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August 12, 2017 18:06

We are preparing for winter - insulated wooden house outside

We are preparing for winter - insulated wooden house outside

owners of private homes, made of wood, very often wonder how to perform insulation of a wooden house from the outside, and the structure is well prepared for the winter.

Recently, more and more people build a country house is made of wood.

This is due primarily to the fact that this material is a natural and environmentally friendly in all respects.

inner space of the house has the aesthetic appearance and allows you to feel comfortable.

Despite the high thermal conductivity of wood material to support a wooden structure optimum temperature in the cold season, it is necessary to perform additional insulation.

In addition, it will keep the wood from the aggressive effects of the environment and, consequently, increase the durability of the whole house as a whole.

This wall insulation is not only for a new home, but also for the old.Choose the appropriate material for this purpose simply enough today.

Many of these goals are mineral wool or polystyrene foam.It should be noted that in any case the heater will need to sew up the OSB, siding or put on top of the plaster.

For more information about how to perform this work with his hands, told in the video below.



  • Features external insulation
  • Thermal insulation using mineral wool
  • Thermal insulation using styrofoam
  • Features insulation and recommendations

Features external insulation

in favor of the outerinsulation of a wooden house says a number of factors.

First of all, it saves its internal space and maximum protection against various aggressive external influences all exterior walls.

In addition, the outer insulation of a wooden house does not allow condensation to build up on the wet surface of the walls, and thus the tree is not subject to rotting.

As a heater, you can use mineral wool.This versatile material suitable for thermal insulation of the walls themselves, so the basement and plinth.

Using it ensures maximum sealing seams and fitting density.

This material has optimum elasticity, heat and sound insulation, in addition, does not require additional fasteners.

top of mineral wool can be used as plaster and OSB panels or siding.The procedure and work with the material technology are fairly simple and can be performed by hand.

example mineral wool insulation of the walls of a wooden house can be seen in the photo below.

Thermal insulation of mineral wool on the outside

in recent times for thermal insulation of external walls of wooden houses used polystyrene.With it is possible to perform not only the insulation of the walls, but also the cap and base.

This versatile material is resistant to moisture and all kinds of micro-organisms that cause destruction and rotting wooden walls.

It should be noted that the insulation of expanded polystyrene, it is necessary to control the density of the stitches.

for its styling uses a certain scheme and technology, under which separately developed procedure of work.

Prerequisite insulation of walls, basement and foundation of wooden houses polystyrene foam, is its subsequent processing.

You can use siding, OSB or use plaster.The technology of works on warming of the wooden walls is quite simple and can be performed freely by hand.

In the photo below you can see how the walls are insulated with polystyrene foam house.

Insulated wall

Thermal insulation using mineral wool

Warming of the wooden house from the outside by means of mineral wool is the best option and allows you to create in the interior of a comfortable temperature, even when the severe frosts of the window.

First we need to accurately and correctly calculate and thus acquire the necessary amount of mineral wool.

Currently in specialized stores, it is offered in the form of rolls, slabs or mats.

addition, require additional fasteners and waterproofing film, and the necessary tools.

is followed carefully prepare the very foundation of the wall, base and foundation, where the insulation will be made.

Driving insulation

whole area to be treated with special compounds that prevent the subsequent formation of fungal decay and plaque.

Particular attention should be paid to the processing of seams and joints.Following the treatment the surface should dry thoroughly.

important point for insulation of walls, basement and plinth wooden house is their waterproofing.

For this purpose, a special vapor barrier in the form of aluminum foil, film or roofing material.Fixing scheme is quite simple and can be done by hand.

is followed perform crate, which is used wood material.Then you can start rock wool directly to the installation, as shown in the photo below.

With its installation should pay special attention to the joints and seams, which should go lap.

Securing along the perimeter walls of the basement and plinth insulation, it must be waterproofed using for this purpose the relevant material in the form of a film.

order to subsequently provide good air circulation, it is necessary to mount a special bracket over the heater.

At the final stage, finishing the walls and for this purpose it is best to use the siding or OSB.For more information about the insulation of the walls of a wooden house with mineral wool described in the video below.


Thermal insulation using styrofoam

also often enough insulation wooden house is carried out with polystyrene foam.This material can be used not only for insulation of walls, but also for the foundation, and a cap.

His subsequent finishing can be done in many different ways, including siding, as shown in the photo below.

At the initial stage of work, be sure to check on the evenness of the surface, and the density of the joints.

Then it is treated with the use of special means of protection and allow to dry thoroughly.

You will also need to collect a special frame, which in the future will be filled with foam.Boards of the carcass structure must be removed from each other at equal distances.

When the depth of such structures must be identical to the foam.Installation of such a framework should be implemented around the perimeter walls with a view of the basement and plinth.

Once the frame is assembled under the insulation, you are ready to trim polystyrene.

This material is easy enough to use in the work, and hence difficulties in its preparation for work should arise.

foam sheathing process should start with the bottom of the foundation, or the cap of the wooden house.


sheets must be fixed firmly and evenly as possible, constantly monitoring the gaps between all the joints.

the top of each of the previous layer it is mandatory to carry out installation of the so-called diffusion membrane, and for this purpose you can use absolutely any film.

Her mount is easiest to implement using the staple gun.

insulation sheathing so that the entire surface of a wooden house, wall decoration is to be performed, and for this it is best to use the siding.

For more information about how to generate self-insulation of a wooden house with polystyrene foam, described in the video above.

Features insulation and recommendations

In the case where the wooden structure made of logs, the process of warming is complicated by the relief surface.

In this case it is best to use a special heat-insulating mat.Its installation is carried out by analogy with the previous versions of warming with mandatory implementation batten walls under insulation.

At work we should not forget about the insulation of the foundation of wooden houses, including pile type.

should also remember that any use as insulation material must have adequate protection against all possible external influences and for this purpose it is best to use a siding.

is mandatory to provide ventilation of the entire surface of the wooden walls, which are laid on top of a heater.It is necessary

including moisture and for outputting to the inner surface.


, with appropriate high performance to subsequently have no problems with waterproofing, it is recommended to use a high-quality and modern material for these purposes.

all the necessary works on warming homes without fail should only be done in warm and dry weather.It should also be special attention paid to the preparation of the surface of the walls of the house.

They should be sure to handle various special compounds that prevent the later formation of mold on the tree, the processes of decay and decomposition.

mandatory condition of insulation facade of the house is its subsequent finishing using quality materials.One such material is a siding.

In addition to its high technical characteristics, siding also has an attractive appearance, which will make the wooden house more cozy and comfortable.

general warming of the wooden house with the outer part is almost a must, especially for that area, which is located in the coldest part of the country.

Only use high-quality components for thermal insulation materials, which are able to provide effective protection at home.

With proper implementation of all necessary works, wooden house to provide comfortable conditions for life even in extreme cold outside.