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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a floor lamp with his hands

Make a floor lamp with his hands

Without light can not live a full life.

Indeed, thanks to him, you can see the world and experience the splendor of colors, scales, glare.

Accordingly, it is impossible to imagine without interior illumination.

Selecting fixtures now just huge!There

lamps wall, table, lamp on the ceiling, candlesticks, lamps, and finally, the floor lamp.

especially famous lamps from Italy.

Production of exclusive lighting

Many of them are quite exclusive.Therefore, it is necessary to be able to correctly select them according to your home interior.

If you do not have extra money or want to try yourself as a designer, you can make a floor lamp with your hands.

We bring you the video, which analyzed in detail the process of creating a lamp.


To do this, of course, will require imagination, a little bit of talent, skill, and can turn a true masterpiece!And most importantly - for it does not have to pay!

Therefore try to learn handicrafts lamp made of plastic.

Homemade floor lamps made of polymer clay

It has another name - the polymer clay.

Some sculptors of "Aton" Canadian studio invented quite interesting and it is very easy way to make designer lamps from this material.

plastic clay can be different consistencies.For example, in the form of a paste.Purchase can be in specialized stores products and subjects for artists.

In the big cities to find such stores in general there is no trouble.Costs in this are, but a penny not comparable to buying a new lamp.

So, to make the floor lamp with your hands, to begin with, you need to take the most common cartons with milk or yogurt.And other useful, for example, - juice.

main thing is that it was made of cardboard.If you want to have a cylindrical shape of the lamp, you can take a bottle or a roll of paper.

Then take and slow squeezing of the package on the blank polymer clay.

Next time, give it all to dry, and then quietly and gently pull out from inside the very foundation - a bottle or box.

And from then on, you can easily install the lamp, which is turned directly to the structure along with a light bulb.Here, in principle, all the work.


This lamp can already be used.If the polymer clay you can not find on sale, it can be replaced with liquid nails, putty, putty or sealants.

Or buy a floor lamp in the online store.

Basically, the production of the principle of the lamp remains constant.

Well, if your imagination and the ability to just on top, try to make lamps out of anything:

  • of materials;
  • wires;
  • tissue.

create, create something new and different, and a lamp made with their own hands will be a real decoration of your home.

But if for you it was too difficult, you can always visit the shop floor lamps and choose a something in the soul.