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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bookcase with glass doors

Bookcase with glass doors

Since the days of the Soviet Union, and to this day, the book, for most people, is considered the best gift.

It is an endless mine of information, for which the best storage place is the bookcase with wooden doors.

Despite the rapid development of technologies that offer read books in electronic format, the "living" book in hardcover is no substitute.

only just holding it, you can feel the aura of the book in his hands, energy, and realize that this is really a living organism.

book - a true friend and an interesting conversationalist.This lover of reading and connoisseur of literature as art, knows the full price of the book.

ideal solution for storing books

periodically acquiring new books, sooner or later, every reader can face the problem of caring and comfortable storing your favorite literature.

Although in fact, this situation does not present any problems.

just need to buy good, quality, and most importantly dimensional bookcase that can be positioned on their shelves all the books.

People who do a lot of reading, maybe even take a few cabinets, of which get a real library.

If books are not so much, can come to the aid of a decorative bookcase with glass doors, which not only carefully will store books, but also become a real decoration of the room.

Cabinet interior

Standard bookcases mean distance between the bookshelves of about 220 mm, with a depth of not less than 350 mm.

Book old-fashioned wardrobe, what we still remember it from childhood, consists of several parts: in the upper compartment horizontally arranged large-format books and magazines.

lower compartment looks facades of the deaf.The total height of the cabinet is about 1 meter 70 cm. Modern bookcases more "grown up" and can reach a height of the ceiling.

This is a very reasonable design decision aimed at saving space.

cabinet with a glass door in the interior

If we talk about universal bookcase, which could accommodate multi-format books, most likely, does not exist.Everything depends on the number and size of the available literature.

Modern furniture design companies can offer customers a variety of options bookcases that can best fit into the existing interior without substantial loss of usable area.

ordering or buying a bookcase, it is hardly worth saving, because this piece of furniture will be stored, perhaps, one of the most precious things in your home.