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August 12, 2017 18:06

Calculation of curtain fabric

Calculation of curtain fabric

Every housewife or the owner of the house meets the need to purchase curtains for windows, but how to choose the height and length of the curtains, how to produce fabric for curtains calculation?

Whether it's a kitchen or living room, nursery or bedroom, properly fitted blinds, undoubtedly will decorate your interior and will be an integral part thereof.


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  • curtains cost
  • Decoration

Calculation footage

During the footage of curtain fabrics to add to the length of 10-15 cm at the hem..The width of the curtains was adjusted so that it was 1.5 times greater than the length of the cornice.

For this initially measure the length of the cornice, and only when necessary to determine the length of the curtains.

Choose fabric width large enough if you do not want to face the necessity of grinding cloth.


It is also important to choose the right color of curtains, to determine whether the self-colored curtains are, or have any drawing will be done.

Remember that if you calculate the length or width of the curtains is not correct, correct this error will be impossible, so the accuracy in this case is a must.

If you are not confident that you can handle yourself, then you may be better to see a specialist who will save further time and money.Specialist accurately produce fabrics for curtains calculation.

cost calculation curtains

for selection of the important role played by the cost of the curtains.The total cost of the curtains determines: the degree of urgency of the order, the total amount of work, the complexity of the models and other reasons, therefore, to judge the value of it will be difficult without the final size calculations and material selection.

recommended to make their own curtains preliminary calculation to plan their financial expenditures.

Clarify the provisional value of future curtains, you can have a designer, so he can help you find the preliminary cost of pillows or blankets, which also will be able to decorate your interior.



To your room became more comfortable, cozy and beautiful, it is recommended to decorate curtains with various accessories.

Many seem that tiny accessories just a trifle, but it is of such details the overall impression of the room.

To give the room a distinctive appeal and expressiveness, small enough and inexpensive accessory, and your room will sparkle with bright colors.

original and stylish accessories will make your curtains different from the others and make them even more effective.