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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of a concrete floor on the ground in a private house

Construction of a concrete floor on the ground in a private house

Quite often, especially in the private housing construction, trying to build a concrete floor on the ground, and it is connected, first of all, from a purely practical reasons.

Currently equip a floor in the garage, basement, bath and even a porch in a private home.

Primarily, this base has high strength, excellent durability and optimum versatility.

Sometimes in a private house, basement, bath, garage or on the veranda is a concrete foundation is the only alternative.

In addition, working with concrete, it is possible to arrange a warm floor, and in a private home, the bath, on the veranda or in the garage is an important factor, because with the advent of cold weather to warm a certain space is not so simple.

should be noted, however, that even in a wooden house, which previously gave preference to sex on a wooden base, it is now used throughout the concrete.

itself pouring the concrete floor in a private house, basement, bath, garage or porch is performed in several stages.

necessary not only to properly prepare the rough layer, but also accurately calculate, carry out reinforcement.

Besides settling waterproofing, if necessary, and the warm floor.

This design is sometimes called sex cake, and everything necessary for its availability of certain materials and the appropriate tool, and you can do all the work with his own hands.


  • Features floors on concrete basis
  • Preliminary work
  • waterproofing and reinforcement
  • Installing concrete lighthouses and fill

Features floors on concrete basis

floors on the basis of concrete equip at mosta variety of surfaces, including on top of the soil.By itself, the concrete of the family of those materials which are unpretentious and demanding work.

To cake turned out of the floor really long lasting and most durable, all work must be done properly and in accordance with the technology.

It should be noted that the principle of operation is the same as the base for a wooden house, and in the bath, garage and even in the basement.

Concrete floor

In any case, the work begins with the preparation of a draft framework, the reinforcement is made, after which fits waterproofing, settling floor heating and completes all pouring concrete if necessary.

A prerequisite for installation on the ground floor is a device bedding.

to sex cake during operation is not cracked, specially make the so-called expansion joints.

Despite the fact that the design of the floor is quite complicated, and work performance of the technology implies certain knowledge, make it with their hands, everyone can.

First of all, before you perform podsypku, you must make the appropriate payment.It is important to determine the order in which it is better to do and what will be the thickness of a bedding.

In addition, an important role is played by waterproofing the floor, and not depending on where it is settling down: in a wooden house, garage, bath, or in the basement.

It is worth noting that not all kinds of soil possibility to build a cake concrete floor.

example, groundwater levels should not be higher than five meters, in addition to this, the soil should be moist and mobile.

should be noted that it is necessary to equip the concrete base only in the heated rooms, and if it is planned in the garage, basement or bath, you need to think about how to ensure that in the cold in these rooms appropriate temperature readings.

Otherwise, you will be provided an additional load on the foundation, which can lead to quite serious consequences.

Preliminary work

start to work on the device of concrete floor directly on the ground should be only after the house, garage, bath, or in the basement all other construction works, namely built walls and built the roof will be completed.

First we need to make a calculation of their actions and to outline the level of finishing, that is the mark to which you plan to fill.

Fine markup

do this markup should be properly and carefully, as a pie sex is supposed to be the most steady in all locations.

To do this, from the lowest point of the door opening up to defer one meter and mark all the perimeter walls.Next

already postponed from this line one meter, only this time down, and just as a line is drawn around the perimeter walls.

Allocated line and denotes the upper part of the base of the finished floor.

is also recommended for the line to pull the lace through which it will be easier to navigate during the work.

The following is from the space in which to settle sex cake, make absolutely any debris and remove from the surface of the soil top layer.

As a result, from a pre-marked line should be able to deepen throughout the room.

then be carefully compacted soil remaining.Of course, to make it better with the help of special devices, such as, for example, vibrating plate or vibrator.

Special equipment

If such devices was not at hand, then you can ram the log, to which on the one hand nailed board, and the other handle.

is recommended to prepare an additional layer of clay, which is a thin layer on top of the soil and also carefully tamped.Then proceed to the formation bedding.

Her first layer should consist of gravel, which is laid, watered and well compacted.Then he poured the sand, generously poured and compacted.

final layer of gravel is placed on exactly the same lines.The thickness of the bedding should be in the range of thirty centimeters.

waterproofing and reinforcement

After a rough layer of the floor in the form of bedding is made, proceed to the next building.

Generally blister layer floor also consists of a number of separate layers, which also need to do the calculation.

The rough layer of the floor part and waterproofing, the thickness of which depends on the materials used for this purpose.

Waterproofing concrete floor

Like the rest of the work on the arrangement of the blister base floor waterproofing is done with his own hands.

to start over the bottom of the rough plank roll waterproofing foundations, which today can be easily selected in the respective DIY stores.

Waterproofing stretches across the space of the room, calling at the wall, where it is then fixed.All joints are carried out with overlapping and additionally glued.

following is put foam, concrete block, or any other similar material which will serve as a basis a draft concrete floor insulation.

For more information about how to do waterproofing concrete floor described in the video below.


Compulsory concrete floor unit on the ground requires its reinforcement.As for the measurement and calculation of the other layers, you first need to make their own hands.

design of this layer is to meet all anticipated loads, the calculation of which should also be done at the initial stage of the work.

thickness of this layer depends on many factors and is determined beforehand.As suitable materials may be used together as a plastic or metal mesh and welded frame.

Many experts recommend to carry out reinforcement with a special welded wire mesh.

rarely Enough reinforcement made of welded frame, but its design is quite inconvenient for laying a concrete floor.

Regardless of what material will be carried out reinforcement, it is necessary to lay at the base through a special stand.

installation lighthouses and pouring concrete

to pouring the concrete floor was made as straight as possible and the cake turned out, in accordance with the way the estimation, it is necessary to correctly set their own hands has been produced so-called beacons.

The main guide is recommended to use a round pipe or square-shaped profile.

For them everything you need all the space divided into equal segments, and then set the guides to the base using concrete.

Guides for sex

All work should be carried out very carefully by controlling the horizontal flatness of each guide with the help of the level.

As a result, the whole room is to be conditionally divided into equal parts profiles.

To begin the concrete casting will be possible only after the concrete mounting profiles and grab a little stand.

Before you prepare the solution on concrete, you must perform a calculation of a mixture, and it is from this later will depend on the strength and durability of the concrete base.

floor construction as in the building and in the basement has several individual layers, and it is the final concrete.

To perform this type of work chosen brand of cement, as well as calculated the proportion of all the members of the mixture of components.The solution should have a smooth consistency, be plastic, but not liquid.Pouring concrete

begins with space angle, which is located in the opposite corner of the door.During pouring the solution should be periodically pierce the reinforcing pin to him came from the air.

screed concrete on the base with the rules, and its flatness is tracked by beacons.At the final stage guides are removed, and the resulting spaces are filled with fresh solution.

maximum strength after pouring the foundation attains twenty days, and until then it is not recommended to continue any construction work.

More details about the casting of the concrete base on the ground described in the video, which is available below.