable.

Width steps should also be calculated taking into account the maximum comfort (on it must fit the foot of man).

stairway leading to the second floor, is both open and closed.In a closed structure at the stages are podstupenniki, open design podstupennikov not.

flight of stairs at the same time can be both direct and have a turn.For a direct flight need more length, swivel design takes up much less space.

Professionals advise to do such a ladder along the wall, while below it is still possible to put a small utility room, so use the space to maximum advantage.

The photo below shows a ladder option, leading to the second floor, utility room located beneath it.

Utility room under the stairs

stairs and rails

It stairs, fixed pins or bolts (literal translation from German).

Fastening wooden steps to lift to the second floor to the supporting wall is made of special rails.

This design looks very freely and easily and is ideal if the house was made of the interior unit in high-tech style.

Since the installation steps is to the wall, place the ladder can not be given in the middle of the room.

However, such designs are very popular.

From the staircase seems easy and weightless, but it has the necessary durability and strength.

Calculate similar design can be their own hands, and the calculation should take into account the use of special rubber spacer bolt (rubber pads protect the wall from cracking, as well as improve the fixation fasteners themselves).

The photo below shows the options for stairs and rails.


Useful tips

If you plan to carry out the production of design with their own hands, then no matter what kind of structureyou choose, the calculation should be made subject to certain recommendations of professionals.

choosing the design ladder in the first place, consider the size of the room, where the design will be located.

If the room has a large area, it makes no sense to have an inconvenient spiral staircase, it is possible to build a marching design.


Conversely, if the room has a small size, the device is a large overall ladder will be very irrational, since it will eat up a lotliving space.

The design needs to be done with all the facilities for operation.The most convenient and safe, definitely consider a stairway.

But it is necessary to calculate the parameters of the tread width and lift height, and build all the steps correctly (first and last considered the most dangerous).

is also necessary to calculate the load that falls on stage 1 square meter (in a building, the figure is 300 kg, in a public complex of not less than 400 kg).


tree protection should be covered with a special varnish,then the wood is not only last longer, but will be more presentable.

In addition, if you for some reason made a mistake with a touch of wood, it is not necessary to be upset, there are paints with a special shading that can give the surface a certain shade (before applying the lacquer tree must be covered, and even better - to soak flame retardant, soit will be less fuel).If

accurately calculate all the components of the project and the right to instal their own hands, the ladder will not tilt, with steps positioned at the correct angle.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the design.If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to give this work to professionals.

Remember that each individual staircase and constructed under a certain house.

If you liked the design of the stairs installed at your neighbors, you do not need to try immediately to make an exact copy of it.

is important to first examine its own premises, in order to understand what design is best suited to your parameters, and only after it to start its production.

Do not be afraid to experiment, stairs can get a beautiful and original design and without assistance.


If you decide to make the best budget option and take with chipboard, then do not try to hide the ladder, on the contrary, try to make her accent, painted the stage in bright colors.

This kind of a rainbow in the house will not only please the children, but will also raise the mood all around.

Also you can use a special device to burn pattern on the tree.

make up your own pattern, you make a design truly exclusive and unique, and it will look as good as any design project.