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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dub wall plasterboard with their hands

Dub wall plasterboard with their hands

Sometimes in the apartment when repairing the question arises as to align the walls of plasterboard?

Plasterboard long been considered one of the best materials for the walls.

As it has high manufacturability and low cost compared to other materials.

Many residents have successfully performed the alignment of their own hands, using plasterboard.

Currently, two methods have proliferated plasterboard fixing:

  1. by a framework of metal profiles;
  2. with glue.

The choice of options is determined by the condition of the wall you want to put in order.


  • Tools and materials
    • alignment technology Surface preparation
    • Installing beacons
    • Sticker
    • sealing of joints and junctions
  • Features process

Tools and materials

Concretewalls in high-rise building have high strength.In order to secure his hands on the wall carpet or painting, you have to do hard work.

Drill a hole in a wall can only punch.Then in this hole you need to score a dowel, screw a screw or screw.These screws are attached and various household items.

frame Fixing the wall alignment is performed in the same manner.Only drill holes will take much longer, three or four pieces per meter.

To avoid this process, the technology of fixing plasterboard panels using special adhesive mixtures.

The wooden house on a long length of time the walls are aligned using shingles.She was attached to the wall with nails and threw themselves on the design of mortar.

Then use a grater and the right wall surface results in a proper condition.To perform such operations require specific skills that a beginner finisher received in two days, working with our own hands.

With the advent of the market of building materials drywall from wet processes were gradually abandoned.We must know that the drywall - it's the official name of drywall.

With plasterboard can align the walls of the curves with deviation from the mean value of 6 cm

Today the market offers the following types of plasterboard:

  • standard sheet GKL;.
  • moisture resistant gypsum plasterboard with hydrophobic additives;
  • GKLO flame retardant;
  • water- and fireproof GKLVO.

Types of drywall

fire resistance of plasterboard can align the walls of a wooden house, and moisture-resistant perform finishing in the bathroom.

industrial enterprises produced standard size sheets of drywall and 2h0,6 4h1,2 m. The thickness varies from 6.5 to 12.5 mm.

are produced and combined cookers plasterboard glued to the inside of the heater.

When working with plasterboard sheet should be available the following tools and accessories:

  • spatula;
  • rubber mallet;
  • punch;
  • dowels and screws;
  • long wooden plank;
  • plummet and level.

Tools for the job

for trimming You can use the building knife.It will require the processing of their own hands joints and interfaces.

From the materials you need to buy:

  1. special glue mixture;
  2. primer;
  3. putty for grouting;
  4. finishing plaster based on gypsum.

Before diluted glue, instructions should be studied carefully for the preparation of the mixture.The video shows how the tools are used in the process of alignment of the concrete wall.


alignment technology

When fixing plasterboard sheets is very important to achieve verticality of their position.

surface of the wall, covered with single sheets, should look like one whole ploskost.Chtoby achieve proper quality, it is necessary to strictly observe technological requirements and workflow.

Properly organized work aligns curved surfaces with minimal cost and high quality.

If the alignment is performed in a wooden house with his own hands, you can do a minimal set of tools and use nails instead of screws.

Drill thus still need to prepare the adhesive mixture.

Surface preparation

walls in newly built premises must be cleaned of solution residues, dirt and dust.

When repairs are carried out in an old house or a wooden house, it is necessary to remove from the walls of all the layers that have accumulated over many years - paint, whitewash, old plaster.Thereafter

surface coated with a primer.Apply the primer can be roller or brush.This operation is performed on a mandatory basis.On

not primed the wall quality of the glue mixture is significantly reduced.If a liner is necessary to lay the electrical wire, then do it should be at this stage.

In the video you can see how the training is done to equalize the wall.


Installing beacons

Since the frame assembly at the finish of this technology is not made, you need another way to set the final position of the front surface of the sheet metal gipsokartona.Pri use this profile is not expected.The hands

wall is divided into squares with a side of 25-35 cm. In this layout, each top square is necessary to drill a hole, put in it a plastic dowel and screw a screw.

screw heads must be leveled at a height that they are in the same plane.To adjust the head position, you can use an ordinary plumb and level building.


properly prepared adhesive is applied either on plasterboard or a wall.The mixture attacks the surface of the wall with a spatula directly on the screws.

This is done in such a way as to form a mixture layer thickness up to 10 cm above the cap. Thereafter, the sheet is applied with your hands against the wall and pressed tightly.

For longer lasting fit a sheet over it with a rubber mallet rap.In addition to the hammer at this point you will need a wooden batten or board.

It is applied to level the surface and hammer rap, not to damage the sheet of drywall.

This video shows how to apply the adhesive on the wall and adjust the position of the sheet.


sealing of joints and junctions

After the pasting without using metal profiles, you need to carefully seal the joints between the slabs of drywall.

This simple operation is carried out by means of putty.Seams are filled with putty to the entire depth.Then, on the surface of the weld is applied reinforcing tape made of fiberglass and covered on top again already finishing putty.

After drying, the joint surface is treated with sandpaper.It is important to align the quality and abutting drywall to the windows and doorways.

The house where installed plastic windows, finishing trim contiguity performed using plastic profile.


Features process

Before repair work is necessary to determine the scope of work, draw up a list of necessary materials.

If the repair will be carried out in a high-rise building, you need to consider which way will be delivered standard drywall boards to the appointed place.

the presence of the freight elevator problem is simplified, and in his absence will have to increase the cost of shipping.It is important to decide what forces will be carried out the work.

When the frame assembly is not required, the alignment can be done independently, without the involvement of third-party professionals.

Verstov cost estimate, it is necessary to watch the video, which shows the complete sequence of the alignment of the walls of plasterboard operations.

special care must be taken when handling the adhesive mixtures.With their help it is done fixing plasterboard wall.

cooking mixture should be strictly according to instructions.To it was not too thin, or, conversely, too thick.After the pasting should be thoroughly repaired all seams, corners and junctions.

only after alignment and sealing can proceed to final finishing of walls, painting or Wallcovering.