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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling skimmer for pools with their own hands

Assembling skimmer for pools with their own hands

Who in the courtyard of the house built by their own artificial pond, certainly thought about how to design and install a skimmer for pools with their own hands, that will deal effectively with their functions.

course, private swimming pool near the house allows great spending free time, however, for he was always clean and had an attractive appearance, followed by the need to regularly take care of.

for borrowing pool in optimum condition currently sell a variety of filtering installations and devices, but they are not able to provide the required water circulation.

Most bacteria and microorganisms carry out their vital functions in the upper layers of water, and it is here that usually accumulates the greatest amount of dirt and debris.

circulation of water can effectively clean up the layer and make the water clean and clear.

To ensure the circulation of water in artificial reservoirs used device called a skimmer.

Today, the skimmer can be easily purchased in a specialty store, and you can do with your hands, which will save a certain amount of money.


  • Features skimmer
  • Features
  • assembly of Stages

Features skimmer

The natural reservoirs of water purification carried out spontaneously by various internal processes that make water move the masses.

solve this problem in the pool can be only when the surface of the water curtain installed skimmer.

It was he who provides the necessary water circulation to the pool, due to which there is cleansing its upper layers.

skimmer pool

Typically, the surface of the water for various reasons constantly accumulate, not only bacteria, but also a variety of fats, hair, dust, and this is the main cause of harmful viruses.If set

skimmer mounted, the upper aqueous layer will fall through the device to the filter arrangement for forced cleaning, after which pure water returns back into the pool.

In addition, by using this unit when you are in the pool of people will be extinguished wave.

skimmer is a small device is a circular shape, which is on the surface of the water.

Its main functions are considered to be not only the cleaning of the entire surface of the water, but also heating water to a comfortable temperature.

In addition, this device can be used as a hand vacuum socket that is also used for cleaning the pool, but the debris in the water column.

skimmer can also be customized to the device, in which will be laying special chemicals, which are used for the required pool water treatment.

Plastic skimmer

This device has a wide functionality and must be installed in any type of artificial pond.

It has a fairly simple device and can be assembled without any problems with their hands.


To assemble the skimmer for a private swimming pool with your own hands, you need to know its design features and operation.

This universal device is a small-sized tank, made of metal or plastic, and equipped with a special water intake pipe.

Inside it is a filtering device designed for rough purification of water, which is delayed various large debris, insects, leaves, and so on.

also a part of this unit includes special fitting pieces and a basket intended for garbage collection.

skimmer Water flows through damper which retains most of the coarse dirt and debris, and then it passes along the inner surface of the device and through special nozzles drawn back into the pool.


Thus, we can say that any skimmer consists of a bottom drain, inlet nozzles, which has a specific structure, as well as the filter container intended for coarse water flows.

addition, any skimmer compulsorily equipped with a pump and an automatic control unit.

between skimmers are distinguished primarily by the cardinality indicators, and therefore in their selection must take into account the size of the reservoir.

use small hinged units, which in the presence of all necessary materials and tools to quickly gather their own hands for the small private artificial reservoirs usually.

assembly of Stages

Before you gather with their hands floating skimmer for the pool, you need to prepare appropriate materials.

The housing can be used as a plastic or metal container.To protect the pool cover, the container would have to be equipped with rubber seals.

The following arrange in the bottom of a special funnel, and equip it with a net.Through it, the water from the pool will flow into the skimmer and cleaned from various large debris.

After that installation is carried out small containers for chemicals.

At the final stage should provide an outlet through which the hose is connected to the pump, which will provide the necessary circulation of the water masses.

more details on how to collect your own for the pool skimmer, described in the video, which is available below.


It should be noted that it may take several skimmers for swimming pools.The number of these units is determined based on the size of the reservoir, as well as the power unit.

skimmer also from time to time must be cleaned of dirt and debris that will accumulate in it during operation.

Better still at the stage of designing the skimmer to provide its collapsible design that will facilitate access to the device and makes its maintenance more convenient.

In any case, in order to keep the water in the pool was always clean and clear, it is imperative to equip the skimmer.