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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step by step creation of a pond in the country with their own hands

Step by step creation of a pond in the country with their own hands

Build a pond in the country with their own hands - it is an opportunity to create an original design solution on your site.

artificial pond will help to relax by the water, without the need to go somewhere, or even go beyond the area.

This arrangement of the pond even possible on a small area - it is not suitable for swimming, but it will be a wonderful decoration and complement the overall design of your cottage or country house.

The price of such a pond please - to build it can be improvised - even use old tires and wheels.

Construction of the reservoir - it is available to everyone, because to do it yourself is not difficult: it is possible to build a small pond is the easiest, and an impressive body of water, suitable even for bathing.

all depends on your desires and your portion size.

In this article you will learn how to make a pond in the country, what are the options for its device and how to choose the design.

Photo different types of water bodies, as well as a step by step video instructions for their construction will facilitate your work.


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Design pond

ponds depends on several factors: your portion size and density of buildings, destination (for example, swimming) and, of course, on your desire.

Below you will see some photos of mini-reservoirs options for the site - they will help you to decide on what it is you want to see on their own land.


A video guide to help you make any type ofpond.

Holiday or vacation home - the most massive and important buildings on the site, so it is logical that the design should be starting to pick up with him.

decorative pond should fit in style and color to fit naturally on the site.

Note on materials - if your house is made of wood, can be equipped with a pond with wooden bridge or put next to him benches made of wood.

If the material prevails among the stone - you can put them and pond, paved paths, or do they draw the coast line.

Well, if your site is large and it has a lot of vegetation - it is better to arrange a mini-pond in the shade of the trees, but not next to the beds.

Near it is possible to construct a gazebo or put benches and chairs so you can relax in the shade and coolness.

This pond is not suitable for swimming, but it will look as if created by nature itself, ie,have a natural design, which is not true of the pond near the beds.

Depending on the amount of vegetation in the area, you can select the design of the pond and if a lot of plants, you can use the Chinese style - it is distinguished by lush trees and bridges.

If the plant is not much, you can stay at a simple Japanese minimalism - trees rather monotonous, dominated by conifers and a pond complete the rocks and boulders of various sizes.

Look, look how these reservoirs on the photo to see how they will fit into your site.


most is a simple but very nice option - the so-called "natures Garden," when the plants are planted (or alreadypresent in the area), only those that are specific to your region.

Such mini-pond looks quite organically, though without much natural delicacy, but you can fix it by adding to it a variety of decorative elements (options they are looking at videos and photos).

If your home, and the area in general, characterized by strict regular geometric shape - it makes sense to do the same and pond, to reflect the overall style of the site.

This pond is better positioned next to the flower beds and paths, or just outdoors.If you have a courtyard or patio - there is such a pond is the place.

These mini-pools can be either circular or rectangular shape.Nearby can be planted the tall grass, build a mini-waterfalls or put sculptures - finishing depends on your imagination.

Look at photos of different variants of artificial reservoirs and decide exactly what you want to do in their area.


Location reservoir

Afteryou have decided on the style of the pond, you need to select a location.From where you position it, will depend how long and high-quality artificial pond will serve you.

Ideal place where there is little shade from trees.

The fact is that if you place a homemade pond in the country under direct sunlight, the algae will appear in it a lot faster, but if the shadow is too large, the plants will not grow around, and the appearance of the water body will suffer.

Making pond

ornamental pond to look good, lighting is enough 5 hours a day.

shady trees - not the best choice for a mini-pond - you will always have to shovel out paluyu foliage, which can significantly spoil the quality of the water in the pond.

To select a size, comes primarily from the area of ​​your site.

Do not worry if the place is small, at first, to make small water bodies is much easier, and secondly, it is cheaper, becausematerial required in times less.Well, make it beautiful decor elements help.

Ideally, a mini-pond should take about 3% of the plot size.But of course you can allocate more space for a pond in the country with their own hands.

Most suburban ponds are not suitable for swimming, but still have different degrees of depth.

If you want to breed fish in the pond, its depth should be about 2 m, and certainly below the depth of soil freezing.In this case, the depth occupies about 1/5 of the total area of ​​the reservoir.

For plants planted on the perimeter of the pond, the depth is not critical, but if you want to use in the decoration of aquatic plants such as water lilies, need to do a shallow area (about 1.2 m).

Before the final decision, be sure to check as much as possible photo and video options to instantly determine not only the location and the overall style of the pond, but also decorative elements to it.


How to build a pond

Construction will depend on what size of pond you have chosen, as well as the material that will be used for construction.

artificial pond, contrary to popular belief, can do pretty cheap and have made just improvised.

Build it can from the old baths, tires, using film and tires.

most expensive will cost the construction of the pond with a concrete base - it is likely to require the help of experts, asit will be necessary to erect formwork and reinforcement do.

If you want to make everything easier and less expensive, it is better use the ready-made plastic containers, which can be bought - their form may be any which you want.

His most budget option - the use of a special water-resistant film.

To make it clear how it will look artificial pond, start his device with the plan, which will reflect its size, depth and width, shape and space for planting of plants, and future elements of decoration.

better to draw a vivid sketch - then in the work you do not have to change course and redo the job.

Driving pond

Now, when ready to sketch, draw the outline of a future mini-pond in the place where you decide to place it.

Select the border you can use ordinary tap hose or sand that is poured on the perimeter of the future building.

After marking the area, make sure that all the strands of your pond will be at the same level - otherwise the construction will be difficult, and it is better to move to another place pond.

now about how to dig a pond on a summer residence.This is no big deal - you need to dig a pit, based on the depth of the water, which you have defined for yourself.

The easiest way is to use the mini-excavator or other professional equipment, asindependent work will be difficult.The water, located at the bottom of the pit, you will need to pump the pump.

Once the pit is ready, measure it and add to the resulting size of 50 cm on the sides of the bowl - it is necessary to choose the right size of the film, which should be somewhat larger reservoir size.

way, dug the ground, you can let the design of the site: to make with the help of a stream or embankments, or just spread evenly over the area.


With the help of purchased film Cover the bottom of the pit.The first layer below the film to put geotextile - it will serve as a protection film on plants and stones.

To make the edge of the reservoir, you need to dig a trench around the perimeter to secure the film: its edges backfilled with gravel and securely fixed.

Additionally, you can consolidate them with stones or plastic pipes - then the land will not crumble.

Pond with film is almost ready, it remains to arrange plant and pour the water.Water is poured through a pump, and the plants are placed on the territory in special containers.The bottom of the pond have to fill with stones and rubble.

also not prevent the stream arrangement, so that the water in the water does not stagnate.In addition, it will improve the overall design.

This is the scheme of work.See sub video as well as photo - they will help you find out.

The film on the pit to the pond

pond of the bath

artificial pond of the old bath - another original and cost-effective solution that can be implemented improvised.

bath can be any form.In the photo you can see how the design may look different from the old bath water bodies.

primer for basins of the bath has to be solid, the best of sand and clay.In winter, the pond should be completely covered with snow, so as not to freeze fish.

For such a reservoir can use any type of bath, the main thing that it did not have holes.

device such ponds requires a pit whose depth is more than 30 cm height of the bath - that is, in the ground it should be positioned so that the edges were completely submerged in the ground.

After installation, check how exactly it is worth taking advantage of level.

If the device is configured correctly, you have only to fill visible cracks with sand, and proceed to the next stage of work.

Watch a video on how to install a bath to get the job done efficiently.


Construction of the bath pond is as follows: first, mix the glue to cement the basis - it will you cover the bathtub.

mixture should turn dark, the consistency of the dough to resemble.

begin distributing the mixture should be from the walls and the remains deposited on the bottom.It is best to carry out this procedure after being immersed in the bath ground, otherwise there is risk of deformation of the surface.

mixture hardens very quickly, so almost immediately after its application can stretch the net from the edge of the bath to the middle.In the corners you need to fix the rings on which you plan to attach the shelf.

bottom of the bath is filled with dry clay, about 3 cm, walls coated with clay, too, pre-mixed with water.This mixture can be planted plants.

Photo and video instructions will help you handle the bath properly.


Once the clay is dry, you can begin to fill with water bath.It can be made of conventional hose.

It is best to put on it, and put the nozzle on the bottom of the layer of clay is not damaged during operation.
edges of the bath is better to impose landed stones and plants - they are visually delimit the coast.

Design of the pond depends on your imagination - can be placed on it figures of ducks lay out the path stones - all this will greatly improve his appearance.