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August 12, 2017 18:06

What to choose , gipsovolokno or drywall ?

What to choose , gipsovolokno or drywall ?

Already for a long time, gypsum is a popular material in the decoration of any premises.

Application he found in ancient times in the construction of temples, sculptures and ordinary homes.

Today, new technologies represent to your attention two similar and different at the same time in its material properties: plasterboard and gipsovolokno.


  • Benefits drywall
  • Creating designs of plasterboard, and its shortcomings
  • Benefits gipsovolokna

Benefits drywall

Plasterboard consists of a molded plaster composition, pasted on cardboard plate.Most of the material has a three-layer structure.

Drywall is easy to install, has a lightweight and economical.

material attached to any surface using screws or special adhesive plaster.

composition is perfect for creating original forms of the interior, forming a perfectly flat surface, both in new buildings and in older buildings.

material can be used for the construction of interior partitions, recesses and protrusions.

Plasterboard is the perfect choice when remodeling an apartment, allowing you to change terrain and design of the walls easily.


However, when you create a load-bearing structures is better to use additional metal attributes, giving the wall a large rigidity and reliability.

A presence of specific component elements, makes the material of the present popular in the construction industry.Buy drywall can be in any large hardware store.

Creating designs of plasterboard, and its shortcomings

When creating designs of plasterboard their equipment allows to lay additional insulation and sound insulator.

special properties of the material can be used in facing external and internal surfaces, without fear that it quickly will become worthless.

final finish does not require additional processing drywall and allows to stack on top of absolutely any material.

significant disadvantage of drywall is its applicability only to vertical surfaces.Some professionals offer it as a facing material on the ceiling.

However, its practicality is considerably inferior drywall overhead structures that are more suitable for this type of surface.

Benefits gipsovolokna

gipsovolokno, as opposed to drywall, is composed of cellulose fibers and has a high strength and weight.However

harder to process, and requires the use of different construction solutions.Buy gipovolokno easy to construction markets.


Plasterboard easily into any shape if wet it to the desired state, while gipsovolokno does not have such properties.

However, it is much better to hold the nails due to its dense structure.

important feature of both materials - the instability of the various temperature changes, making them suitable for use only in an artificially heated indoor urban.